Keno Games – A Complete Guide

Do you know how to play keno? Keno is played with a card with up to 10 “spots” per game. You have to choose your numbers for each game. Suppose you want to play three games on a card, you can make only minimum wagers ($1) on each of the games. Here is the Keno Games – A Complete Guide.

It’s 10-spot game

It’s 10-spot game
It’s 10-spot game

Let’t find How to Play Keno. The first game is a 10-spot game, you choose 10 numbers. If you want to play a five-spot game for the second game, you have to choose only five numbers to match in the drawing. The third game is a six-spot game, requiring only six numbers to be chosen.

Finally you submit the card and pay the wager to the venue managing the game. In an online venue, this may consist of filling out a form on a screen and clicking on “PLAY.” The player then waits until the next drawing. In most games, this is only a few minutes. Keno lounges in casinos usually have a drawing every 10 minutes. A few variations on keno only offer a daily drawing.

The players may claim any prizes after the drawing up to a certain limit. Unless otherwise stated in the game rules, 20 numbers are randomly selected to decide prizes. These prizes are awarded on the basis of how many numbers in each combination matched any of the 20 drawn numbers.

  • In one-spot games, you must match any one drawn number.
  • two-spot games, you need to match any two drawn numbers.
  • Three-spot and four-spot games, you must match at least two drawn numbers.
  • In five-spot, six-spot, and seven-spot games, you should match at least three drawn numbers.
  • At eight-spot and nine-spot games, the match should be at least four drawn numbers.
  • In 10-spot games, you must match at least five drawn numbers or NO numbers at all in order to win a prize.

Estimated return to player differs by game

Estimated return to player differs by game
Estimated return to player differs by game

Although the rules for keno are similar, the prizes awarded for matching the various drawings are not necessarily the same.

The Massachusetts state lottery’s keno game allows 11-spot and 12-spot games. The biggest prize for matching all the numbers in the 12-spot game is only $1 million. Compared to a typical multi-state or multi-country lotteries games like Powerball or Euromillions, that’s a very poor RTP.

By contrast, the Ohio state lottery keno game allows a max of 10-spot wagers. Both states pay a $100,000 prize for matching all 10 numbers.

Land-based casinos offer keno games also. When playing keno, you should always check the set rules of the game you choose. Don’t rely on your memory of other keno games’ pay tables. You may have a good memory, but they may pay differently from whichever keno game you’re playing at the moment.

Where to play keno

Where to play Keno
Where to play Keno

Most keno games are played every few minutes. This makes it impractical to use the traditional ball-and-bowl way of traditional lottery games. Most games are decided by random number generators. While the use of an RNG doesn’t do much to change the results for players, it does distinguish the few keno games that still use random draws.

In some countries, players can pay for keno games throughout the day at restaurants, small stores, and other community locations. All of these games are managed by government gaming authorities or their directly licensed game providers.

In land-based casinos, the keno games could be local or provided by gaming networks. Online casinos usually license a server with software from a gaming platform company. The platform provider manages the keno games, which may or may not be networked between online casinos.

Finally, there are also some keno scratch card games. These games allow players to match up to 10 sets of numbers against “winning” numbers also provided on the cards.

Keno doesn’t always have poor RTP in the house

Keno doesn’t always have poor RTP in the house
Keno doesn’t always have poor RTP in the house

It is said that keno has a low return to player or a high house edge. That’s a generalization. The theoretical return to player and its opposite, the house edge, are figurative percentages at best. They represent the expected segregation of all wagers across a large number of games. If the RTP is 80%, the house edge is 20%. The percentages always add up to 100%. This is the Keno Games – A Complete Guide.

Some Pokies machine games have RTPs in the 60s and 70s. These ranges are also comparable to the gaming revenues commercial casinos report to the State of Nevada and a few other gaming commissions that publish information. And these 80s and 90s percentages are also comparable to, or better than, some of the riskiest bets in craps and roulette.

Many keno game sites tell you about the “1 in 4,” “1 in 5,” etc. odds of winning a prize.

Do not forget that in judging slots and lottery games, when the game manager says your odds are “1 in X,” they mean “1 in X” of winning any prize. It is not possible to have a 1 in 4 chance of winning the max prize on any keno game.

It’s a gambling game. The outcome is decided by random opportunity. Anyone can win, but most people won’t win. Most winners will have to be happy with only winning secondary or compensatory prizes. The uncertainty is what makes it fun, just like any other gambling game.

Keno Games come with keno bonuses and coupon codes to play Keno at online casinos that add value to player’s bankroll.


Whether you enjoy lottery games or not, keno isn’t the simple game it’s often portrayed to be. These are the ways How to Play Keno. Here’s nothing wrong with only playing 10-spot or 12-spot games in keno. But you’re never required to do that. Here is Keno Games – A Complete Guide.

Keno is a fast-paced game than most lottery drawings. It’s also less messy than playing scratch-off games. And finally, keno allows the player to customize the rules much more than they can with other gambling games. That what makes it worth playing.