Treat Yourself to the Best Casinos in the Middle East

Even though the gambling scene changes wildly, there are plenty of casinos in the Middle East. This may come as a surprise to many punters, since gambling goes directly against Islam. While this may be true, religious views haven’t completely stopped gambling bonanzas from popping up across the Middle East. Most of these have been short-lived, while others remain open to this day. From Palestine’s closed casino in Jericho to Iran’s bonanza in the 70’s, the Middle East is no stranger to gambling.

Out of all the gambling industries in the Middle East, none are more resilient than Egypt’s. While other countries in the region have closed and opened casinos on a whim, their venues are still open. In total 16 casinos operate within three Egyptian cities. The political situation is far from stable, but these casinos have managed to survive.

While Egypt may hold the crown in the Middle East, one country threatens to break up their monopoly. Lebanon only has two casinos, but they dwarf anything found in Egypt. To give our readers a feel for the Middle East’s gambling industry, we compiled a list of the best casinos. It’s an unpredictable area for casinos, so there’s no choice but to stop by when visiting!

Top Casinos in the Middle East

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This venue makes gambling feel like a party.

Casino #3: Casino Semiramis at Intercontinental Hotel – Ever since it opened in 1990, this casino has been captivating punters from all over the world. This casino is nestled in the heart of Cairo on the East bank on the River Nile. This strategic location provides breathtaking views of the Pyramids and Cairo. In total they have 35 gaming machines and 14 table games that offer everything from Blackjack to Roulette.

In 2000, this casino underwent a remodel that transformed it into a club theme. Now punters can enjoy a 24-hour cocktail bar & access to the Cairo Ramses Hilton. This 860 room hotel sports a massive conference area, swimming pools, exercise facilities and a sundeck. It’s the perfect place to unwind, so let loose next time you are in Cairo!

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Enjoy premium amenities at this casino resort.

Casino #2: Maritim Jolie Ville Resort & Casino – Out of all the casinos in Egypt, this one steals the show. It’s set right in the middle of a vibrant resort that’s surrounded by attractions. From diving in the Red Sea to exploring downtown Sharm El Sheikh, there’s no shortage of things to do. This 335 room resort has a private beach, 5 restaurants, 4 bars & a nightclub. There’s also a spa, event space, exercise facility & 4 tennis courts.

Even thought the resort’s amenities steal the show, the casino is where the real action is at. Punters can indulge in their favorite games at 15 live tables and 3 poker tables. There are also 97 gaming machines that allow everyone to get a piece of the action. Don’t miss out on Egypt’s most successful casino!

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The glitz and glamor of this casino is unmatched!

Casino #1: Casino du Liban – From the views to its gaming options, everything about this venue is stunning. Casino du Liban sits on top of the hills outside the main city of Beirut. This provides epic views of the Mediterranean Sea, but everyone comes for the games.

Their robust 376,000 sq. ft. gaming area is broken up into four areas. In total they contain 56 table games, 423 gaming machines & 6 poker tables. These staggering gaming options are flanked by a hotel, theater & multiple restaurants. With so many entertainment options to choose from, this is undeniably the biggest casino in the Middle East!