Upgrade Your Home With Australia’s Largest Raffles

To entice people to get involved, many charities in Australia offer larger than life raffles. With member bases that run into the thousands, these organizations are able to host impressive events. Their budgets are absolutely staggering, which allows them to splurge on prizes. From luxury homes to exotic cars, participants have the opportunity to receive decadent prizes. The stakes are high in these high-end raffles, and multiple enticing events are hosted every month.

This constant stream of multi-million dollar prizes makes participating in raffles just as potentially lucrative as playing pokies. With so many options, the opportunity for winning big in raffles can’t be ignored by any astute punter. The best part is, a large portion of the proceeds go toward charities. Participating in raffles is a great way to give money to noble causes while playing for prizes. The best part is, users can choose which raffle to participate in. This allows people to make sure that the organization lives up to their standards before participating.

Despite regularly betting in casinos, many punters don’t participate in raffles. There are plenty of organizations that offer amazing prizes and charitable services. That way even if you don’t win, the money still goes to a good cause. It’s a great way to give back to the community while simultaneously enjoying the thrill of playing for prizes. To help spread the word, we compiled a list of the best raffles in Australia. Their prizes are absolutely staggering, so prepare to be blown away by what’s being offered!

Raffles in Australia That No Punter Can Miss

Pick between multiple lavish prizes.

Raffle #3: YourTown – This impressive raffle gives participants the opportunity to live like a millionaire. The first place winner in the YourTown draw 478 collected a property package that’s worth $1.6 million. To make the offer even more enticing, they provided two choices. The winner got to pick between Gold Coast luxury living or a mansion in Richmond. Either way they won big, which makes this offer too irresistible to miss.

This generous raffle is hosted by the YourTown foundation. Previously known a BoysTown, YourTown works relentlessly to improved the quality of life for disadvantaged youth. Their diverse approach to giving a helping hand includes counselling, mentoring, training, work placement and other assistances. From indigenous communities to Australia’s poorest neighborhoods, the positive effects of this foundation are felt throughout the country. Join this social revolution by participating in their raffles!

Upgrade your quality of life with the homes offered in this raffle!

Raffle #2: Mater Prize Home Lottery – Given the size of their prizes, winning this raffle is a life changing experience. During the Mater Draw 278, the first prize winner received a $1.8 million home on Hope Island off the Gold Coast. In total it has four bedrooms and a pool, so even the biggest family was able to be accommodated.

This raffle is hosted by the Mater Foundation, which is part of Mater Hospitals. They work around the clock to improve the treatment and prevention of diseases. This organization was founded over a hundred years ago, and they have established a firm reputation for their quality care. From newborn babies to the elderly, people of all ages have experienced their care. Tickets start at $2, so don’t miss out on this raffle!

The views from the mansions offered by this raffle are spectacular.

Raffle #1: RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery – When it comes to home lotteries, none offer more impressive prizes than this raffle. During the RSL Art Union Draw 357, they gave away a $3.7 million home in Bilinga on the Gold Coast. On top of being located right on the water, this five-bedroom mansion is absolutely massive. All of their prizes are equally extravagant, which makes this raffle impossible to ignore.

This event is hosted by the RSL Art Union, which raises funds for Australia’s veterans. The proceeds of this lottery go towards providing accommodation, rehabilitation, counseling and economic assistance to ex-servicemen and women. Give back to those who sacrificed it all by participating in this raffle!