3 Best Real Australian Casinos To Visit

Out of all Australia’s tourist attractions, their casinos easily steal the show. It’s no secret that our country sports a cornucopia of sites that need to be visited. From bustling cities to pristine nature, there’s plenty for everyone to explore. Even with all these options, the allure of the casinos can’t be beaten. Every year, over 30 million people visit the top 3 casinos in Australia. These figures dwarf the number of people who visit other attractions such as the Opera House.

The people have spoken, & now the spotlight has been fixated on Australia’s larger than life casinos. From celebrities to entrepreneurs, everyone is on their way to the casino as soon as they hop off the plane. This trend has paved the way for Australia becoming synonymous with lavish gambling venues. Since they are the main attracts, it’s impossible to ignore these hypnotic casinos. We have compiled a list of the most awe-inspiring casinos in Australia. Prepare to be blown away by these epic establishments!

Real Australian Casinos

Here are some real, brick-and-mortar casinos in Australia:

  1. Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex (Melbourne):
    • Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Crown Casino is one of the largest casino complexes in the Southern Hemisphere. It offers a wide range of gaming options, entertainment, restaurants, and more.
  2. The Star (Sydney):
    • The Star, located in Sydney, New South Wales, is a popular casino and entertainment complex. It features a variety of gaming options, luxurious accommodations, dining, and live entertainment.
  3. The Star Gold Coast (Gold Coast):
    • Formerly known as Jupiters Hotel and Casino, The Star Gold Coast is situated in Queensland. It offers a casino, multiple restaurants, bars, and a hotel.
  4. Crown Perth (Perth):
    • Crown Perth, located in Western Australia, is another property owned by Crown Resorts. It features a casino, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  5. Adelaide Casino (Adelaide):
    • Adelaide Casino, situated in South Australia, offers a range of gaming options, including traditional casino games and electronic gaming machines.
  6. Skycity Darwin (Darwin):
    • Skycity Darwin is a casino resort in the Northern Territory. It provides gaming facilities, accommodations, dining options, and a lagoon-style pool.
  7. Wrest Point Hotel Casino (Hobart):
    • Located in Hobart, Tasmania, Wrest Point Hotel Casino is Australia’s first legal casino. It offers a variety of gaming options, entertainment, and dining.
  8. Jupiters Casino Townsville (Townsville):
    • Jupiters Casino Townsville, situated in Queensland, provides a range of gaming options, including table games and gaming machines.

It’s important to note that the gaming landscape can change, and new developments may have occurred since my last update. Additionally, the names or ownership of casinos might change due to rebranding or business developments.

If you plan to visit a specific casino, it’s recommended to check the latest information on their official website or contact the casino directly for the most accurate details regarding gaming options, events, and any other amenities they offer.

Rules to visit real Australian casinos

The rules and regulations governing casinos in Australia can vary between states and territories, as each jurisdiction has its own regulatory framework.

Here are general rules and aspects to consider:

  1. Legal Age:
    • The legal age for gambling in Australia is typically 18 years old. Visitors to casinos are required to provide valid identification confirming their age.
  2. Gaming Machines and Tables:
    • Casinos in Australia offer a variety of gaming options, including electronic gaming machines (commonly known as pokies or slot machines) and traditional table games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat.
  3. Licenses and Regulation:
    • Casinos are regulated by state and territory gaming authorities. They are required to obtain and maintain a valid license to operate. Regulatory bodies set standards for the operation of casinos, including ensuring fair play and responsible gambling practices.
  4. Responsible Gambling:
    • Australian casinos are required to promote responsible gambling practices. This includes measures to prevent and address problem gambling, such as offering self-exclusion programs and providing information on responsible gaming.
  5. Advertising and Promotion:
    • Casinos are subject to regulations regarding the advertising and promotion of their services. This includes rules to ensure that advertising is not misleading and does not target vulnerable populations.
  6. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF):
    • Casinos in Australia must comply with AML and CTF regulations. This involves implementing measures to detect and prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.
  7. Security and Surveillance:
    • Casinos are required to maintain a high level of security to ensure the safety of patrons and the integrity of their operations. This often involves sophisticated surveillance systems.
  8. Gaming Taxes:
    • Casinos may be subject to gaming taxes, with the rates varying by jurisdiction. Revenue generated from gaming taxes is often used to fund community and public services.
  9. Dress Code:
    • Some casinos may have dress codes, especially for certain areas within the establishment. It’s advisable to check the specific requirements of each casino.
  10. Exclusion Programs:
    • Casinos offer exclusion programs, allowing individuals to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling activities for a specified period.

It’s crucial to be aware that rules can change, and specific regulations may differ between states and territories. If you plan to visit a particular casino, it’s recommended to check the official website of the casino or contact the relevant gaming authority for the most up-to-date information on rules and regulations.

3 Best Real Australian Casinos

Real Australian Casinos
Experience the best nightlife in Sydney!

Australian Casino #3: The Star – Nestled on a prime location in Darling Harbour, this casino has become an attraction that no one can miss. It attracts 9 million tourists every year, making it Sydney’s number one venue. While most bars & clubs have been crushed by the city’s draconian lockout laws, the Star remains untouched. They provide 24/7 entertainment, which is becoming a rare treat amidst new waves of regulations.

From the curious visitor to the flambouyant high roller, the Star has any type of visitor covered. There are thousands of pokies machines that allow small bets, as well as dozens of VIP tables for high rollers. This allows everyone to get a piece of the action, since the games are the heart & soul of the casino.

On top of providing thousands of gaming options, their entertainment is just as impressive. The Star features over a dozen 5 star restaurants that offer everything from Japanese to Australian cuisine. There’s also a boutique lifestyle hotel, a 16-room day spa, multiple luxury retail stores & a full blown nightclub. This impressive spread has attracted international stars like the Kardashians & Paris Hilton. It doesn’t get more luxurious than this, so treat yourself the next time you’re in Sydney!

Australian Casinos
This casino is absolutely breathtaking!

Australian Casino #2: The Star Gold Coast – Ever since it underwent a $345 million redevelopment, this casino is ready to impress even the most jaded traveler. It has stolen the show in Queensland, attracting over 10 million visitors a year. There’s plenty of space to accommodate everyone, since the sprawling complex takes up 7 acres. This offers 65,000 sq. ft. of gaming space, which hosts hundreds of different games.

Their plethora of games isn’t the only thing attracting players, since the casino is bursting with entertainment options. Visitors get access to 7 restaurants, 8 bars, a ballroom, theatre, health spa & gym. Their 66-meter-tall boutique hotel has 592 rooms, which give everyone a chance to enjoy the perfect night.

Australian Casinos
Experience the biggest casino in the Southern Hemisphere!

Australian Casino #1: Crown Melbourne – This venue is properly named, since it’s the king of Australia’s tourist attractions. Every year this lavish casino attracts close to 11 million visitors. These staggering figures make it the most successful entertainment complex in the Southern Hemisphere. The complex cover 2 city blocks, providing 510,000 square meters of space. Over 3,500 pokies machines light up the casino floor, while any table game imaginable is available to guests.

Entertainment is the name of the game, so visitors won’t be disappointed. There are a slew of restaurants, with the most notable being the two owned by world renown chef Gordon Ramsey. They have 3 luxury hotel towers that provide 1,604 rooms to guests. A fourth tower is under construction, which will provide even more amenities. There are a slew of high end stores, along with a spa & health center. Treat yourself at this delightful casino!