4 Exotic Pubs That You Have to Visit

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These pubs will take your breath away!

As you travel the world it’s easy to realize that not all pubs are created equal. Each country throws its own twist on their pub, since it’s their chance to showcase their culture. This sets the stage for you to open your mind & try something new. It’s no secret that pubs are a travelers’ best friend. They provide the perfect place for visitors to mingle with locals. This lets you dive headfirst into a new culture without the social butterflies involved with sober interaction.

Even though pubs can be found in pretty much any country, each one has its own set of surprises. While some will amaze you with their vibrant designs & wild themes, others will be a mindless repetition of what you can find at home. For this reason we have compiled a list of some of the world’s most exotic pubs. We aim to point you in the right direction so the next time you grab a pint it will be unforgettable, no matter how much you end up drinking!

Exotic Pubs

The term “exotic pubs” can encompass a variety of establishments with unique themes, decor, or offerings. These pubs often strive to create a distinctive and memorable experience for patrons. While the concept of an “exotic pub” can vary, here are some examples of pubs that are known for their distinctive or exotic features:

  1. Icebar Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden):
    • The Icebar Stockholm is made entirely of ice, including the bar, walls, and furniture. Patrons are provided with thermal capes to keep warm in the freezing environment while enjoying drinks served in ice glasses.
  2. Safe House (Milwaukee, USA):
    • Safe House is a spy-themed bar and restaurant where patrons need to know the secret password for entry. The interior is filled with spy gadgets, secret passages, and unique decor, creating an immersive experience.
  3. Robot Restaurant (Tokyo, Japan):
    • While technically more of a restaurant, the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo offers a visually stunning and futuristic experience. It features robot performances, neon lights, and a vibrant atmosphere.
  4. Alux Restaurant and Lounge (Playa del Carmen, Mexico):
    • Located in a natural cave, Alux Restaurant and Lounge provides a unique and exotic setting. The venue combines ancient Mayan history with modern dining, offering an atmospheric experience.
  5. Giger Bar (Gruyères, Switzerland):
    • Designed by the Swiss artist H.R. Giger, known for his work on the movie “Alien,” the Giger Bar features surreal and biomechanical decor. The bar is part of the H.R. Giger Museum in Gruyères.
  6. The Lockhart (Toronto, Canada):
    • Inspired by the “Harry Potter” book series, The Lockhart is a wizard-themed bar with subtle nods to the magical world. The decor and menu items playfully reference elements from the popular book and film series.
  7. The Clinic (Singapore):
    • The Clinic is a hospital-themed bar where patrons sit in wheelchairs and drinks are served in medical apparatus-like containers. The staff dresses as doctors and nurses, creating a unique and slightly eerie atmosphere.
  8. Cabbages & Condoms (Bangkok, Thailand):
    • Cabbages & Condoms is a restaurant with a mission to promote safe sex and support family planning initiatives. The decor features colorful and creative use of condoms, creating a unique and socially conscious atmosphere.
  9. The Carousel Bar (New Orleans, USA):
    • Located in the Hotel Monteleone, The Carousel Bar is a rotating bar that makes a complete revolution every 15 minutes. The carousel theme adds a touch of whimsy to the drinking experience.

These examples showcase the diversity of exotic pubs and bars, each offering a unique and memorable atmosphere for patrons. The concept of an exotic pub often involves creating an immersive and distinctive environment that goes beyond the typical pub experience.

4 of the World’s Most Amazing Pubs

Pub 2
Enjoy the perks of the sea with this brilliant pub!

Pub #1: Red Sea Bar, Israel – If you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy your favorite drink inside the belly of the ocean, this bar is for you. This outrageous restaurant & bar is located 16 feet below sea level! Its reinforced plexi-glass windows give you an epic view of the Red Sea’s wildlife. Get a close & personal look at the surrounding coral & fishes as you indulge in everything this wild bar has to offer. If exotic sea creatures intrigue you this bar should be at the top of your list!

Pub 3
The Northern Lights have never been more exciting inside this epic pub!

Pub #2: Northern Lights Bar, Iceland – Any stargazer will fall head over heels for this bar! This remote bar is located inside the Ion Hotel, about an hour outside of Reykjavik. While it’s not the best place to see throngs of people, this hotel sets the perfect stage to view the Northern Lights. Their panoramic windows give you an unforgettable glimpse at this show stopping celestial display. Sip on top notch cocktails while viewing the beauty of nature. Celebrate your inner astronomer with this vivid Icelandic pub!

Exotic Pub
Return to your roots in this treehouse masterpiece!

Pub #3: Sunland Pub, South Africa – If you are looking to escape the crowds & try something new, come on down to this pub. Instead of flashy decorations & tables full of hipsters, you will be greeted with something entirely different at this African pit stop. Sunland pub is nestled inside of a 6,000 year old African baobab tree! It only serves 15 guests at a time, so you are guaranteed a personal experience filled with fun stories. This down to earth experience will be the highlight of your trip. Connect with nature in a way previously unimaginable at this cozy pub!

Exotic pub
Kick off the party at this amazing pub!

Pub #4: Blue Frog Lougne, Mumbai, India – This pulsing 1,000 meter complex was created for a new wave of extroverts. If you were ever thinking of becoming a musician, this is your chance. It features a top notch club, lounge, sound stage, recording studio & sound lab. The Blue Frog Lounge spared no expense with this luxurious wonderland. Unleash your inner rock star at this incredible pub!