How and Where to Play Microgaming Keno

Play Microgaming Keno
Monkey Keno from Microgaming

Play Microgaming Keno

Play Microgaming Keno at top rated online casinos like Bitstarz casino. Microgaming is one of the leaders in providing games to online casinos to play Keno. This brand gaming software company develops new online games each month. It is not only pokies that you can seek from this developer but also lottery games of Keno. Monkey Keno is one of their newest games, and it’s specifically a Lotto matching style game. You will also find other such variety of games that are popular among online players.

Like other versions of online Keno, Microgaming Keno have the same guidelines and rules. The center of the screen is the Keno board where you select your numbers and where the winning numbers are randomly drawn. To the left of the Keno board is the Paytable, which shows you how many numbers you have played and the payouts based on how many numbers you hit. At the bottom of the Keno board is where you can select your wager, undo your last move, clear your bet and begin the game by pressing the Play button.

How To Play Microgaming Keno – Monkey Keno

Microgaming Keno can be played at almost all Microgaming-powered online casinos even in Canada. To Play Microgaming Keno online just enter the casino url on your laptop or mobile and enter the casino games lobby. In the ‘search option’ type Keno and you will find the Keno games you wish to play. Click on the game you want to have hands-on. As an example, you click on the ‘Monkey Keno’ game to play. Soon you will find a pop-up window asking you to register yourself to play for real money. If you wish to play only for fun and practice then you need not do anything but can play and enjoy the game without any deposits at the casino.

But if you wish to Play Microgaming Keno real money then you need to ‘fill the web form’ that displays on your screen where you are required to fill in your name, date of birth address, phone and email. Once you get registered you can log in with your username and password that you had set. You will at once be taken to the banking page of the casino where you can make payment to the casino in AUD and friendly banking options like Neteller, Poli, Skrill, Instant banking or by Credit/Debit card. Once done you can instantly start to enjoy the Keno game of your choice.

In a few of the online Microgaming casinos, you need to first download the free Keno Casino software. After the quick download, you will then need to register an account which is free, quick and easy.

In both of the above scenarios remember that once you have registered yourself to play Microgaming Keno at online casinos you are offered great welcome bonuses. These bonuses are always changing and they have different options available so be sure to choose the one that will benefit your style of gaming best.

Microgaming’s new Monkey Keno game is really fun to play. You select your bet from the bottom of your game screen near the credit button you will find the bet button where you can wager from$0.10 up to $10.

On the right side, you will find two buttons ‘Pays and Bank’. When you click on Pays you will find the game paytable and when you click on Bank you will be taken to the banking section to deposit money.

Monkey Keno Paytable
Monkey Keno- Paytable

Once you choose your bet and click on the play you will love to watch the monkey throwing raw green coconut making screeching sounds and as he throws the coconut so does your Keno board starts to display your winning numbers on the 15 spot game.

Basic Keno from Microgaming

If you opt to play another Keno game that is basic Keno from Microgaming then again your first step is to determine how much you are going to bet. You can bet $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 and $10.00.

Changing the size of your bet is very easy. In the left-centre at the bottom of the game interface, you can choose the chip size. It goes from 1 to 10, and you will use the (-) button to decrease it or the (+) button to increase it.

Basic Keno Game
Basic Keno Game from Microgaming

Next, you will need to choose the numbers that you are going to play for this round of Keno. The numbers are listed from left to right from 1 – 80 and you can select 1 – 15 numbers. After you have decided how many numbers you are willing to play you will now be selecting the Play button to begin the round.

20 numbers will be randomly drawn and listed on the Keno board where you made your selections. The drawn numbers will change colour on the Keno board once they have been drawn and any matches that you have made will change colour also which makes it very easy to follow along with.
After the 20 numbers have been drawn you will win based on the amount of numbers you originally played and how many of them you matched. Thanks to the Paytable being conveniently located right beside the game board you can tell quickly and easily how much you have won.

The payouts change according to how many numbers you select. You can see all of this on the left-hand payout table as you are making your selections.

Following the colour coding is also easy. The squares on the board are green. When you make a selection, those squares turn blue. When the balls come out, the squares for the numbers they represent turn grey. When you get a match, the numbers will be in yellow with a red background. If at any time before you click on the “Play” button, you want to un-select a number, just click it again and watch for it to turn back to green. You also can turn on or off the background sounds or do the same to all sounds associated with the game if you so wish.

Microgaming Keno is a great Keno game that runs so smoothly on all of your devices be it PC, smartphones or tablets that you will love this game to play at online casinos. Hoping that Microgaming will surely produce more such kind of interesting games in future. There other gaming software like RTG and Betsoft to play Keno online.