Explore the Worst Cricket Injuries of All-time

Even though it appears harmless, cricket is a sport that hosts some horrific injuries. This may come as a surprise, since the sport seems mild mannered compared to rugby. Most people picture dislocated ankles, but people have actually died playing this game. It’s a shock, but anything involving high intensity exercise has the potential to produce eye opening injuries. Cricket is no exception, since plenty of players lost their once budding careers to sudden injuries.

Out of all the sports injuries, cricket fiascos routinely fly under the radar. There are plenty of more aggressive sports, so it’s easy to forget about cricket injuries. Even though the game seems tame, there are plenty of intense injuries to explore. Going over these debacles can open people’s eyes to hidden dangers, which could prevent future injuries. For this reason, we decided to compile a list of the worst cricket injuries of all time. Prepare to be blown away by these injuries, they are more intense than anticipated!

Worst Cricket Injuries Ever Recorded

Worst Cricket Injuries
This coach got surprised by destiny.

Cricket Injury #3: Nari Contractor – This coach’s tough luck proves that players aren’t the only ones who suffer injuries in cricket. After this bizarre incident, India lost one of their most beloved coaches. Nari Contractor had taken the Indian cricket league by storm. After a series of impressive victories, his team earned a fierce reputation. Other teams dreaded facing them, but one rival group ended up bringing their legacy to an abrupt end.

Tragedy struck when Contractor was overseeing a match against West Indies in 1961. While guiding his players from the sidelines, a rogue ball cracked him in the back of his skull. This created catastrophic damage, causing the revered coach to go into a coma. For 6 days he fought to regain consciousness. Only with the help of a blood transfusion was he able to wake up again.

The journey back to health was arduous, but in the end he pulled off a full recovery. Unfortunately, this injury abruptly ended his international coaching career. He never coached another game again, but his name is still revered in India’s cricket league.

Cricket Injuries
This player’s legacy will live on.

Cricket Injury #2: Phillip Hughes – It isn’t often that people die from injuries sustained from cricket matches, but Phillip Hughes was an exception. During a Sheffield Shield game the adventurous player was hit in the head by a Sean Abbot bouncer. The blow connected with the base of his skull, throwing him out of reality.

He was rushed to the hospital, but time was running out. In a desperate move to save his life, the doctors performed an emergency surgery. This failed to save him, & they were forced to put them in an induced coma. After fighting valiantly for his life, he ended up succumbing to his injuries.

Cricket Injuries
This man lost his life doing what he loved.

Cricket Injury #1: Ankit Keshri – After enjoying a brief period that was free from intense injuries, tragedy struck the sport again. On April 20th, 2015, another player experienced a terrifying twist of fate. Ankit Keshri used to be West Bengal’s most cherished under-19 cricketer. Unfortunately, he collided with a teammate while trying to catch a ball. This resulted in a powerful head injury, which ended up taking his life. After fighting for three days in a hospital, the once promising cricket star passed away.