The five unique keno games that you can play online

These days with so many of Keno variants available to play online you often wonder which one to play and enjoy the most. Though all the Keno online games are just wonderful but some of them really adds more fun and excitement to the game play and give rich Keno game experience online to play on your PC or smartphones. Here below are the five unique Keno games that you will really love to play online.

1. Live dealer keno gives a unique gaming experience

Live Dealer Keno
Live dealer Keno game at online casino

As you find Live dealer games at online casinos where you can play many table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Pai Gow and other card games, same way there are online casinos that offer Live Keno games. These live dealer Keno games are much fun to play and enjoy where you get to play any time any place according to your own convenience.

You can enjoy such live dealer games where specialist, Ezugi, are behind the live dealer keno game and you can find them at online casinos easily. You just enter the tables and a HD video feed will load, streaming the dealer who will draw the game in real time.

There’s a betting layout where you can select your spots, and the games will take place every three minutes. You need to place your wagers before the timer ends, or wait until the next round, with up to eight spots available to pick from 80.

2. Keno from gaming software companies are interesting to play

Monkey Keno
Monkey Keno from Microgaming

The other type of Keno game that you can enjoy the most online is the ones developed by gaming software companies like the Microgaming and the Real time gaming brands. The best Random Number Generator (RNG) keno game online has to be the traditional title from Microgaming. It offers standard gameplay where up to 15 numbers can be picked from 80 with 20 drawn. The payouts change in accordance to the number of spots picked, and you can view this in the paytable situated left to the game screen.

The minimum bet is $1, while the maximum bet is $10 per game and the house edge is around 94% for this title, provided you pick more than one number, which is incredibly good for a keno title. Like wise from Microgaming you have Monkey Keno that adds more spice to the game with interactive screen and wins too.

3. Bonus Keno games add more fun

Bonus Keno
Bonus Keno from NetEnt

There are many bonus Keno games available at online casinos that add more fun to the game. Like one from NetEnt. This game offers  progressive jackpot which grows every time a player places their real money wagers.

There’s up to 10 spots eligible to be picked with the paytable situated to the right of the game screen. The payouts change with the number of spots picked. The minimum bet is set at a minimum of $1, and there is a maximum of $5 per game.

You can win the jackpot by landing five jackpot symbols randomly placed under the numbers throughout the game. They will fill the bar in the top left hand screen as you play and once you have all five you will trigger the jackpot. There’s also the option to play five or 10 games in a row with the same numbers and this speeds up gameplay significantly.

4. Kenotronic with electronic vibes add more interest to Keno

Kenotronic by 1×2 gaming comes with an electronic soundtrack

This game is created by 1X2 Gaming, and is great game that is unique in itself. The electronic soundtrack attached will get you in the mood to win, while the game has been created to tie in with the genre, featuring the game layout on DJ decks.

There’s up to 15 spots available to pick with a minimum bet of $0.05, and a maximum bet of $20. There’s also the special ‘Turbo’ option which speeds up gameplay quite incredibly – players who don’t like waiting three minutes between land-based keno games will love this feature.

5. Jackpot Keno where you can bet higher for wins

Jackpot Keno
Jackpot Keno where you can place higher bets and have big wins

Jackpot Keno is another unique game brought to you by 1×2 Gaming. There’s no progressive jackpot attached, despite the name, but it is more of a reference to the high maximum bet on offer.  Here you can place your maximum bet on your Keno with maximum being $200 per game and a minimum being $0.10.

You can pick up to 15 numbers from 80 spots and there’s an added feature where the game will auto-select your numbers at random too. The payouts are to the right of the side, but picking 10 to 15 numbers yields the same payout so keep this in mind

These five Keno games are some what unique Keno games when you wish to play them online at casinos to have an extraordinary experience of Keno game play.