Can I Play Jupiters Keno Games Online?

 Jupiters Keno Games
Lucky Keno

Keno players really love the game for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the variety of keno games that are out there to try and enjoy. Among some of the favorite variations of keno games are Lucky Keno, NT Keno, Jupiters Keno, and others. These games are particularly popular with players in Australia and New Zealand.

Jupiters Keno Games

In this article, we will focus on Jupiters Keno, which is similar in many ways to NT Keno. You will remember that in regular keno, you select a certain amount of numbers to play (usually from 1-20 picks), and the numbers usually range from 1-80. Balls are randomly selected (often twenty of them), or in the case of online keno games, a random number generator selects the numbers that the balls would usually represent.

Then, it’s all about how many numbers you played correctly. The more you play, the more you can win, but if you only play a few you will need to match all (or nearly all) of them in order to win anything. Playing more numbers increases your possible prize amounts but also decreases your odds of winning those large prizes, too.

Now, in NT Keno, there are special jackpots for having a perfect ticket (where you guess all numbers correctly out of the ones you play) with between 6-10 numbers played. Jupiters Keno is played almost exactly the same way, except that you only get a jackpot if you match seven numbers out of seven or better.

In traditional casinos, Jupiters Keno is often found. This is particularly true of casinos in Queensland or New South Wales, where Jupiters Keno is very popular among those who play in the establishments regularly.

What about online casinos, though? Online casinos have grown massively in popularity in recent years, not the least of which is due to the convenience of playing at them. You can play in an online casino and enjoy a secure, stable experience without having to leave your home and make a special trip to an actual casino. You can play at any time of night or day and relax with some fun casino games even if you only have a little bit of time to spare.

Can you play Jupiters Keno online, though? While not every online casino may have a brand of keno labeled as “Jupiters Keno”, that doesn’t mean it’s not offered. Many online casinos like to take traditional variations of casino games and re-brand them with attention-getting names, which means that you can find a game that plays just like Jupiters Keno even if it’s not called that.

Also, many versions of keno online have customizable rules that you can use to tailor the game to your liking. Often, because of the technology involved, most aspects of the game can be changed in order for it to match your preferences and playing style.

If you want to play the true version of Jupiters Keno, you may have to stick to traditional, real-life casinos for the time being.

Keno games to play at online casinos

  1. Ancient Thunder
  2. Prairie Thunder
  3. IScream Keno
  4. Jungle Treasure Keno
  5. Last Blast Keno
  6. Luck of the Bonus Keno
  7. Tropical Vacation Keno
  8. Golden Egg Keno
  9. Tropical Vacation Keno
  10. Super Keno

1. Ancient Thunder

Ancient Thunder

Ancient Thunder is a standard Keno game utilizing an 80 spot card. The base game features a wheel bonus, free games, a 2X multiplier, and extra hits possible. Free games feature a wheel bonus, additional free games retrigger, a cumulative increasing multiplier, and extra hits.

For all base and free games, there are four bonus groups. Each group makes up an image of an ancient Greek deity using a different number of tiles (2 to 5). The Bonus groups are broken up and randomly place on the Keno grid at the beginning of every draw. There is also one Bonus Multiplier spot. As the bonus group spots are hit they build the image to the side of the tiles. When the image is completed, the bonus that the image represents is triggered.

Hitting the gold coin multiplies that win by 2X. For the free games and triggering game only: multipliers are cumulative and additive. The first coin makes all remaining games 2X. The second coin hit makes all remaining games 3X etc. up to a max of 8X.

2. Prairie Thunder

Prairie Thunder Keno

Prairie Thunder Keno is a standard 80-spot keno game with a 20-number draw. The player may pick between 3-10 numbered spots on the card. There is Wolf Mini Bonus in the game where 2 Wolf symbols and 5 Horseshoe symbols are placed on non-player-marked spots every base game. If both Wolf spots are hit with a win, the player is awarded a 4X win multiplier.

The Free Games are triggered by hitting 4 or 5 Horseshoe symbols during the base game which awards 10 or 15 free games. The player may retrigger unlimited free games during free game play. Hitting 3, 4, or 5 Horseshoe symbols during free game play awards 4, 10, or 15 additional free games respectively. All feature games are played at the same bet and spot level that triggered the bonus.

During Prairie Thunder Free Games four (4) mountain multiplier symbols are randomly placed on non-player-marked-spots. When the mountain multipliers are hit in conjunction with a win, there is a random weighted drawing for each hit mountain symbol’s multiplier value (either 2X, 3X, or 4X).

3. I Scream Keno

Iscream Keno

I Scream Keno is an 80-spot online keno game with 6 bonus levels featuring unlimited free bonus games with multipliers and up to 45 redraw spots. You select 2-10 player spots by touching the numbered spots on the screen or using the quick pick button and can control the pace at which numbers are drawn. Also, increase the speed and play hundreds of rounds in a matter of minutes! After that, the game draws at least 20 numbers & the drawing continues. 

For each game, one bonus spot is randomly selected from among the spots not selected by the player. If redraw spots are in play, they are randomly selected from the remaining spots. Hitting a bonus spot on any draw awards a bonus multiplier. However, if you hit on your first draw, it awards 9 free bonus games and 9 more on your last draw hit.

Above all, payouts are based on the number of player spots hit. The bonus level will determine the multiplier. Continuing to hit the bonus spot to reach the ultimate Orange Sherbert Bonus Round for MASSIVE jackpots!

4. Jungle Treasure Keno

Jungle Treasure Keno

Jungle Treasure Keno is a standard 80-spot keno game with a 20-number draw and multiplied bonus games. The first 3 player-picked spots are the bonus triggers. When all three bonus spots are hit with a win, the “Jungle Treasure Bonus” is triggered. The player chooses 5 out of 11 objects for multipliers. When all the gemstones are selected, they are arranged from the lowest to the highest multiplier and the player is returned to the game screen to play their multiplied paid games. The lowest gem is played first.

During the bonus games, a “Gem Spot” is placed randomly on the keno grid at the start of each game on a non-player selected spot. All wins will be multiplied by that gem’s corresponding multiplier until the gem spot is hit. The bonus games end when all 5 of the gems have been hit. Additional Bonus games cannot be triggered during the bonus games.

5. Last Blast Keno

Last Blast Keno

Last Blast Keno is a standard 80-spot keno game with a 20-spot draw. The players may select up to 10 spots. In terms of bet levels, you can wager between 0.01 and 1 coin and set a bet of between 1 and 4. There’s a max bet button for convenience and there’s also one which reads Clear. Handy if you’ve had a sudden change of heart about the numbers that you’ve just selected. There’s also a Quick Pick option that will save some time and there’s the ability to view your playing history too. The main way in which Last Blast Keno differs from Keno is in that the last drawn spot is the most valuable. Known as the Last Blast Spot it’s worth a 4x multiplier. If the last number drawn is a winning one, a blast will occur.

,000, 30,000 and 90,000 for eight. Match nine balls to win 600,000 and all 10 for a monster 6,000,000. You can choose to play each game with all 10 balls at a time or can go for just five at a time if you prefer.

6. Golden Egg Keno

Golden Egg Keno

Golden Egg Keno you can play with a wide range of betting options available. You’ll then be able to pick the numbers you’d like to play in the next drawing. You’ll be picking from a board of 80 numbers, with the option to take anywhere between one and 10 numbers (or “spots”) on each round. Once you’ve made your choices, it’s time to hit the play button. You’ll watch 20 eggs roll out, each of which corresponds to one of the numbers on the board. The object, as you may have guessed, is to match as many of these numbers with your picks as possible. The more matches you make, the better.

The exact parameters of what you’ll need in order to win vary by the number of spots you’ve played. For instance, if you made just one pick, you’ll win if that number is chosen, and lose if it is not. Pick 10 numbers, and you’ll need to hit at least four to win, with more matches increasing your prize amount.

As you watch the numbers roll out on each round, you may notice that the final egg is a bit different. It is both larger and gold in color. In terms of prizes, this number is no different than any other. However, if you make a match with the golden egg, you will earn an immediate free play. This free bonus round will be played with the same selections and for the same stakes as the game that triggered it, and it is possible to retrigger the bonus by hitting the golden egg number again.