Visit the Canadian Pubs That Locals Adore

When searching for new pubs in Canada, the best place to start is asking locals. This allows visitors to get access to hidden gems where the quality of the drinks overshadow a hyped up atmosphere. Instead of immediately being funneled into the usual tourist traps, inquisitive tourists can get a glimpse of the local culture. On top of providing valuable insight on how normal people party, these bars are usually more fun to visit. For this reason, getting the inside scoop is essential when traveling.

Out of all the places where quality bars go unnoticed, no country has more hidden pubs than Canada. While these top notch venues rarely make international news, they have enough charm to seduce even the most jaded traveler. To help guide our readers through an epic exploration of Canada, we compiled a list of pubs handpicked by locals. Get ready to fall in love with these delightfully original venues!

Best Pubs in Canada

Canadian Pubs
Enjoy the view and the lobster plate!

Pub #3: The Port Pub, Port Williams – When touring Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, one venue has repeatedly stolen the show. The Port Pub combines all the factors that make people come to the valley. This cozy pub has been built in a reclaimed factory lot which is right across the Cornwallis river. Their strategic position allows guests to watch the river tide rise and fall from their massive deck.

While soaking in the gorgeous view, patrons can indulge in a slew of delicacies. Their signature dish is the lobster poutine which comprises of Atlantic lobster that’s smothered in cream sauce, chives and cheese curds. All this is accompanied by house-cut fries and a number of ravishing drinks that debut from their in-house brewery, Sea Level. After trying out a few drinks from their robust menu, it’s possible to soak in the scenery for hours. This pub is one of a kind, so don’t miss it when you are in Nova Scotia!

Canadian Pubs
Get a taste of the Caribbean!

Pub #2: Rhum Corner, Toronto – One Canadian/Haitian couple outdid themselves with this surprisingly exotic themed bar. Despite being nestled in the heart of Toronto, they managed to produce an authentic look at what the Caribbean has to offer. Sporting a selection of over 100 rums from around the world, this pub is a rum lover’s paradise. From rare rums to exotic dishes, this bar is a unique treat in the middle of Canada.

Their claim to fame is a Haitian Barbancourt in the Fresco, which sports a delightful tang. This is thanks to pomegranate molasses and house-made falernum, which showcases the uniqueness of their wide range of cocktails. Another offering that routinely seduces customers is their cubed pork shoulder that’s been marinated in bitter oranges. This traditional street-style Haitian snack is divine, so get a dose of the Caribbean at this vibrant pub!

Canadian Pubs
Even Russell Crow couldn’t resist this pub!

Pub #1: O’Reilly’s Irish Newfoundland Pub, St. John’s – When asking Canadians which pub stole the show, we couldn’t avoid this venue. This bar is so infamous that even Russell Crowe has sung traditional Irish folk tunes here. It’s nestled on George Street, which is absolutely packed with pubs.

Even though it’s surrounded by late night venues, this pub consistently wins over nocturnal merrymakers. Even though their bar is extremely well stocked, their menu is just as appealing. Patrons can indulge in everything from moose to fresh cod. This robust list of options and vibrant atmosphere makes this the best pub in Canada!