What Not to Do When Playing Keno

Keno is a lottery-based game, which has made quite a name for itself in the gambling world. It’s the game played by millions of people around the globe. If you’d like to play Keno online, it is always suggested to learn how to play Keno which we might have read at times but today we are going to help you know what not to do when playing Keno to increase your chances of winning.

Most gamblers are familiar with Keno because this game is very popular and visible at land-based casinos with display screens everywhere. It uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) which draws numbers randomly.  So, the fact is there cannot be any defined guidelines to win but you as a player can still follow some not to do tips to increase your chances of winning. Have a look at the best Keno Strategy Tips below!

  • Don’t settle for any bonus deal before signing up.
  • Do not play Keno online that cannot strengthen your bankroll.
  • Do not jump to play real money casino instead try the free version of it first.
  • Not using multi-race keno cards.
  • Never pick too many numbers.
  • Don’t rely on your lucky numbers.
  • Don’t always stick to your lucky numbers.
  • Don’t get sway when playing Keno.
  • Don’t neglect to determine Risk and Reward before placing your keno bets.

1) Don’t Settle with First Bonus Deal you See at Keno Online Casinos


Most of the online casinos scattered all over the internet provide amazing bonuses for you to take benefit of it to learn and earn.

Whenever you choose any casino make it a point that it offers the best bonus out there to attract new players. So, don’t stop on the first bonus you see and look for a more lucrative option that can help you build a better bankroll!

2) Do not Play Real money Game without Practicing Free Game

If you are not sure how to play it or you haven’t tried it earlier, it is always suggested to read up on the game’s rules and learn its terms. Once done, now go ahead and practice implementing them by playing Free Keno Game before you jump into the real casino battleground.

3) Don’t Confuse Over Which Numbers to Pick

If you decide to choose your lucky numbers or just pick numbers randomly, it will not affect your play anyways as it is just a game of chance. Moreover, if you find it tough to make a decision what number to select, you can use a ‘Quick Pick’ option in modern Keno Online variants. This will randomly pick a handful of numbers for you just to reduce your anxiety.

4) Never Neglect Multi-race Cards

The online casinos offer multi-race cards, where you can choose numbers just once over a series of games. Playing with one of these multi-race Keno tickets will save your time when you are continuously playing your lucky numbers and feel tired of having to choose them over and over again.

5) Don’t Forget to Calculate Risk & Reward Before Betting

As most of the casino games are played both online and at brick-and-mortar casinos, it’s very important to calculate and analyze the risk versus the reward before you actually place bets on numbers. This means that you’ll have to calculate how much you’re willing to risk and ready to lose against the reward you expect to get. Do not neglect to make this calculation first.

6) Don’t Swayed Away with Online Features

One of the core differences between Keno at land-based Casinos and online casinos is the fact that online keno is played much faster.  After the numbers are drawn in the game at brick and mortar casinos, you need to complete the current game but in an online casino, you don’t need to wait. You can play many times as long as you want. Although it could be beneficial you should not get swayed away by this opportunity as you might end up betting too much money.

7) Don’t Avoid Managing your Bankroll Wisely

Your bankroll management is of the essence whilst playing any sort of casino game either online or offline.  If you’re playing Keno, you must ensure that your bankroll should last you quite a while so long you haven’t placed bets of a reasonable size.


Above mentioned are some of the major and effective Not to do tips to apply when you play Keno online. It will not only improve your chances of winning but it will make you a better decision maker as Keno is a game of making the right decision and planning rest is your luck.