7 RSL Clubs in Melbourne you must pay a visit

Melbourne is an exciting place to visit. There are many things that you can choose to do. From the arts, to restaurants to the party scene, Melbourne has it all. One of the favorite places for people to go to are the Returned and Services Leagues clubs in Australia. These clubs were opened to benefit the current members and the former members of the Australian Defense league, but they are also open to other guests as well. They offer dining, drink and other entertainment for anyone that wants to check them out. They are also well known for the gaming options that they offer.

Time spend at an RSL club in Melbourne will be enjoyed. The key is to find the right RSL club to take in. When it comes to the RSL clubs in Melbourne some stand out from others. This is a list of the 7 RSL Clubs in Melbourne you must pay a visit to.

  • Beaumaris RSL Club – this club is part of the RSL Victoria organization. They offer membership to people 18 and older and offer plenty of membership options. It is possible to join as a member of visitors can enter the facilities as a guest of a member. They offer a bar restaurant, gaming area and a lounge.
  • Cheltenham Moorabbin RSL – This club is surrounded by parklands. Their facilities include a bistro, and they offer bingo and other gaming entertainment. Music from poplar bands provide more entertainment for the members and their guests.
  • Clayton RSL – They are known for many things at this club. Great food, great company and great entertainment can be found at one of the best sporting clubs in Melbourne.
  • Darebin RSL – This club is not affiliated with any political party and is completely independent. They offer a Gaming room, a bar, a bistro and a sports complex for their members. The food is well priced and the gaming options are fun and provide players with a chance to win big jackpots.
  • Nothcote RSL – They offer a great environment and are connected to the Croxton Park Hotel. They have a family friendly atmosphere and offer kids play. Adults van enjoy the pub and the gaming area while the kids are entertained.
  • Phillips Island RSL – There goal is to provide high quality food and entertainment to all of their visitors. They have plenty of options for everyone and they offer a very welcoming environment.
  • St Kilda RSL – Often considered the hidden gem in Melbourne, they offer plenty of fun and food for all that visit.

When visiting Melbourne a RSL is a great choice. They can be fun for people of all ages. Adults can enjoy the food and drink and the gaming entertainment that is offered at the RSL clubs and the kids can enjoy the games designed for them. It is something that everyone should consider including when they are in Melbourne and these clubs will not disappoint with the things they provide. Make sure to check these place out.

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