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Where and How to Play Cleopatra Keno?

How to Play Cleopatra Keno

Play Cleopatra Keno at online casinos or with free keno apps on your mobile. Cleopatra Keno is one of the best variants of the Keno game played on social sites. It is an ancient Chinese lottery game with an ancient Egyptian theme style like Book of Keno, and the rest of its frame and structure are like other regular keno games played live at a land-based casino or online casino.

This keno game is in video form and has a free play bonus when the last number drawn hits a marked spot in a winning game. The bonus is 12 free plays where any wins are multiplied by two.

Cleopatra Keno is available only on social media gaming platforms for you to play. Maybe it is because of the social elements involved in the game. Also, there is a live chat feature that lets you talk to other players all over the world as you progress through the game. There is also a Daily Leaderboard which displays players who have made significant winnings.

How to Play Cleopatra Keno

  • In this game of Keno you can select 4 – 10 numbers for your keno card which you think will come in the draw.
  • If you are not able to select your own choice of numbers then the game has a ‘Auto Select’ option that will pick any number of numbers you want on your Keno card.
  • You can also adjust the amount of money you want to bet on each of these numbers from $1 – $1000, so there’s a huge betting range that gives you the scope to play as a pro or as a novice.
  • Remember the money here in this game is not real money which means no real money is involved in this game and it is just to play for fun and win
  • The payout in this Cleopatra Keno game varies depending on how high your bet is and how many numbers you’ve selected, and that is always displayed in a table adjacent to the game itself.
  • After you have placed the bets, hit the ‘Play’ button and the keno round begins.
  • All the keno numbers for the round are drawn in seconds and you come to know the result of the game or any of you have made which are collected automatically.
  • After the first round is over you can again select to hit the ‘Play’ button again, which will start another round and keep all your bets exactly as they are, or you can change some of the numbers or the betting amount.
  • There is also the option of ‘Max Bet’, which will simply maximise all your betting options.
  • As there are levels in this game and this feature lets you progress through each level.
  • The numbers you have selected that are marked off in games accumulate, which allows you to move up levels. As you unlock more levels, you will be able to multiply your winnings, play in different settings and win more bonus prizes.
  • You can also spin the Daily Prize Wheel in this game and have more prizes like bonus credits, free games, more diamonds to unlock levels quicker and several other prizes.

Where you can play Cleopatra Keno for real money

There are no real money sites where you can play Cleopatra Keno presently. Also, this game can be played on social networking sites like Facebook and Yahoo games or Arcade games or Bingo games sites. One of the versions of Cleopatra Keno can be played at Liberty Slots Casino as well.

Cleopatra Keno Apps

You can play Cleopatra Keno with game apps. These apps are compatible with most of your smartphones and are available free to download.

Cleopatra Keno

Cleopatra Keno App

Available at iTunes to play download free this app have for you fun playing Keno with your iPhone and iPad. Just guess the lucky numbers to Win great Coin Bonuses. Based on the classic Keno game you can bet 1 dollar to as low as 0.01 cents, Guess the numbers and hit the big payout that will make you the Winner of the Day. If you run out of money you can  Spin the Wheel to get Bonus credits and keep playing.

For Android users, you have Cleopatra Keno available free at the Google Play store

Cleopatra Keno App

Here this app for Android devices works as a lottery. You place a bet, mark 3-10 numbers and the computer picks 20 numbers randomly. If you hit a certain amount of numbers then you win. Though you can access this app Cleopatra Keno for free to get the full game and all features you need to bear a little cost of $1.99  and get the full game and all updates with no ads in between the running app and no other app in purchases.

Apps made Cleopatra Keno work easy for you right? Now enjoy this fun game.