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How to play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia?

NT Keno Australia

  Mindil Beach Casino is a Resort and an ultimate entertainment destination in the Northern Territory Australia. This awesome casino is located on the iconic west-facing beach on the Arafura Sea a beautiful location attracting locals and visitors from around the world. Nestled on 30 acres of tropical gardens alongside the Arafura Sea, Mindil Beach […]

Top 5 Things to Do in Australia on a Family Trip!

Top 5 Things to Do in Australia on a Family Trip

Often traveling with family can be challenging, especially if you are trying to find different things to keep everyone happy. But now you do not have to work hard to find some interesting things to do in Australia as we have done the job for you! Here are the top 5 things you must not […]

How to play new Amaterasu Keno?

How to play new Amaterasu Keno

Amaterasu Keno is a brand new Keno game by Mascot Gaming. This keno game is a  mix of the classic numbers game of Keno with the colourful Japanese culture. The Amaterasu Keno game offers players a chance to enjoy the popular game in a beautiful and highly appealing gameplay surrounding. How to play Amaterasu Keno? […]

5 Thrilling Adventures to Enjoy in Western Australia

5 Thrilling Adventures to Enjoy in Western Australia

Western Australia is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that flaunts sparkling turquoise-blue beaches, magnificent islands, and beautiful landscapes. Here I have rounded up 5 thrilling adventurous activities you must try in Western Australia: Swim with Whale Sharks Yes, you can swim with giant whale sharks! Located in Western Australia’s north-west coastal region, The […]

How to play keno at Magpies Australia?

magpies sporting club

Last year the Queensland tradie pocketed $5.1 million while playing Keno – the state’s biggest Keno prize. The winner had been playing the same numbers, taken from family birthdates and lucky numbers, for the past two years. The middle-aged man, who wished to remain anonymous, bought a 10 Spot Keno ticket late on one  Sunday […]

Super 7 Adventure Activities in Australia

Super 7 Adventure Activities in Australia

An Australian holiday cannot complete without enjoying some kind of adventure activity. Whether you’re fond of indoor skydiving, watch out sharks, enjoy with a pod of friendly dolphins, or walk over treetops, you’ll find some adventure in all the activities. Here are the top 7 adventurous activities that you’d have fun with! 1. Rainforest Aerial Walkways […]

What Makes Superball Keno So Popular?

What Makes Superball Keno So Popular

Superball Keno is the most popular and entertaining Keno version of them all. What makes Superball Keno so popular? To start with, Superball Keno offers players with a possibility to win huge jackpots, while laying down bets on a various series of board numbers ranging from 1-80. You can place a bet on one specific […]

Keno Xperiment

Things to know about Keno Xperiment

Keno Xperiment is a type of Keno that you will love to play. It looks amazing and sounds great and quite user-friendly. And don’t confuse when you find it confusing on trying for the first time. Actually, it’s the opposite. It is easy to pick up and enjoy. Once you have selected your numbers and […]