Can I Play Keno At Player’s Choice Royale In Australia?

Player's Choice Royale

Yes you can play Keno at Player’s choice royale in Australia. Player’s Choice brings variety and flexibility to all gaming floors in Australia. Player’s Choice is an Aristocrat multi gaming pack or multi game machine available at land and online casinos that include a selection of classic Aristocrat games with multi denomination and game play styles to cater to all venues. Player’s Choice packs afford venues large and small to optimise the space on their floors and suitable both indoor and out in either high or low denomination areas.

 Keno At Player’s Choice Royale
Cashman Casino keno

Keno At Player’s Choice Royale

Keno at Player’s Choice Royale is a dedicated high denomination multi game which offers a range of innovative game play experiences. Entertain a variety of players with 3 traditional spinning reel games and 3 non-spinning reel games including – 5 Dragons Poker, Mr Cashman Keno and Dollar Dice.

Players will be spoilt for choice with the range of different games to choose from. Mr Cashman Keno incorporates a Hold & Drop feature which is a modern twist on the traditional Keno game. Fans of 5 Dragons will love the new 5 Dragons Poker game which adds the popular wild/multiplier feature from the 5 Dragons games into a traditional poker experience. Dollar Dice offers a unique game play experience with spinning dice in the place of spinning reels, highlighting the latest innovations in the Class III gaming space.

The common factors are the quaint old-school sounds that are the same across the range. The graphic symbols in Aristocrat games all have something in common which clearly defines the games. Recently the players choice slots by aristocrat have become some of the most popular games at many land based casinos.

What Games Are Offered In Player’s Choice?

With the player’s choice slots by Aristocrat, players can enjoy multiple big game titles on one screen, giving players the ability to win more money and have more fun. What Aristocrat has done is taken some of their most popular games and put them all together in one unit. All of the games offer five reels with multiple paylines. Each game offers top-notch graphics and animations and sound effects. The symbols for each game are clean and clear. The players choice slots have been designed so that the games do not distract the player from the basic premise by incorporating several complicated features into the screen. As such, the incorporation of multiple games on one screen does not seem crowded.

1. All Stars Player’s Choice

5 Koi Pokies
5 Koi Pokies

When playing at a player’s choice machine, players can pick and choose which games they want to play at any given time and seamlessly switch between any of the games. The first of the player’s choice pokies by Aristocrat we are going to look at is the All-Stars player’s choice. In this series, players can enjoy all the classic Aristocrat favorites in one place. With the All-Stars series, players can choose to play 5 Dragons Deluxe, 5 koi, More Hearts and Lucky 88. As the name suggests, the All-Stars are games that players have come to know and love.

2. Classic Player’s Choice

Queen of the Nile game
Queen of the Nile game

This is the Classic Edition and here you get to choose pokies by Aristocrat that are hard to beat. In the Classic Edition, Aristocrat have put together pokies games that will satisfy both High Rollers and new players alike. The Classic Edition player’s choice pokie series features Queen of the Nile, one of Aristocrat’s most popular games. In addition to Queen of the Nile, the series also incorporates a number of popular games like Indian Dreaming, Wild Stallion and Big Red.

3. Diamond Player’s Choice

Buffalo Deluxe game
Buffalo Deluxe game

The next in the series of the player’s choice slots by Aristocrat you are going to look at is the Player’s Choice Diamond Edition. This series made headlines as one of the first gaming cabinets to combine six games into a single cabinet. This means more choices for players from the start. In the diamond edition series, players can choose to play any one of the six games and swap between the games at any time. The diamond pokies include Aristocrat favorites like Buffalo Deluxe, Big Red, Lucky 88, 5 Dragons, and Dollar Bear.

4. Sapphire Player’s Choice

Timber Wolf Deluxe
Timber Wolf Deluxe

In Sapphire Player’s choice edition you can play six top entertaining titles for ultimate gaming choice! Play Timber wolf deluxe, 50 Lions, 5 Dragons, Wild Panda, Big Red Deluxe, Dolphin Treasure.

5. Gold Player’s Choice

White tiger
White tiger pokies

Player’s Choice Gold Jackpots is the first player selectable denomination multi-game to incorporate Progressives with game specific triggers. Here you can play White Tiger, Lucky Pig, Sparkling Royal, Big Red, The Bull Fighter, Wild Stallion.

6. Pearl Player’s Choice

Fortune king gold
Fortune king gold

Player’s Choice Pearl is the latest premium multi game featuring scalable bonus prizes and a two-level standalone progressive. Entertain a variety of players with a mix of classic market favourites and new exciting content such as Fortune King Gold, Sky Heroes, Fortunes of the Nile, Wild Stallion Gold, and Dragon Bucks. Jackpots and bonuses can be won randomly during any bought game by landing two pearls and a Mini, Minor, Major or Grand pearl.

7. Opal Player’s choice

Big red pokies
Big red pokies

Player’s Choice Opal Edition, is their latest multi game pack providing operators with more choice than ever before!
Featuring a mix of classic player favourites and new exciting content, there is something for everyone. Player’s Choice Opal Edition offers flexible configurability allowing operators to choose from 7 unique packs to suit their venue strategy, catering to low, mid and high denomination players.

 8. Emerald Player’s Choice

Sweet Hearts II pokies
Sweet Hearts II pokies

Player’s Choice Emerald Edition is the very first eight theme multi-game pack by Aristocrat that enables operators to take the configurable multi-game to the next level. In QLD, operators have the ability to switch off games and denominations to best suit their venue’s floor strategy. In NSW & VIC, operators can choose from 3 unique packs to suit their venue strategy. Player’s Choice Emerald Edition includes three-level standalone progress, with an improved jackpot trigger. Player’s Choice Emerald Edition includes a new extended version of Sweet Hearts II and the premiere of Buffalo Gold.

9. Ultimate Jackpots Player’s Choice

Lucky Pig
Lucky Pig Pokies

In this exciting addition to Aristocrat’s growing range of jackpot multi-game packs, Player’s Choice Ultimate Jackpots.
This pack features six standalone progressive themes, each with a unique jackpot trigger and feature. Operator configurable setup with three-pack options; mid-high denomination, high denomination only or all denominations. Player’s Choice Ultimate Jackpots offers support to a wide range of cabinets including VWS, Helix and Helix+.

The Player’s Choice cabinet is named as such because it offers players the chance to spinning the reels on some of Aristocrat’s most popular titles. These include:

  • Wild Stallion
  • Lucky Pig
  • Bullfighter
  • Big Red
  • Sparkling Royal
  • White Tiger

Each of these games have proven time and time again to be top quality titles from Aristocrat’s stellar selection of poker machines. It is likely that you’ve encountered at least one of the games in the theme bank on its own, and now you have the chance to select from all six as you vie for the chance to win one of three generous progressive jackpot prizes – along with some great bonus features like free spins, wilds and scatters.

Three of the games in the collection are low denomination and three of the games are high-denomination. As such, players can switch between titles to suit their budgets and give new wagering options a try.  This also means that, no matter what your budget is, you will be able to feel comfortable while spinning the reels on this game. The following denominations are available for each game:

  • Wild Stallion: 20c, 50c, $1
  • Lucky Pig: 1c, 2c
  • Bullfighter: 20c, 50c, $1
  • Big Red: 20c, 50c, $1
  • Sparkling Royal: 1c, 2c, 5c
  • White Tiger: 1c, 2c

Three Levels Of Generous Jackpots

All of the games in the Player’s Choice Gold Jackpots collection are linked to a progressive jackpot network. A small portion of each player’s wager in contributed to the jackpot pool. There are three different prizes on offer, each seeding a different base level:

  • Minor: $100
  • Major: $1000
  • Grand: $10 000

Each of these jackpot levels continue to climb with each spin of the reels. So, players are always in for bigger and better prizes. There is real potential to cash in on an amazing jackpot prizes!

Now go and visit your nearest casino to play these player’s choice pokies and keno. Mr Cashman Keno can also be downloaded free as an app on your mobile smartphone and can be played as long as you want!