How To Play Keno in Northern Territory

Play Keno in Northern Territory

Play Keno in Northern Territory is widely enjoyed by Keno fans in land casinos. NT Keno is run by SKYCITY Darwin the only casino in Darwin and you can find it also in over 70 venues in the Northern Territory. NT Keno is the only operator to host live ball keno instead of using random number generator software that is used in land casinos. Also, you can enjoy Keno in various other locations too.

Play Keno in Northern Territory

NT Keno game to play

NT Keno is an easy numbers game that is similar to the lottery except for the game of NT Keno will play every 3 minutes. You can play for just $1 and have the chance to win different prizes, including the 10 Spot where you can win over 1 Million dollars.

NT Keno offers a range of bets and prizes, you can choose your lucky numbers or try your luck with a Quickpick.

The object of the game of NT Keno is to select up to 40 numbers, from 1 to 80, and match (or in some cases not match) your numbers against the 20 numbers that are randomly drawn for each game.

Where to play NT Keno

NT Keno - Where to play

As said above Keno is played widely in over 70 locations such as pubs, clubs, and taverns, which televise NT Keno or Keno in Northern Territories across the Territory.

SKYCITY Darwin operates NT Keno live under an agreement with the Northern Territory Government.  Alice Springs NT and Arnhem Highway, both have 7 Keno venues; Berry Springs has only one Keno location and that is in Tavern, Cape Crawford has 37 Keno venues mainly clubs and hotels and Tavern.

Lasseters is linked to the NT Keno network and the winning numbers are shown on our displays. Keno terminals are located in the Sports Lounge and Casbah.

At Darwin River, you can enjoy Keno at Litchfield Pub only.  Similarly at Nhulunbuy, there are two places to enjoy Keno, one at Club and one at Walkabout Tavern.

Also, Alyangula has two Keno places one at Alyangula Golf Club and one at Alyangula Recreation Club. Jabiru too has two Keno locations one at the golf club and the other at the sports and social club. Katherine has three Keno locations along with Tennant Creek. Noonamah has one Keno venue you can find at  Noonamah Tavern followed by two Keno destinations at Pine Creek.

The tension grows until the first call of the Keno race is drawn, and then with every one of the twenty numbers drawn, you can hear the player’s excitement grow. Until finally the last of the twenty keno balls are drawn and the victor is revealed by screaming and boastful acts of a victory dance. However, not every keno race has a winner, if there is not a winner the jackpot only grows.

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How to play Keno in Northern Territories?

NT Keno Ticket- How to play

Keno in Northern Territories is simple to play. Simply head to a venue that hosts the game and pick up a form to fill out. There are a total of 80 numbers and players can choose from one to 10, 15, 20, or a maximum of 40 numbers you think will be drawn for the standard games.

To determine your choices put an ‘x’ through each ‘spot’ or number and then pick how many games you want to play and how much you wish to wager on each game. If you can’t pick the numbers yourself, you can opt for QuickPick where the numbers will be randomly selected for you. The minimum amount you can play for one game is $1, irrespective of the amount of numbers you choose.

Once you have the form filled out you need to hand it to the keno operator or bar attendant who will put your numbers through and you then simply wait for the results. The numbers are drawn live by a human dealer instead of RNG software determining the results. This is why many people love NT Keno, even though RNG software is incredibly fair when opting for reputable software providers, such as the many we recommend for online keno.

There are also Jackpot Games when playing Keno in Northern Territories, where a total prize pool continues to grow until it is won. Here, players pick six as the jackpot starts at $1225, seven with the jackpot at $5100, eight with jackpot starts at $15,000, nine when the jackpot starts at $100,000, or 10 where the jackpot starts at $1,000,000 spot jackpot games.

This is compared to the maximum payout possible of $200,000 for the standard games – with the number of spots you’ve picked and gotten correct and how much you have wagered determining your payout.

“No way! That’s fantastic. It’s sweltering in the NT and I’ll be using this prize to install a few more air cons!”

A Northern Territory Keno player won’t be sweating through the summer anymore after winning a $25,000 Gift Card thanks to the Keno Smart Home Promotion.

— KENO – Let’s Play! (@KenoComAu) February 19, 2020

More options in the Keno game

There are many other bonus kind of options to enjoy when playing Keno in Northern Territories like the Superplays and Head or Tails.

In superplays, you can opt for automated numbers, similar to QuickPick, but with more ways to win. There are 10 Superplay options to pick from with the maximum costing $15 where you get 15 chances to win all spots from one to 10 on the one ticket, including all jackpot games too. Visit the SKYCITY Casino website for more information on Superplays.

Keno Australia Mega Millions

You can also play Heads or Tails, which is generally located on the back of the form or a separate form – or you can tell your operator too. You simply pick whether 11 or more numbers will be drawn in the top half for Heads, or 11 or more numbers will be drawn in the bottom half for Tails. You can also opt for Even, where 10 numbers are evenly drawn in the top and bottom grid. The maximum bet per game is $500 for Heads or Tails.

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Keno Numbers

To play the game of Keno you have to choose numbers to play. When you choose your numbers and mark them they are then called spots. Your objective in the game is to pick the numbers that are going to be drawn in the next keno race. Some players choose to play the same keno numbers every time until they hit big.

Other players feel changing their numbers each round or every few rounds is going to better their odds of winning. There is even the thought of playing 7 numbers from their first two rows and then having 2 random numbers for the best results. However, your choice to pick your NT keno numbers is up to you. Remember, Keno is strictly a game of chance.

NT Keno Online

The lott AU lottery app

NT Keno Online offers up the opportunity to play keno online. You can play NT Keno at the following NT Keno official websites:

The Lott

Tatts Lottery operates lotteries in Victoria, Tasmania, and The Northern Territory and you can find Keno at the Lott official website of Australia.


At Keno Australia, you can play the Keno game and win million dollar jackpot as well.

Keno is a fun, easy-to-play numbers game where you have a chance to win simply by picking your favourite numbers. Keno Racing is a new addition to playing Keno. You can now play a simulated race every three minutes without having to study a form guide, check weather conditions, or have knowledge of runner heritage. There is nothing complicated about Keno Racing.

Besides the NT Keno official websites, Keno can be played at online casinos. These Keno Games are video format pokies games.

Fair go casino keno
  • As a first step choose an online casino that is Australian friendly to play online Keno
  • Enter the casino with your desktop or smartphone by typing the URL of the casino on your web or mobile browser
  • Now click on Play Now button that you can see in the image above.
  • The online casino doesn’t ask you to make any deposit but wants to know as a player and asks you to fill out a short form to register yourself at the casino to make a login every time you come here to play.
  • Many online casinos even don’t ask this.
  • Fill in your user name, set a password, enter your email and phone number and there you are ready to play Keno
  • Now login with your username and password
  • You will at once be taken to the casino lobby. On the games menu, search box type keno and the games available at the moment will appear on your screen.

Now select the game you wish to play and play.

NT Keno mobile

Note that you can play for free as well as for real money that’s your choice. By playing free games you get to see if you like the game, learn the rules, try out strategies and tips, and learn how to manage your bankroll effectively. Free games allow you to build your confidence and learn everything you need to know before moving on to play for real money. The payout tables for online keno are different at every online casino so learning how to play using free games for fun is a great way to start.

Keno in Northern Territories- Results

keno results in Australia

If you are searching for results from the NT Keno draws, all you have to do is do a keyword search and before you know it you will have page results that offer you the NT Keno results. Most websites that offer Keno results not only offer you the most current draw results but they often have previous draws as well.

You can check Keno results at once with your nearest retailer

Check NT Keno results online by clicking here

Also, check NT Keno results at the nearest TAB centres

Download the official Keno app to check the results

So if you have a NT keno ticket and you forgot to check the result then all you have to do is check the archives for the date your ticket drew and there you go you have to results of your past keno ticket.

NT Keno is billed as the Territory’s biggest game with over 45 million won by players in 2018, and 2019 is positive for Territorians NT Keno players with one person winning over $2 million. Try your luck to be a winner today!