5 Awesome Ways to Beat the Keno Heat

Keno is a game of chance and like any other casino game, there is no fixed formula to beat the house. However, there are some easy tips that can help you get a better payout from the keno machines. The beauty of the game is that it is simple and fun. So have a great time by following these awesome ways to beat the keno heat.

Understand and start small for beginners… with practice! 

If you intend to play keno online, play a few practice demo games first. Online keno may seem like a simple game, but a little practice never hurt anybody, and it just might help. After a few practice keno games, you will feel confident and ready to play keno for real money. Set yourself limited money to play and do not bet large sums of money in your first few hands at the game. Start small and move on from there.

Choose your numbers wisely

By playing fewer numbers, you can pay less money and win more often. By playing more numbers, the opposite will be true. Since it is a game of pure chance, there is no special trick for picking matching numbers. Ideally, it is recommended that you always choose between 4 and 8 numbers on your keno ticket. Another strategy is to select your numbers based on a pattern. This could help boost your chances of a win.

Evaluate payouts

You can make the most of your money and get maximum returns only when the value of the return is equal to the price of the ticket. The amount you should play depends on how large the jackpot is, how often you want to win, and how long you wish to play.

 Observe and spot trends

Keno machines usually run on a standard algorithm. If you play at a particular machine observe the numbers that occur. Note the frequency of those numbers and the patterns that they follow. Also, there is an advantage if you know which version of the game to play (the number of spots), as some spot versions yield higher average payouts and higher odds of winning than others.

Enjoy the fun of the game

Play with a sporting spirit ready for all possibilities. It’s inevitable that you’ll lose at some, but you’ll also win at others. Stick to the game and enjoy playing it. Don’t lose sight of the fact that keno is ultimately just a game.

Follow these winning tips to beat the heat when you’re playing keno.




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