Meet the Strongest Liquors in the World

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, not all spirits are created equal. While some taste great, others reach a different extreme. Instead of catering to your taste buds, these drinks rock customers’ consciousness with their alcohol content. Not settling for just being stiff drinks, their distillers went the extra mile. They created spirits that sport alcohol contents that can make you shudder while thinking about them. For this reason, these spirits are in a league of their own.

The alcohol content in these drinks are unmatched, which makes them impossible to ignore. Their disregard for taste and infatuation with excess has made them some of the most infamous drinks in the world. They aren’t for the faint of heart, but they are a novel way to spice up an afternoon. Even if you don’t plan on trying them, you can entertain your senses by reading about them. For this reason, we compiled a list of the strongest liquors in the world. They are as close to pure alcohol as you can get, so tread cautiously when indulging in them!

Strongest Liquors Available

Strongest Liquors
This whiskey isn’t playful.

Liquor #3: Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey (92% ABV) – For those who love smooth whiskey, this bottle should probably be passed. Instead of settling for the traditional 80 proof staple, Bruichladdich decided to take this flamboyant whiskey to 92% ABV. This shocking amount of alcohol was only achieved through a special distillation method.

After years of testing, they discovered how to make the strongest single malt in the world. Bruichladdich’s team crafted a brilliant quadruple distilling method to achieve this remarkably high level of alcohol. The blend is also aged in an old cask to enhance its flavor. At the end of the day, it has the highest alcohol content of any whiskey on the market. It’s a feat of engineering, so try it if you dare!

Strongest Liquors
Enjoy America’s strongest alcohol!

Liquor #2: Everclear/ Golden Grain (95% ABV) – While these brand brands are painted as rivals, they are both created by Luxco of St. Louis, MO. Unsurprisingly, the contents of the two products are basically the same. Golden grain is produced in the United States and features the name of the main ingredient. Fermenting golden grain allows to a rectified spirit allows distillers to extract a 190 proof liquor. These demonic concoction is enough to make your senses do backflips.

Everclear liquor sports a different name, but got the same alcohol content as Golden Grain. The taste is almost identical, since it sports 95% ABV. This was the first 190 proof alcohol to ever be bottled, and the novelty hasn’t worn off. To this day this alcohol is a favorite for adventurous drinkers. Aside from the alcohol, it’s nearly tasteless.

Strongest Liquors
This is the undisputed champion of high ABV’s.

Liquor #1: Spirytus (96% ABV) – Clocking in at 192 proof, this Polish brew takes the title for the strongest liquor in the world. This wild concoction was created by fermenting grain, and it barely managed to surpass the competition. This isn’t the drink for a quiet night out, since drinking shots of this rectified spirit isn’t easy. It’s definitely not something you want to drink every day. But if you want to try the most extreme alcohol that’s openly sold in stores, this is it. It doesn’t get any more intense than this liquor, so put your senses to the test!