3 Most Expensive Restaurants In the World

There’s a lot of expensive restaurants in the world, but a few of them are on another level. Instead of just being pricey, their costs border on insanity. Obviously these places offer exceptional food, but what customers are really paying for is the novelty. From psychedelic electric shows to extremely rare plates of food, these places offer things that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether they are worth the price tag is debatable, but that doesn’t stop people from eating at these establishments.

Even though they are wildly expensive, every day people flock to these restaurants. There’s a long waiting list to get in, but it only adds to their allure. No normal people visit these restaurants, so the best we can hope for is to examine them from afar. This is probably the best move, since your bank account will thank you for skipping these luxurious expenses. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Prepare to be shocked by their larger than life fees!

Expensive Restaurants In the World

Some of the most expensive restaurants in the world include:

  1. Sublimotion (Ibiza, Spain):
    • Sublimotion is known for its avant-garde dining experience. It combines technology, art, and gastronomy to create a unique and immersive dining adventure.
  2. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet (Shanghai, China):
    • Ultraviolet is a multi-sensory dining experience where the ambiance, music, and scents are carefully curated to complement the tasting menu.
  3. Kitcho Arashiyama Honten (Kyoto, Japan):
    • Kitcho is renowned for its traditional kaiseki cuisine, which emphasizes seasonality and artistic presentation. The restaurant has a serene setting overlooking a beautiful garden.
  4. Masa (New York City, USA):
    • Masa is a three-Michelin-starred sushi restaurant known for its exquisite and authentic Japanese cuisine. The dining experience is highly personalized, and the chef, Masa Takayama, is celebrated worldwide.
  5. Guy Savoy (Paris, France):
    • Guy Savoy is a Michelin-starred restaurant offering French haute cuisine. The restaurant is known for its elegant setting and an exceptional menu curated by Chef Guy Savoy.
  6. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester (London, UK):
    • Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is a three-Michelin-starred restaurant known for its contemporary French cuisine. The restaurant is located in the luxurious Dorchester Hotel.
  7. Aragawa (Tokyo, Japan):
    • Aragawa is famous for its Kobe beef and is considered one of the most exclusive steakhouses in the world. The restaurant has a limited number of seats and a high price tag.
  8. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives):
    • Ithaa is an underwater restaurant located in the Maldives. It offers a unique dining experience with panoramic views of the surrounding marine life.

Keep in mind that the status of these restaurants may change over the time, and additionally, the concept of “expensive” can vary, and factors such as currency exchange rates and menu changes can influence the overall cost of dining. It’s advisable to check current reviews and information for the latest details on these high-end restaurants.

How to find the expensive restaurants in the world?

When determining the expense of a restaurant, several parameters and factors come into play. Here are some key parameters to consider when evaluating the cost and exclusivity of a restaurant:

  1. Menu Pricing:
    • The most straightforward parameter is the pricing of the menu items. High-quality ingredients, rare or seasonal items, and elaborate preparation techniques can contribute to a higher cost.
  2. Michelin Stars:
    • Michelin stars are a prestigious rating system for restaurants. A higher number of stars generally correlates with a higher level of culinary excellence. Michelin-starred restaurants often offer fine dining experiences and can be more expensive.
  3. Chef’s Reputation:
    • The reputation of the chef or chefs associated with the restaurant can significantly impact its exclusivity and pricing. Renowned chefs often create innovative and exceptional dining experiences.
  4. Location:
    • The location of the restaurant can influence its expense. Restaurants in prime, sought-after locations or in luxury hotels may command higher prices.
  5. Ambiance and Decor:
    • The interior design, decor, and overall ambiance of a restaurant contribute to its exclusivity. High-end establishments often invest in luxurious settings to enhance the dining experience.
  6. Wine and Beverage Selection:
    • The quality and variety of the wine and beverage selection can contribute to the overall cost. Some exclusive restaurants offer extensive and curated wine lists.
  7. Service Quality:
    • Exceptional service, including highly trained staff, personalized attention, and attention to detail, is a hallmark of expensive restaurants.
  8. Exclusivity and Limited Seating:
    • Some expensive restaurants intentionally limit the number of seats available, creating a sense of exclusivity and increasing demand.
  9. Unique Experiences:
    • Restaurants that offer unique or avant-garde dining experiences, such as molecular gastronomy or immersive dining concepts, may command higher prices.
  10. Awards and Recognitions:
    • Awards from culinary organizations, in addition to Michelin stars, can indicate a restaurant’s standing in the culinary world.
  11. Rarity of Ingredients:
    • The use of rare or exotic ingredients, as well as a focus on seasonality, can contribute to the cost of dishes.

It’s important to note that the perception of an expensive restaurant can vary based on individual preferences and cultural differences. Additionally, currency exchange rates can impact the perceived cost for international establishments. When researching expensive restaurants, consider multiple parameters to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dining experience they offer.

Top 3 Expensive Restaurants

Expensive Restaurants in the World
This restaurant looks like a Disney movie!

Expensive Restaurant #3: Plaza Athénée $550 Per Person – This bold French restaurant is easily the most costly place to visit in Paris. In a city that celebrates extravagant cuisine, this venue manages to stand out. Each person has to pay $550, which quickly adds up when going in a group. Fortunately, this massive price tag has its perks.

They offer a slew of unique dishes that are cooked by none other than world renowned chef Alain Ducasse. This culinary master artfully cooks up your food under 10,000 glittering crystals. Each course features seasonal sustainably-sourced foods. The goal of this venue is to promote a planet-friendly approach to dining. This is a little ironic, since your money could probably go to something that directly saves the planet.

Expensive Restaurants
Experience the best sushi in New York.

Expensive Restaurant #2: Masa $600 Per Person – Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, this venue put the Time Warner Center on the map. This luxurious restaurant serves the richest people in New York, so each offering is a masterpiece. There’s no set menu, so each time visitors are surprised with new creations from the chef.

The food is always different, but clients can expect healthy doses of ohmi beef & white truffle ice cream. Even at $600, drinks & taxes aren’t included. This makes a night out at this restaurant closer to $800 per person. But if $600 didn’t intimidate you, there’s no reason to complain.

Expensive Restaurants
This isn’t just a meal, it’s a one of a kind experience.

Expensive Restaurant #1: Sublimotion $2,100 Per Person – Ibiza is home to the world’s most decadent nightclubs, so it’s no surprise that they have the most expensive restaurants. It only seats 12 people, but at $2,100 per person there’s plenty of profit to keep the business afloat. This price tag may seem ridiculous to the layman, but at least guests get to enjoy an epic show.

For a few hours visitors are immersed in a multi-sensory journey across a 20-course meal. This visual stimulation is brought to life with music & incredible lighting. Every dish revolves around molecular gastronomy, giving clients nothing but the best. It’s a feast for both the senses & the stomach, making it the classiest place to eat in the world.