The Four Best Spots to Play Keno in Las Vegas this Year

If you are thinking to visit Las Vegas this year then it is good time to play Keno and grab some big wins. Las Vegas is full of entertainment and glamour of all kinds and to get the best out of it is your choice. Keno is one such attraction here as it comes out a better game here with good options for player returns as well as amenities offered and limits available.

Here are the four best spots to visit and play Keno when in Las Vegas

1. El Cortez Las Vegas Downtown

El Cortez
El Cortez Hotel and Casino Resort Las Vegas

Address: El Cortez Hotel and Casino 600 E. Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV 89101
Toll free: 1 800 634 6703
El Cortez has been voted Best Keno in the Review-Journal’s annual Best of Las Vegas poll for the past seven consecutive years. This casino is full of entertainment and offers variety of games to enjoy. Keno lounge is the most visited spot here and it is the only downtown casino featuring MegaKeno and Mega 10 Keno. These add on games give you access to state wide progressives with payouts in the millions.

Mega Keno

This casino participates in MegaKeno, the statewide “Live Keno” progressive link. MegaKeno links multiple progressive jackpots among participating casinos. If you opt to play Mega Keno then it is a Keno add-on featuring 5 to 9 spot progressives for new ways to win. You can go for $1.50 wager and mark your Keno ticket ‘MK’ to qualify.

Mega Keno
Mega Keno -5 to 9 Spot Progressives

The pay schedule and “Start At” amounts for MegaKeno are printed on the reverse side of the ticket. Winnings are calculated for the races played based on the verified draw at the casino and game in which the wager was placed. The original computer-generated ticket must be presented at the issuing casino to collect winnings. Non-progressive payouts may vary by casino.

When a MegaKeno Jackpot hits, the meter for that spot Jackpot reverts to the new Jackpot amount. At this time, any hit for the same spot Jackpot is paid at the new progressive amount.

All rules, regulations and limits of the casino at which the wager was placed apply. The casino’s aggregate limits apply only to the “Start At” portion of a MegaKeno hit.

In the event of multiple MegaKeno hit on the same Jackpot, only the portion of the Jackpot above the “Start At” amount is split between the winners. Each winner receives a full “Start At” amount, subject to aggregate rules. You can consult a Keno employee for additional details.

The El Cortez offers 10 different rates, including MegaKeno, and has a great host, Nords Malilay, who takes care of players’ every need. Plus it has some of the most liberal table games and video poker in downtown, which is the best overall place with few exceptions for keno in Southern Nevada.

Mega 10 Keno

If you opt to play the Mega 10 progressive, it starts at $1000,000. Wager with $1.50 and mark your ticket here with ‘M10’ to qualify. When a Mega10 Keno Jackpot hits, the meter reverts to a new Progressive amount no less than the reset amount of $25,000. At this time, any Jackpot hit is paid at the new progressive amount. The casino’s aggregate limits apply only to the first $25,000 of a Mega10 Keno hit.

In the event of multiple Mega10 Keno hits on the same Jackpot, the portion of the Jackpot above $25,000 is split between the winners. Each winner receives $25,000, subject to the casino’s aggregate rules.

The Mega10 Keno Progressive Jackpot will be paid in 11 equal installments over a 10 year period. The first installment payment will be made within 72 hours of presentation of a winning ticket. Thereafter, one payment will be made every year on the anniversary of the original payment, for 10 years. The winner will have the option of selecting a one-time present-value payment, payable within 15 days of selection.

2. Excalibur at Las Vegas Strip

Excalibur Hotel and Resort Casino Las Vegas

Address: 3850 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 800.937.7777

At Excalibur you can play your lucky numbers in their live Keno Lounge. Whether you play one game or 100, their friendly Keno staff is ready to write your ticket. Multiple games, way tickets and bonus payouts add more fun to the game. The Keno lounge is open daily from 8 am in the morning to Midnight as last game is called at 11:45 PM. The Keno lounge you can visit in the Excalibur Race & Sports Book on the casino floor.

Besides Keno you can enjoy craps and roulette, to $5 blackjack and your favorite card games be it three-card poker, Texas hold’em and many more. Many of these games have even a linked progressive, which creates a new level of excitement and significant jackpot payouts.

3. Gold Coast Off Strip Las Vegas

Gold Coast
Gold Coast Hotel and Casino Resort Las Vegas

Address: 4000 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas NV- 89103
Toll Free: 888-402-6278
Gold Coast Casino offers great Keno Lounge to relax and watch your numbers come up at one of the many Keno displays located throughout Gold Coast. Or if you prefer to play electronic keno, you’ll find a wide selection of keno games throughout the casino floor.
The two most widely played Keno games are Keno Saturday contest where you can win up to $1000. This Keno contest is held every Saturday from 4.00 am morning to 4.00 Pm evening. You can ask for the complete rules and details at keno counter and you must be 21 or older to enter this contest.
The other popular Keno game is Keno Progressive. As of writing this post the progressive was over $ 50,640. You can visit the Keno Lounge for details and remember that you need to be 21 and over to play this game.
Other places to play Keno in off strip area are the Orleans, Sams town, Palace Station, Boulder Station and few others. The Orleans has a good game, excellent tournaments, and an excellent keno manager, Annette Dearinger. Comps for keno players are good, too. Sue Grossman runs a good game at Gold Coast with two weekly mini-tournaments.

4. The Atlantis at Reno

The Atlantis
The Atlantis Hotel and Casino Resort Nevada

Address: 3800 S. Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada 89502
Phone: 1.800.723.6500

The Atlantis is the home of largest progressive Keno Jackpots. One of them is ‘More to the Meter’ where 32% from every “More to the Meter” wager goes directly into the progressive jackpot. Unlike other progressive jackpots, Atlantis’ More to the Meter Keno progressives are not capped, so there is no limit to how much you can win! “More to the Meter” progressives are exclusively at Atlantis, and guaranteed to hit right here. Put more of your wager toward Atlantis’ in-house “More to the Meter Keno Progressives”, now offers 4-spot, 5-spot, 6-spot, 7-spot, 8-spot and 9-spot progressives. Atlantis Keno offers 24/7 live action on traditional ball keno games as well as modern computer draws. You can visit the Keno lounge for details.

Also a weekly $500 Keno Tournament with $500 in cash prize is held every Thursday from 3 pm to 11 pm.

Then there is Win Big Keno another progressive Keno. Atlantis’s Exclusive 9-spot Progressive is their biggest Keno jackpot ever.

To take part in this game visit Atlantis Keno Lounge. Then Pick 9 numbers and mark 9 pro on your ticket, minimum bet of 1.50. Finally watch Keno boards casino-wide or view live feed on the Atlantis Reno app or on the web and become a Millionaire.

Another interesting Keno Games at Atlantis are Lucky 7 and Parlay 3 Keno

You can play Lucky Number 7 one hour of Keno for only $20 and could win over $100,000. Just pick seven numbers, ask for  Lucky Number 7, or write “L7” on your ticket. Watch the next ten games to see if you’re won. For each game 4 out of 7 pays $7, 5 out of 7 pays $17, 6 out of 7 pays $777 and 7 out of 7 pays $17,777

In Parlay 3 Keno you can win $10,000 for only $5. Just pick the numbers, ask for Parlay 3, or write “P3” on ticket. Catch the same three numbers on the next two back-to-back games and win $10,000. Remember you must be 21 of age and over to play all these Keno games.

The Atlantis blows away the competition in Northern Nevada with their More to the Meter Progressive, excellent hotel and restaurants, and some of the best customer service you will  have ever seen. Sue Chau is an excellent keno manager of their 24/7 game. Their 9-spot progressive is if in the area be sure to give it a try!

Other spots to enjoy Keno in and around Reno are Peppermill, Rail City, Nugget.The above casinos have good games, good comps, and a lot of good ticket options.

As you can see there are a lot of good places to play when you are at Las Vegas. There are many fine casino employees as well, who help you enjoy the Keno game. If you are new to keno, you take a comfortable seat in the keno lounge in any of your best places and pick up the keno pay book or ask the support team. You will come to know of the  game rules, how to play and other such details

You will love to enjoy the MegaKeno throughout Las Vegas and the other progressive Keno games where you can figure the odds when you are ready to play as when playing progressive Pokies. Any plans to visit to these best Keno spots in 2017?