Why Cooper’s Brewery Continues to Rise Against All Odds

Cooper’s Brewery has pulled another banner year even in the face of one of the most dramatic drops in alcohol consumption that Australia has ever seen. The 2015 at a glance report published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showed that even with a growing population beer sales are at an all-time low.

The report also shows that as a whole Aussies have been steadily consuming less alcohol since 2000. Despite these discouraging numbers for breweries Cooper has risen like a phoenix out of the ashes of this stagnating industry and has seen surge in sales this year. While they are still feeling the effects of this slump in consumption Cooper Brewery has retained its impressive growth in sales with a combination of marketing ingenuity and quality products.

While Others Run for Cover Cooper’s Brewery Keeps Growing

While some see this decrease in Aussie alcohol consumption as a blessing this is wreaking havoc on the alcohol industry. The companies are echoing calls for dramatic rebates and campaigns to combat this decline in sales by enticing new demographics of customers. All this frenzy is feeding into the doomsday prophesies & nightmarish economic downturn that these companies are starting to experience. The 2015 at a glance report by OECD validated what breweries feared most, Aussies are starting to cut down or eliminate their alcohol intake. Australia’s drop in consumption has been echoed by Switzerland & Slovakia with all three countries tied for 16th place on the OECD list.

Ever since 2000 all three countries have experienced a dramatic drop in drinking. While some countries have seen a drop in drunkenness other countries are picking up the bottle with a ferocious new appetite. Lithuania, Russia & Poland have all seen devious increases in consumption since 2000. This is the exact opposite of most countries and shows that there are many factors that are playing a part in these perplexing statistics.

This new trend is sending breweries into a frantic new series of desperate marketing attempts to regain the remarkable sales that they have gotten used to.

Coopers’ managing director, Dr Tim Cooper weighed in on this shocking new trend.

“This decline in our draught beer volume is to a level we last saw in 2009,” he said. “This mirrors the fall in Australian beer consumption since 2009, when the national volume was 18.7 million hectolitres (1.87 billion litres). This troubling fall in consumption represents a loss of nearly 10 per cent of Australia’s beer volume in six years, despite a growing population.”

Fortunately for Cooper’s Brewery, shrewd business moves and provocative marketing have allowed them to keep growing. While other companies are scrambling to recover their sales Coopers Brewery had the last laugh when they posted record sales and revenues for 2014-15. This defied the drop in beer consumption & higher malt prices that threaten to dismantle the alcohol industry. The total beer sales for this resilient South Australian brewer rose for the 22nd consecutive year.

They were also happy to report a 4.7 percent increase from last year that had them selling over to 78.8 million litres. Their revenue also reflected this positive increase as it soared all the way up to 235.1 million. Dr Cooper attributes its success to the strong performance of the company’s international beers.

“Our international beer portfolio continued to perform strongly, underpinned by excellent relationships with our international partners, Carlsberg and Sapporo,” he added. “We also reached agreement late in the year with US craft brewer Brooklyn Brewing to brew and distribute Brooklyn Lager in Australia and New Zealand.”

This shocking success showcases the resilience of Cooper’s brewery. It proves that even when most companies are starting to fall another brewery can rise above the others with a combination of creativity & ingenuity. Only time will tell if Cooper’s Brewery continues to stand strong against all odds. However if we had to bet our money on one company surviving this fiasco it’s definitely Cooper.