7 Steps to Win Online Keno Game


Keno is a world-famous game liked by all. You will find Keno games being played with great enthusiasm both in land-based casinos and online casinos. As you all believe Keno is a game of chance and if you are lucky to have a win you can even go for high prizes and the jackpots. With minimum bets for this game, you can earn huge payouts. Though one cannot say that there are strategies that will help you win this game easily but there are a few steps you take care can lead to your winning and increasing the game odds.

The seven steps that you need to follow to have a winning go for Keno are as follows:

1. First time on Keno- No betting

Many new players that enter to play Keno think that wins are on their plate. But it is not so because without knowing the game fully you are wasting your hard-earned money. Therefore as a first-time Keno player avoid playing with real money. You can play for free with fun mode and practice your hands first on the Keno game. When you become familiar with the game and understand the rules and see how the Keno game works then wager for your real money and to have real wins.

2. Look at your betting numbers

So now you know the game well, you wish to play with real money. No problem but remember your wins at Keno depend on the amount of numbers you choose when you start a game of online keno. Keno consists of 80 balls out of which 20 are drawn randomly by a computer. A successful game is based on how many winning numbers a player can match. In any online keno game, your chance of winning is of 1 to 3 and only the odds influence the raffle outcome. So better be careful, because the more numbers you select, the smaller the chances to hit them all right. For increasing your winning chances it is better advised to pick only five or six numbers and not more than that.

3. Taking risks in betting

Remember it is your hard-earned money that you are giving at stake for betting to play the Keno game. The risk that you wish to take in betting depends on whether you want to go for low risk, medium risk or high risk and then decide the number of spots you wish to bet upon. If you wish for steady returns, bet on a maximum of 2 balls, whereas if you take the risk to win more consistent amounts, you can bet as far as up to 5 numbers. But if your guts tell you to go for more and risk more for large payouts, you can bet from between 5 to 15 numbers.

4. Combination of Numbers

In a keno game, you can try different combinations at play. Suppose you want to go for Jackot then you have a different combination than the regular ones. Some players believe that they have more chances of winning if they constantly play the numbers that get drawn regularly. Many also believe quite the opposite and prefer to pick the ones that get drawn most rarely. Some online keno players like to bet on consecutive numbers, whereas others simply focus on one single target. Because results are random, there is no secret tip for success with using these strategies. Just make sure that every time you play online keno, you adopt a different strategy or combination of numbers.

5. Pairing Numbers

Many players use the pair strategy. They believe that numbers drawn in pairs more often than separately work out for wins. This means that whenever you choose your lucky winning numbers, you can go for pairs such as 23 and 24 or 55 and 56. If you love to take risks then you can try pairing numbers and look at the results.

6. Try Multi-Race Cards

You must have seen many online casinos offer players to use of multi-race cards when they play online keno. In this way, you can select your favourite numbers not only once in your virtual online ticket, but you can use the same ticket for a varied number of games. The advantage of using multi-race cards lies in the time-saving factor – you no longer have to pick your lucky numbers again and again but use the ones you initially picked out.

7. Play with the highest online keno payout

Online keno payouts differ from one casino to another and they are usually much higher than the ones you find in land casinos. To increase your winning chances, always go for online keno sites that provide high payout percentages.  Check with the casino through their reviews and feedback from other players whether the particular online casino where you are opting to play Keno offers the highest payouts no matter what type of game you choose to play.

The above steps do not guarantee your win at the Keno game but certainly will help and increase your winning odds. Also do remember that when you play Keno for real money you need to register yourself at the online casino where you wish to play and make an initial deposit before you start your game for some wins.