Examine the Most Infamous Rugby Teams in the World

Out of all the rugby teams from around the world, a few manage to steal the show. Even though almost every union has their star players, working as a team is far from easy. This seamless integration is only achieved by champions, and has created some of the most epic rugby teams in history. From winning championships to defying the odds, these teams have consistently outdone the competition. This has led to them receiving special recognition from the IRB (International Rugby Board).

Aside from this official acknowledgement, the fans already know which rugby teams have gone above and beyond expectations. While who’s considered the best team varies depending where you ask, a few unions can’t be denied. These rugby squads have created a cult following, and their legacy precedes them in every match. Over time they have evolved into thriving franchises that define the sport.

To shine the spotlight on their success stories, we compiled a list of the top international rugby teams. On top of embodying the essence of the sport, they have won over legions of fans with their feats. For this reason, it was imperative to explore their contributions. Prepare to be impressed by this list, since these rugby teams are larger than life!

3 Most Successful Rugby Teams

Rugby Teams
The potential of this team can’t be ignored.

Rugby Team #3: Australia Wallabies– Ever since its creation, the Australian Rugby Union has been a pioneer. Out of their many achievements, they were the first in many fields. In 1883 the New South Wales Rugby Union became the first team to play overseas against New Zealand. This move was reciprocated, which led to an explosion of public interest in the sport. During the next century, the Wallabies evolved into the leading rugby team in the world. They were the first team to achieve a grand slam while defeating European teams in 1984.

Australia was also one of the founders of the Rugby World Cup in 1987. Ever since their historic game against New Zealand, the sport was never the same. After teaming up with New Zealand and South Africa, Australia went on to form the Super Ten Competition in 1995. From Tim Horan to George Gregan, their roster has boasted some of the best players in the sport. Their defenses is one of the toughest in the world, so only the best teams can get an edge on Australia.

Rugby Teams
This team has crushed the opposition.

Rugby Team #2: South Africa Springboks – Ever since a British Isles team toured the continent in 1891, rugby has become an integral part of South African culture. The sport is so popular that it had the power to temporarily stop wars. During the Second Boer War, a cease fire was held so the British and Boer forces could play each other. This fascination with the sport continues to this day.

Even though the rest of the world didn’t take them seriously, the Springboks made the league respect them. They defeated the New Zealand All blacks in the third Ruby World cup final. This victory was complimented by defeating England in 2007, making them the second nation to win the world cup twice. Their tenacity can’t be ignored, so the future looks bright for this unfazed union.

Rugby Teams
Their unforgettable ceremonies seem to payoff.

Rugby Team #1: New Zealand All Blacks – Even though they start each match with the Haka (Kapo-o-Panga), this team is a serious contender. Their staggering list of wins has made them the most revered team in the sport. By 2009, they had a success record of 330 wins out of 443 matches. This fierce hunger for victory made them the IRB team of the year from 2005 to 2009. The All Blacks have won the Tri-Nations nine times, the Bledisloe Cup, as well as multiple Grand Slam tours in Europe. Even though they are always the favorite, they have only won the Rugby World Cup once. Despite this hiccup, their legendary contribution to the sport can’t be denied. Whether you are a fan or a bitter rival, it’s impossible not to respect the All Blacks.