Experience Delightful Fusions at Quebec’s Top Bistros

Even though they started from humble beginnings, bistros continue to dominate France and parts of Quebec. First made popular at the beginning of the 19th century, bistros developed as a way for Parisian landlords to supplement their income. Over time these affordable menus emerged from basement kitchens and transformed into low-key restaurants. Today bistros are moderately sized restaurants that offer quality French dishes at an affordable price. While they are mostly attributed to Paris, bistros have a strong presence in Quebec.

Thanks to their strong connection to their French heritage, the city of Quebec is filled with quality bistros. In fact, the popularity of bistros has given birth to its own completely unique style. This new wave of “terroir bistros” are rehashing classic bistro dishes with local ingredients. While a purist may have some reservations, after trying the food there’s no denying the value of this unique evolution. These laid-back restaurants cater to younger clients who treasure casual dining and quality French cuisine.

Quebec is world-renown for managing to bridge French culture from across the world, so their bistros can’t be ignored. To highlight the best examples of this inspiring trend, we compiled a list of the best bistros in Quebec. On top of adding a Canadian touch to Parisian classics, these innovative restaurants have created a truly enjoyable subculture. Eating at these establishments is more than a meal, it’s an experience. Prepare to be blown away by their culinary creations, since they showcase the best of both worlds!

Best Bistros in Quebec

Celebrate the pioneers of Quebec’s bistro industry.

Bistro #1: Le Clocher Penché – When visiting this restaurant, clients get to experience a truly revolutionary venue. When this bistro opened over a decade ago, Quebec’s dining industry was never the same. Gradually they transformed the Saint-Roch neighborhood into the city’s hottest food destination. Aided by a team of friendly servers, this place manages to feel like a second home while still maintaining high culinary standards. Their French-based menu changes throughout the seasons, which ensures that their ingredients are nothing short of superb. While any time is ideal to visit, their weekend brunches are especially enchanting. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the pioneer of Quebec’s bistro scene!

Enjoy epic dishes from a locally celebrated chef.

Bistro #2: La Planque – Even though the opening of this restaurant was highly anticipated, they managed to exceed everyone’s expectations. Led by Guillaume St-Pierre, this restaurant provides fine dining dishes in a relaxed setting. St-Pierre was the winner of Quebec’s Les Chefs cooking competition, so his culinary prowess is renown throughout the city. Each plate boasts a symphony of local flavors that are complimented by a noticeably Parisian overtone. This is one of the most revered restaurants in Quebec, so reservations are mandatory. Don’t let the high demand intimidate you, this restaurant is well worth planning ahead for!

Enjoy authentic French cuisine that’s paired with an exceptional wine list.

Bistro #3: Le Moine Échanson – Located in the Upper Town area, this venue is a fusion between a bistro and wine bar. Backed up by an undeniably French inspired menu and wine list, this blend proved to be a winning combination. Despite being over 3,000 miles from France, Le Moine Êchanson manages to deliver classic bistro fare. Their offal offerings are superb, and every dish is paired with a specific French wine. The servers are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, so anyone can be united with the perfect dish. Normally a venue of this caliber is noticeably conceited, so come enjoy the best of French cuisine without the judgement!