Don’t Leave Perth Without Visiting These Pubs

Even though they fly under the radar, there are plenty of epic pubs in Perth. Unlike Sydney, Perth has done their best to avoid lockout laws. You can still enter Northbridge clubs until 3:30 AM, & order alcoholic beverages until 5 AM. This is a stark contrast to Sydney, who’s nightlife has gone down the drain since the introduction of draconian laws. In an ironic twist, the Star Casino is still allowed to stay open 24 hours. While Sydney’s iconic venues slowly waste away, the party scene is thriving in Perth.

This bustling city is absolutely packed with options, so it’s no surprise that they feature great pubs. Northbridge has a long standing love affair with pub culture, so not taking a tour of the nightlife is an unspoken crime. It’s easy to miss classic pubs, so having a game plan before you go out is essential. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best pubs in Perth. Prepare for the night of your life with this unforgettable list of pubs!

3 Pubs You Need to Visit in Perth

Perth Pubs
This sprawling pub is unforgettable!

Perth Pub #1: Little Creatures – If you are looking for a unique experience, this is it. This pub has been given an unforgettable makeover, with the entire décor based on a boat shed. They also have massive tanks of beer, which offers one of the freshest drinking experiences in the city.

On top of creating an epic vibe, the food is just as enticing. Their menu is nothing short of spectacular, with plenty of exotic additions. They offer marinated octopus & a slew of mouth-watering pizza’s. It’s open until 11 pm, making it the perfect place to start off the night!

Perth Pubs
This is two-stories of pure entertainment!

Perth Pubs #2: The Brass Monkey – Over the years, this pub has firmly established itself as a Northbridge icon. This sprawling venue offers a diverse range of bars, a balcony to get some fresh air, & an indoor terrace. They offer a wide range of food, with no Aussie classic being neglected.

To top it off, they even have their own brew, the Brass Monkey Stout. It’s actually quite nice, which solidifies its place on the menu. They are open 6 days a week, staying open until 2 am on the weekends. This bold mix of good food & better drinks has made them the perfect place to wind down. It doesn’t matter if you are getting off of work or want to pull an all nighter. This pub has it all, so bring your friends in for a pint!

Perth Pubs
Get a dose of live music at this wild pub!

Perth Pubs #3: Mojos Bar – This is hands down the best venue in North Fremantle. They pioneered live music in the neighborhood, so it’s no surprise that they feature some killer music. Depending on the night, you can hear anything from rock to reggae. On top of the good tunes, the drinks stay flowing 7 nights a week. There’s something for everyone, so you are guaranteed to have a good time. Liven up any day of the week with this wildly entertaining pub!