Enjoy the Wildest Restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne is far from boring, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to some incredibly unique restaurants apart from the clubs and pubs. From wild themes to exotic dishes, these venues refuse to conform to people’s expectations. By ditching the usual formula, they are able to add something beautiful to the city’s dining experience. If you are looking for a tame restaurant, keep looking. But for those who crave something different, Melbourne’s wildest restaurants don’t disappoint. There’s no reason to accept mediocre dining, so don’t force yourself to.

In an era where corporations are turning the world into a strip mall, these wild restaurants are a breath of fresh air. They offer dishes and entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. These exotic venues are what make Melbourne special, so they can’t be ignored. For this reason, we compiled a list of the wildest restaurants in Melbourne. Simply visiting them with family is an experience, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to rethink dining and gaming.

Melbourne’s Wildest Restaurants

Wildest Restaurants
Enjoy a sense of community with your food!

Restaurant #3: Lentil as Anything – While this restaurant may seem tame on the surface, their business model breaks the mold. Instead of trying to make a profit, they are trying to make a difference. This non profit organization was started ten years ago in St. Kilda. Their mission was simple, provide quality vegetarian food without a price to help those in need. There are no set prices for the food, so clients decide how much they can give. It’s an interesting take on cuisine, and over the years it has caught on like wildfire. They have three branches across the city, so business is booming.

To make this model possible to maintain, the restaurants are staffed by volunteers. Many of their employees are migrants and refugees, since any profit is donated to community projects that help refugees. The produce used for the meals are donated by local suppliers, which creates an interesting system. Despite potentially being cheap, the meals are extremely tasty. Clients can indulge in everything from lentil burgers to Sri Lankan pumpkin curry. The options are surprisingly diverse, so surprise yourself while making a difference!

Wildest Restaurants
Indulge in dishes you didn’t know existed!

Restaurant #2: Josie Bones – For those who like wild dishes, this restaurant can’t be beaten. Josie Bones manages to make delicious meals out of the parts of animals that most restaurants discard. When first browsing their menu, it’s easy to get alarmed. Fortunately, their expert chefs can make even the most unappealing dish absolutely divine. From grilled duck hearts to rolled pig’s head with sauce gribiche and crackling, their choices are completely unique.

All of these delicious meals can be accompanied with a wide variety of beers. Not satisfied with having the most outrageous food, they stocked their bar with over 250 local and international beers. This staggering amount of choices allows guests to get primed before they dive into the wildest food of their lives. Put your taste buds to the test with this delightfully quirky restaurant!

Wildest Restaurants
Dine while suspended in the air!

Restaurant #1: Dinner in the Sky – This restaurant may not be exclusive to Melbourne, but it’s wild enough to top our list. In this adrenaline packed dining experience, up to 22 guests are hoisted in the air. The platform sits suspended 50 meters above the ground, which provides spectacular views of the city. While the guests marvel at the sight, top notch chefs treat everyone to a surprisingly sophisticated meal. It isn’t cheap, but it’s easily the craziest restaurant theme in Melbourne!