The Four Major Similarities and Differences in Keno and Pokies Game

The Four Major Similarities and Differences in Keno and Pokies Game
The Four Major Similarities and Differences in Keno and Pokies Game

You do love to play Keno as well as Pokies games at the casinos. These two games are different from each other but they do share some of the similarities also. Here are the four major similarities as well as differences in Keno and Pokies game.

The similarities between Keno and Pokies Game

  1. Easy to Play

Both Keno and Pokies games are easy to play. You do not require any skill or any strategy to play these games. Both the games are based on your luck and are therefore a game of chance where either you win or you lose.

  1. Good Starting Points

Keno and Pokies both offer good starting points as said above they both do not need any technique to play the game. Both the games cannot let you increase your chance of winning by any special skill or methodology to play.

  1. Visually Engaging

When you play Keno or Pokies at any online casino or land-based casinos the machines are visually engaging. That means the graphic qualities and the animation with sound effects developed by the software gaming companies like Microgaming and NetEnt are superb and often attract players.

  1. The Higher you Bet more chance you get to Win

Whatever game you choose be it Keno or Pokies to play at the casino you win depending on which you betting or wagering. The amount of money you can win from a single game depends on the game you play.

If you are playing Pokies then the amount you can win is based on how big your wager is and how many active pay lines are in play.

Same way the amount you can win in keno depends entirely on the game you’ve chosen as well as the wager you have placed. Betting on more numbers in keno means the chances of hitting one of those numbers are increased compared to only betting on a couple of numbers while choosing to bet on only a couple of numbers means you stand to win a higher amount if you do have a hit.

The differences between Keno and Pokies Game

  1. Variety in Themes

When you play video pokies game at the casinos that compare it with Keno games you will find that Keno does not have much variety of themes. Whereas Pokies games come in a variety of themes to enjoy with bonus features, bonus games and more graphics on display. Keno has limited use of graphics with few themes often being a plain numbered board to play the game.

  1. Differences in Jackpots

When you play pokies games you must have seen that these games come with huge jackpots, like progressive jackpots Mega Moolah starts with a base jackpot of $1 million and increases into the tens of millions, while some basic pokies only have jackpots of a few hundred dollars.

Pokies games played at online casinos have bigger jackpots than online keno, whereas land-based keno has produced many multi-million dollar winners.

  1. Wagering requirements

The betting requirements for keno and pokies depend on the individual game you’ve chosen to play. Pokies can be played online for wagers starting from one cent per spin, while few games will allow a maximum bet of up to $300 per spin.

Whereas wagering in online keno is limited to a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $10. This difference in Wagering requirement therefore attracts players to pokies with even small bankrolls to make their money stretch further but only if playing the minimum bet on a low wager game.

  1. Variety in Games

Pokies and Keno have differences in game variety. The huge selection of great pokies can be found at all leading online casinos, while keno isn’t always an option. Casinos that do offer keno are usually limited to a couple of keno variants per site, while some casinos have over 900 pokies from reputable software providers. Also, pokies games are more to be found to play  with mobile various mobile devices be it Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry

Though you have come to know of the similarities or differences between the two casino games, it is the fact that both are fun to play and enjoy as well as offer good wins. The choice to play the games be it Keno or Pokies is yours.