Things to Consider when Playing Keno

Most players are aware of the Keno due to the fact that the game is quite visible at land-based casinos with display screens all over. It uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) machine that draws numbers randomly. So, it is quite obvious that there is nothing that you can do to ensure you win. Still, following some basic tips can bring you closer to winning.

Let’s have a quick sneak peek into the tips that can help you win often while playing Keno!

  1. Look for the Best Bonus Deal

To start with making the decision of playing online instead of its brick and mortar counterpart is the first bet. Most of the online casinos offer amazing bonuses for you to take benefits of.

While selecting the casino do not forget to opt for the best bonus rather settling with the very first you get. It is always advisable not to settle for the first bonus you find and look for more lucrative one which might help you create an impressive bankroll!

Just keep it in mind that you’ll only receive the casino’s sign up bonus, once you sign up with the casino and deposited money to your account through one of the suggested payment options that are offered at the casino. Better to know about the different types of bonuses that are available at online casinos, which you can know about visiting the casino’s bonus page.

  1. Practice Playing Free Game

Probably this is the most critical next step to make the best of keno. Read up on the game’s rules and remember its terms. Once done you can go ahead and practice implementing them by playing Free Keno Game. This will help you brush up your skills at keno a little before you venture into a game of Keno for real money.

  1. Don’t Confuse Over Which Numbers To Pick

When selecting the numbers for you, do not feel confused as the results are completely random. So, it does not matter if you select your lucky numbers or just pick numbers randomly.  If you are still not sure what to do, most Keno casino game developers have integrated a ‘Quick Pick’ option in all the latest keno online variants. It can help you picking a collection of numbers for you to start playing.

  1. Use Multi-Race Cards


Most of the online casinos offer multi-race cards, where you can select numbers just once for a series of games. This will save you time, especially if you’re constantly playing your lucky numbers and getting frustrated at having to choose them again and again.

  1. Calculate Risk Vs. Reward Prior To Know How Much To Bet

It is very important to analyze the risk versus the reward before placing any bets on numbers. This will help you realize how much you are willing to lose in proportion to the reward you can receive.

Due to the high house edge, as much as 25 to even 40%, given the casino you are playing, you will most likely lose rather than win. So, to start with you need to place small bets in keno.

  1. Be Slow Paced

The most important difference between playing in based Casinos and online casinos is the fact that keno online is mostly played at a fast pace. Once the numbers are taken in the game at brick and mortar casinos, you cannot do anything but to wait for a game to complete but at online casinos, this is not the case. You can just play again and again for as long as you want. It could of your benefit but make sure you do not end up betting too much money.

  1. Manage your Bankroll Wisely

This is of immense importance that you should have a right bankroll management strategy in place irrespective of you are playing online or offline. Your bankroll should last you quite a while as it increases the chances of your winning.

  1. Things to considering Whilst Placing Your Bets

When playing Keno, you need to select a number of spots to place your bet on. Usually, you can pick 1-15 numbers, but it may differ as per the casinos. It is recommended by Casino Experts that you should not pick the maximum amount of numbers as hitting them all will be very low. For instance, if you to hit 20 numbers on a 20 spot ticket the odds of catching all the numbers could be 1 to 3.5 quintillion. Same way, if you opt to select 20 numbers on the 20 spot ticket, you can receive a payout for hitting ‘catches’ 1,2,3 and 7, and would often get the same cash provided that 17 to 19 catches. It is, therefore, suggested not to waste your money on bets with colossal odds!