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How to Play Keno in Australia with Mobile App?

Keno in Australia with Mobile App

To play keno on the go in Australia all you need is to download the TAB’s official Keno- Let’s Play app on your iPhone or Android. As you know that Keno is a fun, lottery-style game that gives players a chance to win every three minutes and 3,500 pubs and clubs in Victoria, Perth, Queensland, NSW, and the ACT offer this game.  The process to play Keno Lotto games with the app is very easy. Here find how to play Keno on the go with your smartphone, what keno games you can play and how to play the games.

Some interesting Facts about Keno

Do you know “keno” has French or Latin history, although the game’s origin was in China? This game was introduced somewhere 3000 years ago by a ruler of a Chinese city who was engaged in a long-lasting war where all resources of the city got exhausted. To churn more money from the citizens without any added taxation, he introduced a game, which was just named as “Chinese Lottery”.

This lottery did not use numbers; rather first 120 Chinese characters from the “Thousand Character Poem”, was used, which is a poem in which none of the characters is repeated. This poem was used to teach young children Chinese characters and calligraphy. Over time the number reduced to 80.

At that time the results of the widespread game were carried around to many villages using carrier pigeons or messenger doves. This game the name of the White Pigeon Game to this keno game. Late on Keno lottery related taxes also became a source to fund the Great Wall of China.

Start playing Keno in Australia with mobile app

play Keno with mobile app
  • To play Keno you must be in a mobile-play venue, with location services and Bluetooth enabled.
  • For iPhone users simply go to iTunes and download the app all free
  • For Android users you can click here to download the Keno Lets play app all free
  • Once done, you open an account by tapping join on the top right-hand side of the screen and completing the form. Note that to open a Keno account, you must be a resident of NSW and 18 years or over of age.
  • You can support your proof of your age and location with following forms of proof of identity:
  • Drivers Licence, Passport, Medicare and Working Visa.
  • To play Keno games, you can see a green circle pulsing at the top of any Keno App screen. This means you are in a gameplay-area of the venue and you can purchase a Keno ticket.
  • Tap the play now button and follow the prompts. If you see a grey static circle at the top of any Keno App screen; you are not in a gameplay-area. You will not be able to purchase a Keno ticket – you need to move to a gameplay-area to purchase a ticket.

To purchase or buy a Keno game ticket you need to make a deposit. Keno app utilizes High-Grade encryption to secure all betting transactions and account management transactions, including deposits. You can be sure that maximum security is in place when you use your Keno account.

  • Buy a keno ticket by depositing with a Credit card – MasterCard or Visa or BPAY
  • To make a deposit with credit cards you need to register a credit card to use with your Keno account:
  • First Select my Balance. Select Deposit then Deposit using Card. Enter your credit card information. Enter you Security Number or CVV number (usually found on the back of credit card)
  • Select the Add card. To deposit, select your card and enter the amount you want to deposit – select Deposit. Your credit card deposit will appear in your account immediately.
  • Credit card deposits are limited to $1,000 per week until you verify your identity.
  • Once you have verified your identity; you can call Customer Service on 1800 056 066, and request an increase to your weekly credit card deposit limit. The maximum weekly limit is $9,999. Deposit increases take 7 days to come into effect. There is no limit on how much you can deposit via BPAY.  BPAY deposits made before 06:00 pm (AEST) Monday to Friday will usually be available the next day depending upon your financial institution.
Play Keno in Australia with your mobile

You cannot withdraw from your account, until you verify your identity. Only turned over funds you can withdraw. Your withdrawal balance will appear in the My Account section. You can withdraw money at a venue by selecting the Cash withdrawal option in the My Account section. Venue limits apply and you will need to show the Keno operator your photo ID and sign a receipt acknowledging that you got the cash.

You can withdraw money to your bank account by selecting the Bank withdrawal option in the My Account section. No limits apply to withdrawals to your bank account. Money withdrawn to your bank account will be available within 1 to 2 business days, depending upon your financial institution.

To watch live draw simply tap on the live draw button to watch the Keno draw. You do not have to be in a venue to watch the draw.

Keno games you can play with the app

You can play following Keno games with Keno app

Keno Classic

1. Keno Classic 

$1 Could Win You $1 Million! The Keno App delivers the classic Keno game as you know it right in the palm of your hand. Spend just $1, and if you match the 10 numbers you play to the numbers drawn, you could win $1 million!

Keno Classic is the most basic form of Keno. The game’s basic feature is the standard card with 80 numbers. You can opt for 1 to 10 numbers on the card, the system will draw 20 numbers. You get your win as per the number of numbers you select to play and how many of them match the drawn numbers. When more numbers matches, you have a higher chance to win, except for the selection of 8, 9, or 10 numbers. For this, you also be paid if none of the opted numbers matched with the drawn numbers. You should get yourself aware of the game’s user interface and flow.

Keno User Interface

A guide through the game buttons and fields

The screen’s primary feature is the Keno card with 80 numbers in red. You will find the BET and WIN blocks just under the card. To the left of the card, you will find the HISTORY field with last the 10 rounds and hits. The current finished round shows up on the top.

If you click on around, the selected, drawn and matched numbers of that specific round it will appear on the card. On hitting or play (or autoplay) you will be able to play the numbers of that round again. Hit the round again to discard it and go back to the last selected numbers.

The rounds that you played in AUTOPLAY mode, you can see in blue color. To the right of the card, you will find the dynamic paytable section with hits and wins corresponding to selected numbers. Under the BET and WIN fields are the game buttons. At the top left corner, you will see the Lobby bar.

At the bottom of the screen is the Menu Bar. Its leftmost field is the bet amount field where you can select your bet. The menu bar also shows your current balance and all other casino control buttons like Menu, Cashier, and Close buttons.

Keno game flow

Hit the bet amount button to select your bet. You may hit the arrows next to the bet amount. Hit the specific numbers on the card to select them. To deselect, click on selected numbers again.

If you prefer random number selection, select with how many numbers you want to play by hitting on the said numbers field inside the auto pick button. Then hit the auto pick button. To clear the current selection, click clear.

Once done, click play. Now your computer will randomly draw 20 numbers.
If you want to autoplay, first select the number of rounds you wish to play from the rounds field inside the autoplay button, and hit the autoplay button to play.

2. Keno Mega Millions

Keno Mega Millions

Do you know $2 could win you $5 Million! With a minimum 10 Spot jackpot of $5 million, just add Keno Mega Millions for a chance to win $5 million or more! Spend just $2, and if you match the 10 numbers you play to the numbers drawn, you could win $5 million!

This is relatively a new game with large jackpots. This game uses the same Keno ball draw as Keno Classic. With a minimum of $2 entry fees, you will find a separate purple Jackpot screen, displayed between each game. In this game, you have the chance to win larger prize money. For the top prize on 7, 8, 9, 10 number games and no Keno Bonus is available in this game.

How to get Mega Millions Game Card

You can buy a Keno Mega Millions Game by:

  • Filling the new purple Mega Millions of game cards
  • Through the Keno Touch machine (if available)
  • You may have to show your ticket at the cashier/retailer (ask which one you wish to play Keno Classic or Keno Mega Millions)

Also can Check results online

What you can win?

You have every chance to win $5,000,000 by playing the 10 number game for $2

With Keno Mega Millions, you can win more by matching all your numbers. You can see the Keno Mega Millions 7, 8, 9 & 10 number jackpot grow between games on the purple Keno Jackpot screens.

Mega Millions uses the same Keno ball draw offering you a decent chance to win $5 million or more every three minutes for $2.

The marketing of the brand and products was started nearly 2 years ago and in 2016 Keno grew for Tabcorp, earning revenues up 4.8 percent at $208.5m.

Keno was a strong business, with a wide distribution and was still growing. But the perception was the brand was a bit old and was considered as a monotonous and old person’s game. The reality was that it has a broad demographic who plays keno. But the company wanted to expand its participation in pubs and clubs also.

Popularity of Mega Millions Keno

This is noteworthy that Tabcorp’s keno is played in 3800 venues across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and the ACT. In the fiscal year of 2016, nearly 100 million keno tickets were sold out. This game gives away about $35 million in prize money to Victorian, NSW, and ACT players every month and $62 million in total across the eastern seaboard.

To Attract Young crowd

Mega Millions was created to attract younger popular who enjoyed playing socially and was solely interested in winning big jackpots. The average 1st prize is about $7 million, with a minimum cash prize of $5 million; and a $2 million average price for the current game.

So, it’s a great way to become a millionaire. With a minimum 10 Spot jackpot of $5 million, add Keno Mega Millions to win $5 million or more! You just have to spend $2, and if you match the 10 numbers you play to the numbers drawn, you win $5 million!

3. Keno Heads or Tails

Keno Head Tails

Chance To Double or Quadruple Your Money! If you’re looking for a super fun easy game to play, just add Keno Heads or Tails. In this game, you have the chance to double, or even quadruple your money! Simply pick which half of the Keno grid will have more numbers appear, or choose equal numbers in each half.

Playing this game, you get a chance to double or quadruple your money! It is a super fun easy game to play. Simply pick which half of the Keno grid would have more numbers appear, or choose equal numbers in each half.

In regular Keno, there is a feature Keno Coin Toss, which you can play as the Keno draw of 20 numbers. In this game, you need to guess and pick  ‘Heads’, ‘Tails’ or ‘Evens’; based on where you think most of the numbers draws will happen.

  • Heads are the majority of the 20 drawn Keno numbers that are between 1 and 40.
  • Tails are the majority of the 20 drawn Keno numbers that fall between 41 and 80.
  • Evens is the 20 drawn Keno numbers that is equally distributed between the Heads and Tails sections.

How to Play Keno Coin Toss

You can play Keno Coin Toss alone or with Keno. Standard or Run entry are two ways that you can play this game. You need to select any one type of game to start with.

The Standard Entry

You need to mark your choice on a regular Single Keno coupon which you can find at SA Lottery Agencies. You may also ask for an Easi-Pick for your chosen draws; along with the amount you want to play for each game.

The Run Entry

On a Keno Coin Toss, Coupon mark the RUN box and your selections. You may also seek an Easi-Pick to run over 2 to 5 continuous draws and the dollar value per game. In this RUN win type, your prize is added into the next draw automatically. To win in a RUN, all your selected ‘Heads’, ‘Tails’ or ‘Evens’ should match with the draw.

With nearly 590 SA Lotteries outlets all over South Australia, you can play Keno Coin Toss freely anywhere.

Winning Keno Coin Toss

To win Keno Coin Toss, you should correctly guess and select Heads, Tails or Evens. You can decide how much you want to play, between $1 and $100 per game.

For every $1 you spend, your correct guessing Heads or Tails can wins you $2. And if you could correctly guess Evens, you will win $4. The possibility of winning by correctly selecting Heads or Tails is 1 in 2.5. The chance of correctly selecting Evens is 1 in 5.

4. Keno Kwikipik

Keno Kwikipik

Boost Your Chances To Win!  If you’d like more chances to win in a single game; just add a Keno Kwikpik for an easy way to play, with more chances to win. With a Kwikpik, there’s no need to choose your numbers; you’ll get multiple chances to win on a single game!

What to Know Before You Download The Keno – Let’s Play Game App?

The residents of Queensland are not eligible to play Keno via the app.

Australian jurisdictions (excluding NSW & QLD) are eligible to open a Keno account. You can play the Keno ACT game via the app.

NSW residents may open a Keno account, however, you can only play the Keno NSW game using the app. Residents of New Zealand are eligible to open a Keno account and play the Keno ACT.

What else can you do with Keno App?

Keno App
  • You can watch the live Keno game draw
  • Get to know instant Keno results
  • Also, get live jackpot updates
  • Get reward with regular Keno reward games
  • Save and play your favorite Keno numbers
  • Collect and top up your account easily
  • Get winning ticket notifications immediately
  • Find your nearest Keno venue through venue finder
  • Get the best offers anywhere which include regular Reward Game bonuses and cash giveaways!

Now download the Keno app, create an account, choose your Keno game, pick your numbers and start playing Keno whenever you want on the go.