5 Best Bars of Hobart

Hobart is one of the most expensive cities across the world. It’s tiny, pinched between water and mountain, and has beautiful colonial structures built for warmth against winter. It is also packed with a classic collection of equally cozy bars throughout the city and its inner suburbs. Many even offer keno games and pokies to play.

Bars of Hobart

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, Australia, has a lively and diverse bar scene offering a range of options, from historic pubs to modern cocktail lounges. Keep in mind that the status and popularity of bars can change, so it’s a good idea to check for the latest information and reviews.

  1. Preachers:
    • Location: 5 Knopwood St, Hobart
    • Known for its quirky and laid-back atmosphere, Preachers is a popular bar located in a repurposed church. They offer craft beers, ciders, and a relaxed outdoor seating area.
  2. The Glass House:
    • Location: Brooke Street Pier, Franklin Wharf, Hobart
    • The Glass House provides stunning waterfront views and a diverse menu of cocktails. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy a drink while taking in the scenery.
  3. The Winston:
    • Location: 381 Elizabeth St, North Hobart
    • A trendy bar with a wide selection of craft beers, cocktails, and a casual atmosphere. The Winston often hosts live music events and has a popular beer garden.
  4. Ivory Bar:
    • Location: 141 Liverpool St, Hobart
    • Situated in the heart of the city, Ivory Bar is known for its stylish decor, extensive wine list, and craft cocktails.
  5. Shambles Brewery:
    • Location: 222 Elizabeth St, Hobart
    • If you’re a beer enthusiast, Shambles Brewery offers a variety of craft beers brewed on-site. The bar has a welcoming ambiance and a selection of pub-style food.
  6. Lark Distillery Cellar Door:
    • Location: 14 Davey St, Hobart
    • Lark Distillery is renowned for its Tasmanian whiskies. The Cellar Door in Hobart allows visitors to sample a range of whiskies and other spirits.
  7. The New Sydney Hotel:
    • Location: 87 Bathurst St, Hobart
    • A historic pub with a lively atmosphere, The New Sydney Hotel is known for its extensive beer selection, including a variety of craft beers on tap.
  8. Rude Boy:
    • Location: 130 Elizabeth St, Hobart
    • Rude Boy is a Caribbean-inspired bar offering creative cocktails, rum selections, and a vibrant atmosphere.
  9. Frank Restaurant and Bar:
    • Location: 1 Franklin Wharf, Hobart
    • Frank is a waterfront restaurant and bar known for its delicious cocktails and a menu featuring local Tasmanian produce.
  10. Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge:
    • Location: 2 Salamanca Square, Battery Point, Hobart
    • With a focus on wood-fired pizzas and a diverse drink menu, Cargo Bar is a popular spot in the historic Salamanca Square.

Here are the best 5 bars of Hobart

1. IXL Long Bar

Bars Of Hobart

This is one of the finest hotels of Hobart – the Henry Jones Art Hotel, located in a former jam factory on the city’s docks – and in its right is IXL Long Bar. The strong and rough stone walls and wooden ceiling beams of this hotel generates an atmospheric setting for Hobart’s prime cocktail venue, which is thoroughly and widely enjoyed by the locals after work, or late into the evening. The dockside setting in this hotel gives it an edge.

2. Preachers

You can visit the cozy and cool Preachers, which is a former preacher’s home in Battery Point, about a 10-minute walk from the city center. It is widely known for its cozy ambiance. You can grab a leather couch around the fire inside the bar. For some classic drinks, head to the outdoor beer garden or find a place on the bus parked in the garden. You will find a long list of craft beers from around Australia on tap, in addition to the classic range of ciders and wines.

3. Willing Bros Wine Merchants

In Willing Bros Wine Merchants, you will find more wines on offer than seats in the tiny nook along with the North Hobart café and bar strip not far from the city centre. You can get a stool at the bar or window, and grab the encyclopedic wine menu, or let the bar staff help you towards the perfect tipple from around the world.

4. Society Salamanca

Just a few steps from popular Salamanca Place, situated is Society Salamanca, which looks like the library of a country manor, except the shelves are filled with bottles. Nearly 300 bottles fill one entire wall, but top ones belongs to gin and whiskey. You can find here more than 20 Tasmanian gins on offer, along with a dozen local whiskeys from nine distilleries. The choice is too much to select from, try one of the tasting platters to sample four local whiskeys.

5. The Glass House

You can have an incredible waterfront view in opulent surrounds when you step into the floating four-story pier of The Glass House. The drinks menu contains a wide range of Tasmanian wine heroes, creative cocktails, and whiskey made with locally produced spirits. You will also discover a great selection of sake on hand to complement the Japanese-inspired snacking menu.


These are some of the most popular and greatly featured Hobart’s bars that you must try out if you happen to pay a visit to this vibrant and exotic city of Australia.