Fortune Keno – The Arcade Keno Game to Play

What is Fortune Keno

Fortune Keno is a combination of the Lotto and Bingo but with the added charm of a raven-haired fortune teller gazing into her crystal ball where hopefully your numbers are written largely amongst the cloudy swirls. Fortune Keno is a fixed odds game of chance in which you are picking numbers and hoping that the balls which are drawn virtually match yours to gain a cash prize. It’s a simple game but there are a few options available in terms of how many numbers you select. The more you select the greater the prize at the end of the rainbow where a potential x5000 jackpot awaits the lucky player

Where to Play Fortune Keno?

bitstarz online casino AUD

Fortune Keno is packed with a gypsy vibe. This game was developed by Playtech gaming software company. You will find a fortune teller to the left of the numbers holding a crystal ball once you have selected your numbers and are ready to play the fortune teller will rub her crystal ball and it begins to glow revealing the numbers spinning around inside and eventually they shoot out of the ball on to the board hopefully landing on the numbers you have chosen. The game features great graphics and soothing music and it’s incredibly easy to pick up and play.

Fortune Keno is available to play at Playtech-powered online casinos both for free and for real money. There are other casinos you can play Fortune Keno but for Australians, it is Bitstarz bitcoin casino which is one of the most popular amongst them. You can play with real AUD or BTC or play free just for fun.

Bitstarz offers AU$ 10,000 as a welcome bonus when you join the casino for the first time to play pokies or keno games.

You can scroll or sort through the games until you find it or on the left side of the screen is a tab titled “Keno & Number” and select Fortune Keno from that list.

How to play Fortune Keno?

Fortune keno

The game aims to pick a selection of numbers ranging between one and 80 on a grid and hope that the balls which are drawn virtually match yours to gain a cash prize. Your first job is to decide how many numbers you are going to select. You must select between two and 10 numbers by clicking the ones you want on the grid. The next two options you need to consider are your bet size and whether you want to play in rounds of one or five. If you choose five you will play with the same numbers five times using your original stake for each game.

There’s a minimum bet of $0.02 per game and a maximum of $10.

Once the game gets underway by clicking ‘Play‘ the fun starts because the numbers appear as sparks which are emitted rapidly like shooting stars from a crystal ball. Should these shards of light land on one of your numbers on the grid they are highlighted, but the non-hit squares are singed. The pay-out depends on the number of numbers you selected from the grid and your stake, of course, but the pay table will calculate it for you automatically.

Fortune Keno is just one of the great games to be found at online arcade games. Take a look because a fortune could just be waiting for you.

It has standard rules of Keno for this game; select numbers – you can select a minimum of 2 numbers up to a maximum of 10 numbers from the board of available numbers 1-80. Choose to play one game or play five to play five games in a row with the same numbers and once the twenty numbers are shot out of the crystal ball you get paid for the number of numbers you caught.

Fortune Keno Features

Fortune keno game

This game has cool features worth mentioning.

Easy to Play: Click on the numbers you plan to play, from 2 to ten numbers, on the board of numbers 1-80 and then hit play.

Play Five: Play five games one after the other with the selected numbers.

Play Once: Play only one hand with selected numbers.

Quick Wager Select: Arrows to quickly select or change your wager-$0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00

Win Notification: You’ll be informed exactly what you have won when you will a box appears after every win notifying you how many numbers you caught and how much you won.

Fortune keno game by Playtech

The Fortune Keno arcade games are based on regular keno games that are found in online casinos and land-based casino games. The game is a fixed-odds keno game. While the game is based on regular keno games, it is certainly a more special version of the game. To play the game, players must first place their wagers, having chosen at least two numbers or more, up to a maximum amount of 10 numbers.

You can either choose to play a single game, or they can play a series of up to five games in a row while using the same numbers for each of those games. The Fortune Keno game is set on a background of deep purples, while in the foreground is the fortune teller with her crystal ball. Whenever the fortune teller looks into her crystal ball to help determine the numbers, the ball lights up, after which the winning keno arcade games numbers are launched.

The RTP ranges marginally between 92.09% with two numbers picked up to 92.55% with ten picked.