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How To Play Keno Draw Video Game Online?

How To Play Keno Draw Video Game Online

Keno Draw is a video game to be played online at casinos. The game is played like any standard Keno with not much of a difference. Keno Draw video game is developed by Whoohoo gaming company. The Keno Draw video game offers a Keno drawing board where numbers are drawn.

Players can tailor the Keno Draw game by customising the colour scheme and storing favourite numbers close at hand. If you want to see the outcomes instantly, then this version comes with optional Turbo Mode.

You can customise  the Keno board gameplay with 6 exciting colours. Players can record up to 15 of their favourite numbers for easy betting. As said above Turbo Mode lets results-driven players view outcomes immediately.

How to play Keno Draw Video Game online?

How To Play Keno Draw game
Keno Draw Game Can Be Played For Free Or With Real Money

Whether you play Keno Lottery game with Keno Tickets or Keno video game online you choose up to 15 numbers between 1 and 80, marking those numbers on your Keno card.

Whether you play standard game of video keno game  both are essentially the same just purchase your Keno card (available denominations are 1 cent, 25 cents, $1, $5 and $10), choose your numbers, and the software will do the rest. Thus every game of Keno starts when you purchase your Keno card. Denominations of one cent, 25 cents, $1, $5 and $10 are available; note that the maximum Keno payout at the keno can even go above $250,000, so if you’re going for the 100,000x jackpot, make sure you purchase a card that’s less than $5.

With the classic Keno game, you can play one, five or 10 cards; with Keno Draw video game, you can also play 25 or even 50 cards all at once. This can be a great timesaver, especially if you have a preferred set of numbers that you want to play on every card.

In both the games 20 numbers are drawn at random, and if you match enough numbers, you win a prize. The more numbers you match, the bigger the prize gets and those prizes can get very, up to 100,000X your original bet.

Keno Draw video game board

Play Keno Draw game
Keno Draw game Board

To play Keno Draw video game online you need to join any Australia friendly online casino.

  • You can play the game with free money or with real money, that’s your choice.
  • The Keno game is optimized for every gaming device, be it mobile, PC or Laptop.
  • If you wish to play free keno then no deed to make a deposit and if your choice is to play it with real money then make a sum of deposit at the online casino cashier.
  • Grab the bonus offer if any, then head to specialty games menu under the games lobby.
  • Click or tap to play
  • Bet as low as $0.05 to maximum $100.
  • To play Keno Draw you need to pick up to 15 numbers via Quick Pick, My Numbers or manual numbers selections.
  • Your numbers will be identified on the Keno game card
  • Bets and Rounds allows you to select the amount to wager each round and to Autoplay upto 50 rounds
  • Next Press go to start the round
  • You will see that 20 numbers will be drawn randomly for each round
  • Your winning numbers will be highlighted with your winnings displayed on the screen.
Wins at Keno Draw game
Wins at Keno Draw game

Payout tables display potential winnings, depending on the amount wagered per round and the number of selections picked

  • The games summary table displays the latest game play and winnings
  • If you want you can press the stop button to interrupt Autoplay
  • Then review your winning rounds or Rebet/new game to start again
  • The Maximum payout awarded  in this game is $250,000

Keno with real money

When playing any game of Keno with real money the payouts can get pretty big, by the way. It also depends on how would you like to make 100,000x your original bet in a matter of seconds. It’s possible when you play online Keno for real money. One way to do it is to choose 10 numbers and match all 10. You could also choose 15 numbers and match at least 14 of them. By selecting more numbers in the beginning, though, you can make it more likely that you’ll win a smaller prize. 

Also the chances are you’ll want to go for something bigger; the fewer numbers you pick, the higher the odds. If you wanted, you could even select just one Keno lucky number! The sweet spot for many Keno players is somewhere around eight numbers. This will give you a shot at a gigantic 30,000x prize if you match all eight, but you’ll still earn a 10x prize just by getting five of those eight numbers right.

Keno House Edge
Keno House Edge Depends On Your Pick Of Numbers

The Keno House Edge

The house edge for Keno draw video game depends on how many numbers you pick. By selecting the “optimal” amount, you can narrow the house edge as much as possible. Many Keno players like to choose consecutive numbers when they fill out their cards. It could be back-to-back numbers like 7 and 8, or a long string of numbers like 7 through 18. Some people swear this will generate more winners than picking at random, but math doesn’t back up that claim. You can choose the keno numbers yourself, or hit the Quick Pick button and the computer will do it for you.

According to keno experts you can get the most out of your Keno betting amount by keeping the house edge as low as possible. To do that, it helps to know the odds behind the game. This can be worked out by hand, or you can use an online Keno calculator, where you put in how many numbers you want to draw and the prize payouts. The calculator will show you the expected return as a percentage. For example, if you put just one number on your Keno card, your payout for matching that number is 3X, for a return of 75%. That leaves a house edge of 25%.

However, that edge goes down considerably if you put two numbers on your Keno card. At some online casinos like Ignition Casino, you’ll be paid out at 15X if you match both those numbers; one is not enough for a prize, which works out to a return of 90.19%, and a much friendlier house edge of 9.81%.

Keno Bankroll
Set a budget to play keno

You need to manage your Keno Bankroll

In addition to choosing the Keno games with the lowest house edges, you can get the most out of your Keno sessions by managing your bankroll. You need to fix the time limit of your playing session and use a little math to figure out how many cards that will entail.

Next look that you purchase the right denomination of cards so that you can hit your target session length on average, based on the house edge and stay within your bankroll. Never chase your losses by buying a more expensive Keno card than what you previously planned. This means you need to play wisely sticking to your budget or bankroll.

Keno is a game of pure chance and there are no specific tips to win the keno game. Yet experts have point out the above tips to play this game accordingly and win the game of Keno. With knowing the rules to play the game and setting a fixed budget to play Keno you can enjoy playing the game without any hassles. And if luck is on your side you can win a huge sum of money as reward or prize by spending few dollars on this game.