Historic Pubs Everyone Should Visit in London

Even though Australia has stolen the show, London has some of the most amazing pubs in the world. England pioneered these late-night venues, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to some epic pubs. They are just as rich in history as they are stocked up on intoxicating drinks. These pubs aren’t just novel, they are places that changed the course of history. While this may seem like a wild claim, but after examining London’s pubs it instantly gets corroborated.

On top of hosting iconic figures, these pubs set the stage for monumental events. From the Mayflower to Jack the Ripper, it’s impossible to escape the impact these pubs made on history. Even though these venues are nothing short of legendary, they are easy to overlook. London is absolutely packed with pubs, so plenty of great venues slip through the cracks. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most iconic pubs in London. They are packed to the brim with heritage, so prepare to be blown away by their stories!

Most Historic Pubs In London

historic pubs
Hang all your doubts about this place!

Pub #3: The Prospect of Whitby – This bar isn’t just iconic, it has been ground zero for starting and suppressing revolutions. Back in the day, anyone from smugglers to pirates frequented this pub. These swashbuckling visitors plotted their next heist on this flagstone floor. Even though the venue was dominated by crooks, it also served senior members of the law.

The Prospect of Whitby was a favorite of the infamous “Hanging” Judge Jeffreys, the heavy-handed deliverer of countless executions. His violent suppression of revolutionaries was legendary, and there’s even a replica gallows outside the pub. This was the site of countless deaths, but they also helped preserve England’s greatness. Experience the lingering sensation of past revolutions in this epic pub!

historic pubs
Terrify yourself with some drinks.

Pub #2: The Ten Bells – Out of all the bars in London, this one routinely steals the show. Hundreds of years ago it was in its hey-day, but the party still continues on this historic site. Before it was the main place where Victorian prostitutes from the Spitalfields area congregated. Their beauty attracted affluent business men from around the city, but it also brought some unwelcome surprises.

Jack the Ripper picked his prey from this bar, and caused countless big bosomed patrons to disappear. Their horrific deaths dominated the news, and remain a fixture in today’s culture. It’s the perfect place to enjoy haunted beverages, since the faded décor and candlelit tables only add to the experience. Get your dose of terror at this remarkably ill-fated pub!

historic pubs
Enjoy a dash of history!

Pub #1: The Mayflower – Nestled right on the Rotherhithe riverside is a venue that paved the way for America. Legend has it, this was the first jump off point for the Mayflower on its arduous journey to America. From here it sailed out to Southampton before taking on the high sea and eventually reaching American soil. One of the most controversial countries in the world owes its birth to this pub, so it can’t be missed. They also offer American stamps that date back to the 1800’s, so there’s no shortage of collectors’ items for patrons.