Utilize These Keno Tips to Win Big in New Zealand

New Zealand is a punter’s paradise, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to a vibrant keno lottery. During any given year, over 80% of New Zealanders participate in some form of gambling. This translates to 3.6 million punters who spend an average of 511.30 euros per person. In 2016 over 1.3 billion euros were wagered in New Zealand, which was a 2.6% increase from 2015. A majority of this revenue is directed towards lottery games and keno, which makes it the star of New Zealand’s thriving gaming industry.

These impressive figures showcase the fact that New Zealand’s keno industry is poised for even more success. Keno drawings are now held four times a day in New Zealand major cities and states, which is twice as much as what used to be wagered. This explosive growth shows no signs of stopping, since keno is giving pokies a run for its money. As these two forms of gambling continue experiencing more growth, so are the number of ways punters can profit off their expansion. Just like any casino game, it’s always better to wager on keno strategically.

By examining New Zealand’s keno system thoroughly, punters can raise their odds of winning exponentially. The most popular version of keno on the island revolves around a 10-20-80 game system. This means each punter picks ten numbers between one to 80, and the lottery draws twenty numbers. Out of all the statistics, a few stand out. Over 25% of all winning numbers in New Zealand were won in the last drawing while 44% of winning numbers were repeat hits or out only one game. A stunning 58% of winners were out two games or less, which means the stakes are high in New Zealand.

Even though implementing these statistics in your wagers helps, a few techniques can further give players an edge. To showcase how our readers can increase their odds of winning, we compiled this list. There’s no reason to blindly bet money on keno, so don’t do it. Discover which strategy is best by examining this eye-opening list of New Zealand keno tips!

Top Tips for Playing Keno in New Zealand

New Zealand
Picking an even mixture of high and low numbers increases the odds of hitting a jackpot.

Tip #3: Utilize the High/Low Advantage – Even though keno drawings are unpredictable, most games follow a certain rhythm. Over half of keno lotteries have a relatively even spread of high and low numbers. This means that when choosing numbers between one and eighty, keep your choices even. Make sure half your numbers are 40 or under and the remaining half exceed 40. By maintaining this balance, your numbers are more likely to hit!

New Zealand
Even and odd numbers are normally proportionate.

Tip #2: Maintain an Equal Spread of Odd and Even Numbers – Just like the high and low advantage, a majority of keno drawings have a relatively equal amount of even and odd numbers. This is true in 55% of New Zealand lotteries, so put the odds back on your side by using both advantages. By maintaining the proper balance of odd and even numbers, you will compound the advantages of the high and low method!

New Zealand
Examine which numbers are hitting before wagering!

Tip #1: Only Use Hot Numbers – In New Zealand, over half the numbers drawn consist of repeat numbers and numbers out one game. This is a crucial piece of information, since it allows punters to pick their numbers strategically. You only have to get half of the 20 numbers drawn to win the jackpot, so only pick hot numbers. Do this by examining previous numbers and eliminating numbers that have already hit three times in a row. Using repeats and eliminating redundant numbers is the key to winning keno online in New Zealand, so start playing wisely!