Keno Spots No Punter Can Miss in Reno

Even though Las Vegas routinely steals the show, there are plenty of great places to play keno in Reno. The biggest little city in the world is far from lacking when it comes to epic casinos. They may not have the international fanfare, but Reno makes up for it with quality venues. From casinos to entertainment centers, there’s no shortage of options in Reno. It’s quickly becoming a punters paradise, since its low-key environment offers the best of both worlds.

Despite avoiding the spotlight, many punters prefer trying their luck in Reno. It’s noticeably more affordable than Las Vegas, and has a more authentic feel to it. For those who want to escape the crowds and rampant tourist traps of Las Vegas, Reno is a treat. Their larger than life casinos don’t disappoint, and the surrounding venues are equally charming.

Almost everyone focuses exclusively on Las Vegas, which is a shame for adventurous punters. This leaves most of Reno ignored, which can be challenging for tourists when visiting. To help expose this vibrant city’s potential, we compiled a list of the best places to play keno in Reno. Prepare to be blown away by these casinos, they are just as extravagant as anything in Vegas!

Best Keno Spots in Reno

Keno Spots
Don’t miss out on their exciting games!

Keno Oasis #3: The Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino – Out of all the casinos in Reno, this one immediately steals the show with its wild design. When looking at their massive towers, it isn’t hard to guess that they are the tallest buildings in Reno. These larger than life skyscrapers are flanked by a massive dome that houses on of the best venues around.

The Silver Legacy Casino is massive, offering amenities that are hard to find anywhere else. Their 85,000-square foot game floor boasts 1,400 slot machines, 80 gaming tables and the biggest sportsbook video wall in town. They have two rooms dedicated to keno, as well as Pai Gow poker, Let it Ride, and progressive Caribbean stud.

On top of this impressive selection of games, the rest of the compound doesn’t disappoint. Their 180-foot domed atrium features automated mining rigs that dazzle guests with thunderstorms and laser shows. They also have a full-service spa, salon, multiple restaurants, boutiques, live concerts and a 30,000 square foot convention space. Visiting this casino is an unforgettable experience, so don’t miss it on your next trip to Reno!

Keno Spots
Enjoy the best keno lounges in Reno!

Keno Oasis #2: Eldorado Hotel and Casino – Ever since it was remodeled, this venue has continuously garnered praise from visitors. They have a massive array of rooms and suites, as well as nine award winning restaurants. Their massive entertainment center hosts everything from famous musicians to renown cirque shows.

Even though their 1,200 slot machines overwhelm most guests, this casino hasn’t forgotten about keno. They recently opened the Ringside Keno Lounge on the main casino floor. The upstairs area is just as hospitable, since it’s home to the Millies24Keno Lounge. Even if you don’t feel like entering a lounge, visitors can play keno anywhere on the premises. Keno Runners are always available and guests can watch the results of their wagers on 1,000 games from their room! They streamlined the process, so enjoy the best keno options in Reno.

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Their compatibility with apps takes this casino to the next level.

Keno Oasis #1: Peppermill Hotel & Casino – Out of all the casinos in Reno, this one boasts the most amenities. Their freshly renovated hotel boasts over 1,600 rooms and a 100,000-square foot ballroom. They also feature an award winning spa, 17 bars and 10 restaurants to treat guests.

When it comes to keno, they went the extra mile. There’s only one lounge, but they still managed to take things to the next level. Visitors can download the KENO USA app on their smartphones, providing real-time viewing of Peppermill keno draws. This attention to detail has made them our favorite place to play keno in Reno, but don’t take our word for it. All three of these casinos are perfect for punters, so come discover which suits you best!