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How To Know Your Keno Odds?

Keno odds depend on the game as well as the number of spots you play. Also playing keno as a lottery in Australia and playing Keno at an online casino the odds of the game vary.

The more numbers you select, the greater the payout but the less chance you have of hitting you minimum winning combination.

Typically, selecting three spots in Keno gives you two winning combinations; 2 hits or 3 hits.

With the odds of winning by selecting three spots on a Keno game being 1 in 20 your chances may be good but the potential gains are low.

Selecting 10 spots gives you six possible winning combinations (5 hits, 6 hits, 7 hits, 8 hits, 9 hits and 10 hits) but a lower chance of getting a winning combination.

The odds of winning on a 10-spot card are 1 in 253 but can deliver better returns.

The probability of winning the jackpot (all twenty spots) are virtually impossible at 1 in 3.5 quintillion.

Most Keno players stick to less than 10 spots per card with those wanting to play the best game of probabilities, playing 4,5 or 6 spot games. The odds of a win on this number of potential hits is around 1 in 5.

In Australia, Keno is conducted under a license issued by the state and as such, must comply with the appropriate legislation governing the operation of the game.

Players must be a least 18 years of age to participate in a game of Keno. Total ticket value must equal a least $1.

Keno Agents have set payout limits, which determine the amount of Keno winnings to be paid as cash to the customer, and by balance is paid via cheque.

Game results and ticket summary receipts are available from the Keno Agent or online at PlayKeno (note 24 hour delay with game results online). Please also check the Keno display screens available at all Keno Agent for game results.

When a ticket is presented for payment on the day of purchase, any outstanding not played games will be cancelled and refunded automatically.

Winnings are paid on the presentation of the printed receipt ticket only. It is your responsibility to check your Keno ticket for completeness and accuracy before the commencement of the game as the payment of wins is based upon the numbers on the printed receipt ticket. The Keno operator is not liable for a player’s failure to check their Keno receipt ticket.

Keno Advanced
How to play Keno Advanced

What is Keno Advanced?

Did you know that when you are playing Keno Advaced, you can play for less than $1 per game?

Numbers of combinations                          Minimum combination cost

50 +                                                                                        10c

20 – 49                                                                                   20c

4 – 19                                                                                       50c

1 – 3                                                                                          $1

Minimum bet per game for jackpots is $1.

Keno Advanced lets you play groups of numbers that form multiple combinations on one ticket. Keno Advanced is available to play on Keno Classic and Keno Mega Millions. Groups of numbers are formed by marking numbers alphabetically, starting with the letter A (instead of the usual X). Each group of numbers represents one single entry.

Multiple groups of numbers can be combined to form additional entries on the one ticket. For example, if 4 numbers are marked with the letter A, and 4 numbers are marked with the letter B, groups A & B can be combined to form an 8 Spot entry (8 numbers). The minimum cost per combination depends on the number of combinations played.

What are the Jackpot chances?

  • Your chance to win the 7 Number Jackpot is 1 in 40,979 and your chance of winning a prize is 1 in 4.23.
  • Your chance to win the 8 Number Jackpot is 1 in 230,144 and your chance of winning a prize is 1 in 9.77.
  • Your chance to win the 9 Numbers Jackpot is 1 in 1,380,687 and your chance of winning a prize is 1 in 6.53.
  • Your chance to win the 10 Numbers Jackpot is 1 in 8,911,711 and your chance of winning a prize is 1 in 4.72.

All jackpots are subject to sharing and abatement as per Keno Rule 19.

On games where you’re playing 7 to 10 numbers, you’re playing to win a jackpot. If every number you choose comes up, you’ll win the jackpot. The jackpots increase with each game until they are won. Check out Keno game screens for current jackpot amounts.

Keno Jackpot


Numbers PlayedNumbers MatchedEach $1 bet you win
5                                              4$14
Keno Jackpot
Keno Classic and Keno Mega Millions

Jackpot growth pool

Numbers Played                 Numbers Matched                     Each $1 bet you min

10                                                          10                                                         $1,000,000 plus

10                                                           9                                                           $10,000

10                                                           8                                                           $580

10                                                            7                                                           $50

10                                                          6                                                           $6

10                                                           5                                                            $2

9                                                             9                                                            $1,000,000 plus

9                                                           8                                                            $2,500

9                                                            7                                                            $210

9                                                             6                                                            $20

9                                                             5                                                             $5

9                                                            4                                                              $1

8                                                            8                                                              $250,000 plus

8                                                             7                                                             $675

8                                                             6                                                             $60

8                                                             5                                                              $7

8                                                             4                                                              $2

7                                                              7                                                              $5,000 plus

7                                                             6                                                              $125

7                                                              5                                                             $12

7                                                              4                                                              $3

7                                                              3                                                              $1

Plus                                                      Jackpot growth pool – see Keno screens for current jackpot amounts.

What is Keno Heads or Tails?

Heads or Tails
How to play Heads or Tails Keno

Keno heads or tails is also known as Keno Toss.

Mark your bet (Heads, Evens or Tails)

b) Choose how much you want to bet per game

c) Choose how many games you want to play

Here’s what you can win

                     For $1 bet           For $20 bet

Heads               $2                                 $40

Evens                $4                                 $80

Tails                   $2                                 $40

Game Played

  • HEADS: More numbers in top half of grid. Each $1 bet you win: $2
  • EVENS10 numbers in each half of grid. Each $1 bet you win: $4
  • TAILS: More numbers in bottom half of grid. Each $1 bet you win: $2

What is Keno Bonus?

Play Keno Bonus
Multiply your Keno Prize by x2, x3, x4, x5 or x10

Keno Bonus gives you the chance to multiply your regular Keno Classic prize by x2, x3, x4, x5 or x10! The cost of each game will double when you nominate to play Keno Bonus. 

If you are playing Keno Bonus and a multiplier is chosen for that game, simply multiply the win amount by the Keno Bonus multiplier!*

Possible bonus Multiplier:

Regular win x2, x3, x4, x5, x10

*Keno Bonus multiplier does not apply directly to Keno Jackpots. See Keno Rules for details on how the multiplier is applied.

Here’s what you can win

  • HEADS: For $1 bet: $2. For $20 bet: $40.
  • EVENS: For $1 bet: $4. For $20 bet: $80.
  • TAILS: For $1 bet: $2. For $20 bet: $40.

Keno odds and probability are less than generous, but that doesn’t stop Aussie punters from playing this game of chance. Afterall who knows you can become an instant millionaire. Note that even a small win can still result in a respectable payday.

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