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Keno for iPad

Keno Australia iPad

With the mobile gaming market in the midst of a meteoric rise, it is unsurprising that classic casino favourites such as keno are now available in app form for your IPad. Available for free from iTunes and the Apple app store, players can pick from multi-card games like Keno 4 Multi-Card, traditional one-card keno games […]

What is Krazy Keno?

Krazy Keno are number of video games which are a variant of standard Keno game to be played at online casinos. The popular variants of Krazy Keno comes from Betsoft gaming and IGT in collaboration with Wager works software. In Krazy Keno crazy wins are guaranteed and the game comes with an added bonus. Just […]

8 Places To Visit In Brisbane For Games & Drinks

Brisbane is known for its cool cafés, craft beer pubs, and boutique stores. This city has a little more intimately than otherwise. Here, I have compiled this list to get you more acquainted with the coolest pubs that make Brisbane unique. You can also play games here. 1. Agnes When you visit Agnes’ three-level space, you have […]

How To Play Keno Superplay Game In Australia?

How to play Keno superplay

Keno Superplay is the new Keno game introduced by Australia’s official Keno TAB site. With multiple spot types on one ticket, you’ll have multiple chances to win on a single game. Keno Superplays are available via the Keno Touch or you can ask your friendly Keno Operator at the counter. All you need is to […]

How To Play Super Keno Online?

How to play Super Keno

Super Keno is available at online casinos. The most popular variant of Super Keno is from Pariplay.  You will find that Super Keno is designed in the format of a classic video cabinet and in this game you can win a jackpot of 200,000 coins, plus other plenty of incentives that you get from the […]

Best Anime Games to play on Android

featured image

Anime games are trending everywhere. This genre has gone multi-platform in these few days. Just watching a certain anime isn’t enough, you also get a new game, a manga/manhwa/manhua, and a plethora of other content. There have been many instances where anime are being made based on games. The prime example of them is Azur […]

Where To Play Mahjong In Australia?

Where to play Mahjong in Australia

Mahjong or mah-jongg is a Chinese game based on tiles. Nowadays this game is even played online in video format. Similar to the card games, Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and luck. The game is played with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, although some regional variations may omit some tiles or add unique ones.  In most […]

Can I Play Keno At Player’s Choice Royale In Australia?

Player's Choice Royale

Yes you can play Keno at Player’s choice royale in Australia. Player’s Choice brings variety and flexibility to all gaming floors in Australia. Player’s Choice is an Aristocrat multi gaming pack or multi game machine available at land and online casinos that include a selection of classic Aristocrat games with multi denomination and game play […]

11 Best Action Games to Play for Fun

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Action games are among some of the most popular genres on any platform. They are adrenaline junking, fingers moving, reflexes, and wits testing adventurous experiences. There are many action games out there containing shooters, adventure games, fighting games, and more. Although, the soul of a good action game is if it doesn’t let you catch […]