Coast sparky and nurse claim $1.13 million Keno prize at Nambour RSL Club

Keno at Nambour RSL Club

Sunshine Coast electrician and his nurse wife were the winners of mystery $1.13 million jackpot that went off on New Year’s Eve at Nambour RSL and Citizens Club. The overwhelmed winners, who have lived on the Sunshine Coast for 17 years and wish to keep their identity private, were alerted to the fact they might be holding the ticket after hearing a local radio station announce that Keno were looking for the winner of a Nambour RSL jackpot.

Keno’s last millionaires for 2017 have been playing the same special hand-picked numbers, which include their birthdays and home street address, for 10 years, but had to wait three days to find out they’d won the massive $1.13 million cash prize.

The wife was listening to Mix FM afternoon at work when she heard them say someone had won $1.1 million at Nambour RSL Club on New Year’s Eve, so he rang my husband at work to tell him to go and check  their ticket. If it was not for the announcement the couple would otherwise not have checked their ticket for another fortnight.

The winners just go to the club every couple of weeks and put on 10 numbers for $10 at $1 a game, and four numbers for $1 a game for 10 games. The Sunshine Coast jackpot is the last to be won during Keno’s 20th anniversary in Queensland, which marks two decades since Keno was first offered in the state back in 1997.

The winners plan to use their cash prize to pay off the mortgage on their house, buy a dual cab ute, and give some money away to their nieces and nephews. They say that while they don’t plan to retire straight away, they’ll stop working at 60 to enjoy their Sunshine Coast lifestyle. The winning numbers were 2, 4, 6, 28, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 69.

Note that Queenslanders win $26 million on average each month playing the game in pubs and clubs around the state.

The Nambour RSL Club

Nambour RSL Club

The Nambour RSL Club is a haven in the heart of Nambour and is right at the gate of Sunshine Coast Hinterland towns Mapleton, Montville and Maleny.

You can enjoy a delicious menu inspired by fresh local ingredients, a passion for live and free music with local and touring acts, relaxed and intimate bars and a comfortable yet luxurious gaming lounge.

In 2017 the Club was recognised with the ‘Best Event Facilities & Services’ award at the Keno and Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence so customers and businesses can be confident that their function is in the best hands. You can expect fine food, wonderful customer service and a unique modern space for all corporate or special occasion events. Keno is located in the TAB and Gaming Room.

Keno and TAB

At the club TAB is nestled next to the funky Zinc Bar and provides patrons with a relaxing and comfortable environment. You can sit back and enjoy the races live on one of their many screens. They offer electronic TAB screens with full form guides for all races. The TAB is open every day from 10am and is manned by their friendly team.

To play Keno they offer Standard Bets, Ways Bets, Jackpots, Kwik Picks, Set Bets and more to choose. Keno games run every three minutes with 20 numbers being drawn from a total of 80. The result is aired in venues throughout Queensland and prizes are based on how many numbers are matched on a ticket with the numbers drawn.

Nambour RSL Club- Keno Game

Promotions at Nambour RSL Club

Nambour RSL Club Promotions to play Keno

At the Nambour RSL Club there are exciting promotions for you to win! These promotions are held all year round and include weekly gaming room promotions and the major draws. The major draws span across a couple of months as the club gives away valuable prizes.

The club has given away Harley Davidson motorbikes, holidays, cash and cars! It’s very easy for you to enter – just join up as a member, swipe your membership card as you arrive and you will automatically go into the draws.

For those who like to test their luck more regularly the club has some great weekly promotions including fast cash and scratch and wins.

The latest promotions to grab are as follows:

Treasure Tuesday  Members Draw

Treasure Tuesday Promotion

Swipe on entry from 10am and you will receive a ticket in the draw. Place your ticket in the barrel located in Reception.

Draw 1      7pm                  $25 CASH
Draw 2      8pm                  $50 CASH
Draw 3      9pm                  JACKPOT (increases weekly until won)

The jackpot starts at $100 and increases by $40 each week if not won.  Once the jackpot reaches $1,140 a winner must be found.

Dine and Win Members Draw Every Thursday

Nambour RSL Club- Promo- Dine and win

Purchase any main meal for lunch or dinner in Altro or Mosaic or a bottle of wine to enter. Place your ticket in the barrel near the stage.

Draw 1.     7.00pm      Win meals vouchers, wine, tickets and more
Draw 2.     7.30pm      Win meal vouchers, wine, tickets and more
Draw 3.     8.00pm      Pick a number from our prize board for your chance to win the Jackpot Prize

The lucky jackpot prize starts at $100 and will increase each week until won. Once the jackpot reaches $1,500 a winner must be found.

Saturday Sparkle Members Draw

Saturday Sparkle

On Saturday for your chance to win one lucky member will be drawn each week, if that member is not in the Club to claim their prize, the draw will jackpot. Saturday Sparkle starts at $1,000 and jackpots by $100 each week, once it reaches $2,000 it must be won! Drawn between 5pm – 6pm every Saturday.

Birthday Promotion

Birthday promotion at RSL Club Nambour

All financial members are invited to enter the Nambour RSL Club’s monthly birthday draw! If you celebrated your birthday during the month, be here on the last Sunday of that month for your chance to win. You must swipe your membership card at the kiosk when you enter the club that day and make sure you are in the draw. There are two x $500 cash prizes to be won! Terms and conditions apply.

For more details and keno and promotions you can visit the club RSL Services and Citizens Club Nambour Inc Matthew Street, Nambour or call them at 07 5441 2366