Discover the Best Rum Bars in Australia

There are a number of epic bars in Australia, but only a certain few that cater to rum. If any spirit showcases the Aussie rebellious spirit, it’s rum. For this reason, this potent Caribbean spirit is taking late night Aussie venues by storm. These rum bars have become an instant hit, and are springing up across Australia. They celebrate the illustrious history of this once forbidden spirit with a series of unforgettable cocktails. This is a godsend for anyone who’s passionate about tasting the finest rum in the world.

Even though their drinks are spectacular, Australia’s top rum bars win over clients with their charm. These venues lure in new customers with wild décor, and keep them coming back by the quality of their service. It’s no secret that Australia is home to some of the best rum bars in the world. This fact wasn’t lost on Bacardi, since they have routinely highlighted the best bars in the country. Like the Puerto Rican giant, we weren’t satisfied with trying our luck at just any pub. For this reason, we dove in and discovered the best rum bars in Australia. Prepare to be blown away by this list, these bars are truly unique!

Best Rum Bars in Australia

Rum Bar
This bar brings the Caribbean style to Australia!

Rum Bar #3: Rude Boy (Hobart) – It’s rare that a new bar manages to blow away the competition, but this venue did just that. Even though they opened their doors in 2017, Rude Boy has managed to steal the show. Their vibrant selection of rum highlights the best offerings in the Caribbean. From the French Caribbean islands to Jamaica, no island is left without representation.

To make it even more appealing, this bar is bursting at the seams with Caribbean flavor. Their food menu is robust, featuring fusions and traditional staples alike. Out of everything on their menu, the whole school prawns with jerk seasoning blew us away. Their cocktails are just as well prepared, so don’t miss out on this epic new bar!

Rum Bar
Dive into Hunter S. Thompson’s world!

Rum Bar #2: Rum Diary Bar (Melbourne) – On top of being a great place to grab a drink, this bar created a masterpiece. Their house made spiced rum blend is so sensational that it couldn’t stay in the bar. What was once a secret recipe has transformed into a hit. Their spiced rum blend is now bottled up and sold across Australia.

When walking into this cozy venue, it’s hard to imagine how big their reputation is. Any reputable bar owner has heard about this infamous Melbourne gem. Don’t take our word for it, come on in and try a few of their top-notch cocktails!

Rum Bar
This bar’s selection can’t be beaten!

Rum Bar #1: Rum Bar (Airlie Beach) – Out of all the bars in Australia, there’s no arguing that this is the king of rum. It’s run by a man who’s so enthusiastic about the spirit that he’s been nicknamed “Dr. Rum”. On top of knowing every imaginable fact about rum, they also offer a staggering selection. Over 560 different types of rum from all over the world are available. This bar is located on the beach, allowing it to showcase everything a rum bar should be!