Keno Racing

Keno racing is a variation to the typical keno. With a typical keno game a round or game of keno is called a keno race. The numbers 1 through 80 are in play at all times. A player marks their “spots” or numbers on their keno card and then places their bet. When the keno race begins a series of twenty random numbers are drawn. When a number called matches your spot it is called having a spot caught. The more spots caught the better your winnings. The catch is you are only able to choose between 1 and 10 spots. The odds of winning big a low however a single $1 bet could net you a few thousand dollars if all of your spots get caught.

Keno Racing Game

Now a variation to the typical Keno game is keno racing. Not every gambling establishment has the Keno Racing game. In this game you are still suppose to choose numbers, however instead of numbers being drawn like in the traditional way, there are virtual horses. Your goal is to choose the winner or winning number that you believe will win the race. You can choose just the first place number but you also have the opportunity to choose the second, third and fourth place winners. If you choose the correct numbers in the correct order then you win the jackpot, just like in traditional keno.

Keno Racing Online

Keno racing online is played very much the same way as you would play in a casino. You will pick the horses or numbers you believe to win and place them in the correct placing order. Once you submit your bet the race begins and you get to watch as all of the numbers or horses race around the track, or across the screen depending on where you play. Once they reach the finish line your results are posted and you learn if you are a winner. This type of keno can be a little more exciting than the traditional keno, however there are fewer numbers and your payout is not quite as much.

Keno Racing

Here is a little tidbit of information for you. Did you know that keno has been played for over 3,000 years? It was first played in the Han Dynasty of Ancient China. It is by far the world’s longest played gambling game. When Chinese immigrants arrived in the United States the name was changed to Horse Race Keno. This was done because at the time the United States did not approve of the lottery system, so Hose race was added and the game was played choosing horses that will finish instead of numbers being drawn. It wasn’t until the 1950s when Horse Race Keno became just Keno.

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