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How To Play And Win Buffalo Keno?

How to play and win Buffalo Keno

Buffalo Keno is a standard 80 spot keno game with a 20 number draw. The player may pick between 3-10 numbered spots on the card. This game is developed by Grand Vision Gaming company and became one of the favorite game among punters as paired with the popularity of Aristocrat Technologies Inc’s original Buffalo slot game. Buffalo keno was first launched in 2016 This Aristocrat Technologies Inc. title is thus powered by Grand Vision Gaming.

Buffalo Keno game
Buffalo Keno game

This is a high performance lottery type Keno game offered on GVG’s multi-game software, Ultra Vision at video lottery establishments at casinos. Ultra Vision features 14 Reel titles, four poker titles, and eight keno titles including the addition of Buffalo Keno.

How To Play And Win Buffalo Keno

Buffalo Keno gameplay
Buffalo Keno gameplay

Buffalo Keno can be played at real land casinos and many other countries as well as played for free. The features of the game are : Eagle Mini Bonus where 2 eagles and 5 coins are placed on non-player-marked-spots every base game. If both eagles are hit with a win, the player is awarded a multiplier for that game.

Buffalo Keno game Features
Buffalo Keno game features

The Feature Games are triggered by hitting the coin symbols in the base game. There is no limit to the number of feature games that may be retriggered. All feature games are played at the same bet and spot level that triggered the bonus.

During the feature games, multiplier sunset symbols are randomly placed on non-player-marked-spots. When multipliers are hit, there is a random weighted drawing for each hit symbol’s multiplier value (either 2x or 3x).

The Standard Buffalo Pokies Machine

Buffalo pokies is one of the most-played slot games of all time. This is a fast-paced and exciting game where you have to fill the screen with Buffalo symbols to win. This game is a part of Xtra Reel Power feature of some Aristocrat games, and you have 1024 ways to win in this no-paylines slot game.

The Buffalo pokies can be played online for free or for real money. The game pays out for combinations made from left to right on the paylines. Players can choose a coin denomination of anywhere from 1 cent to $2. You can win huge amounts with your bet in this exciting slot  game.

There are various other pokies games developed by Aristocrat with similar name like Buffalo Grand pokies, Buffalo Deluxe, Buffalo 1204 ways to win, Buffalo poker and many others.

How To Win Keno?

Keno is a game of chance and you cannot beat the house edge in such games. What Keno experts can give is some tips and strategies to win Keno and if they work then you are lucky.

1. Find the Keno game payouts

 Play the keno games online. In this way you can come to know about the online casinos payout policy as well as what the game pays. You need to check how many variants of Keno they have and what are the payouts for guessing the right numbers.

In most online casinos you can either choose up to 10, 15, or 20 numbers to bet on and 20 numbers out of 80 are drawn.

The best payouts at any  online Keno game can be as follows:

Keno Numbers ChosenKeno numbers drawn and payout
21-1, 9-1
31-1, 2-1, 16-1
40.5-1, 2-1, 6-4, 12-1
50.5-1, 1-1. 3-1, 15-1, 50-1
60.5-1, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 30-1, 75-1
70.5-1, 0.5-1, 1-1, 6-1, 12-1, 36-1, 100-1
80.5-1, 0.5-1, 1-1, 3-1, 6-1, 19-1, 90-1, 720-1
90.5 – 1, 0.5-1, 1-1, 2-1, 4-1, 8-1, 20 – 1, 80-1, 1200-1
100, 0.5-1, 1-1, 2-1,3-1, 5-1, 10-1, 30-1, 600-1,1800-1

This progression can follow further if you can choose more than ten numbers. For example, if you can choose 15, for guessing all of the right you’d be paid out 10000 to 1.

These are the optimal payouts when playing Keno online. Therefore don’t go for anything offering less.

As a rule, online casinos have better payouts than land casinos . Thus, it’s always better to play online.

2. Play Monkey Keno

Play Keno instantly at online casinos
Monkey Keno is a video Keno Game at online casinos

Monkey Keno at online casinos is another awesome game that gives you wonderful winning opportunities. This game from Microgaming can be played even on mobile. If you play Monkey Keno, the numbers are not drawn but thrown to the board by a monkey. And they come in the form of coconuts.

The return to player ratio of Monkey Keno is 94.9 percent, and the game features the following special features:

  • Choose games randomly instead of selecting individual numbers
  • Select to autoplay the game
  • Also shows hot and cold maps (the numbers which were drawn most and least in the game)

3. Play Keno for free

Keno free keno
Keno free keno

First and foremost it is advised to play free keno games at online casinos so that you understand the game. Once you are well informed about the game you can play with real money.  Keno games may have some major differences in payouts or minor differences in the game platforms. Casinos may be lagging a lot and thus restarting the game before it’s finished.

While it makes little difference when playing for free, it may cost you lots of bets when playing for real money. If you play for free, you have nothing to lose. Also maybe you’ll discover what Keno numbers are most worthy of betting on.

4. Select Keno numbers between Four and Eight

Numbers four to eight
Keno lucky numbers

When you have an option to choose up to 15 or 20 numbers with the same wager, the logical question is how many numbers is the right number? Many Keno beginners believe the more, the better. It makes sense, considering the more you choose, the better chances of getting more of them correct you have.

Remember that the payouts change depending on how many numbers you choose in total. If you guess five out of five chosen, your payout may be of 50 to 1. That’s really sweet. Also if you guess five out of 10 chosen, that reduces to 3 to 1.

So the optimal number in Keno is to choose between four to eight numbers. When you choose less than four, any chance of winning is extremely low. There are 80 numbers in the Keno machine (or RNG), after all. Again if you choose more than eight, you will always need to hit at least four or more numbers to get any extra money above what you’ve already spent for the wager and that’s not that easy either. Though, if there is a progressive jackpot attached to the game, it may be worth to choose more numbers. If you can afford that, of course.

5. Select consecutive numbers or the cold ones

Late and Cold Numbers
Late and Cold Numbers

When it comes to choosing Keno numbers when betting it is always advised to choose the consecutive numbers. When it comes to playing video Keno, the numbers are drawn by a random number generator, thus the outcomes are random. Though many Keno players researched the outcomes and believe playing consecutive numbers can help you. Same goes for the cold numbers – the numbers that haven’t been drawn the longest period of time.

Also note that sometimes this trick can work or not as Keno is 100% game of chance.  When it comes to betting on cold numbers, or the opposite, choose the game that shows what were the most and least drawn numbers in the game as it is done in Monkey Keno

6. Play at a legit online casinos

Rich casino AUD
Rich Casino

Playing at a legit online casino also affects your winning the Keno game.  The casino needs to be trust-worthy. Even if you play Keno wisely, it’s pointless if all your money will go to the illegal casino and you’ll never see your winnings. The online casinos should payback your wins on time. Generally, the withdrawal of wins at any online casinos is done within 2- 3 days but most of this time period depends on the method you have chosen to withdraw your wins. As with Bitcoins the process is instant where as check takes full 7 days to get back your wins. Also, many online casinos don’t pay you at all, which are rogue casinos so play at a legit online casino. Some of these well known online casinos for Australians are Rich Casino, 7 Reels, Fair Go, Play Croco and others.