What is Shockwave Keno?

How to play Shockwave Keno

Shockwave keno is two keno games to play. One is Shockwave keno from beast gaming and the other is Shockwave Keno Pro from ISD games software. With ominous sound effects and a graphic display to get your imagination running. Shockwave Keno can be played at online casinos and Shockwave Keno pro can be played as a game app which is free to download on your mobile and play for free.

Shockwave Keno

Beast gaming delivers an awesome lottery style game in their Shockwave Keno. Players can choose between 1 and 10 numbers from the 80 on the keno board to predict hits from the 20 numbers to be drawn. Shockwave Keno features a “Lightning Ball” and if it is one of your selected numbers a 4x multiplier will be in effect for that game. To play the game choose up to 10 numbers by clicking on the board. If you change your mind on a number click it again to deselect, or click the Clear button to remove all picks.

Choose a chip size ranging from 0.05 to 1.00 and bet 1-4 chips on the game. Click 1 Game, 5 Games, or 10 Games to play that many draws in a row. Click the Turbo button to speed up or slow down gameplay. Your results for each draw will be shown on the Results board.

Shockwave Keno Pro

Shockwave keno pro
Shockwave keno pro

This Keno-Pro is an exciting, fast-paced Keno game with lots of action that keeps you entertained. This game offers the same experience that you would expect if you played this game at a casino.

To play, choose a Denomination, then select 2-10 numbers on the Keno pad, wager a BET, and start the game. You are on your way to the thrilling experience of Shockwave® Keno Pro!

In addition to the Keno game, you will experience the awe of the fiery Shockwave®-Pro bonus reels. Every time the Keno Ball-Draw contains 2 or more Gold Coins you will enter Shockwave®-Pro’s bonus reels!

In the Shockwave Pro reels bonus game, you will receive double the amount of Gold Coins as an initial bonus prize and 3 free chances to spin the reels for more prizes. Every time the reels stop on a prize, you are awarded with another 3 free spins chance.

Collect all 15 prizes on the reels and win the grand prize in addition to Bonus Coin prizes. You can download Shockwave Keno pro from Google Play.

Make a Deposit to Play Real Money Keno

fair go casino keno- How to play keno- make a deposit
Deposit Options at Fair Go Casino

Depositing and withdrawing AUD cash to play with is also an easy and safe process. To play, all you need is an Internet connection and a deposit method of your choice. All major Australian banks are supported for bank transfers and credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa), cheques/checks, e-Wallets (Neteller, POLi, Skrill/Moneybookers), and prepaid services are supported, too – all secure and safeguarded by 128 Bit Secure Socket Layer encryption technology.

Games of keno work like the lottery, except with a much bigger grid of numbers than what lotto players are used to. In most games, the number of options ranges between 1 and 80. Players have the option of selecting up to 20 different numbers. When the draw happens, the more of your numbers that are selected, the bigger your payout.

Keno has more winning options than lotto

Don’t expect to see all 20 of your numbers picked, though. The odds of that happening are 1 in 3.5 quintillions (give or take a few quadrillions). Payouts usually end at 15 numbers, because the odds are so astronomical beyond that point that game designers generally don’t even bother. Getting 14 numbers is a 1 in 390 million chance–you’d have twice as good of a chance to win the Powerball Lottery.

Keno has almost twice the number of winning options as a standard lotto draw. Getting 6 to 10 numbers is more realistic, and this is when the payouts start to get interesting – especially in online keno.

What are the most drawn numbers in real money Keno lotteries?

Keno Australia game
Keno Australia Lottery game

The Most Drawn Numbers in Keno can be found from the previous Keno lottery results.

Data exists online that records the most drawn numbers in any given Keno draw. Some contests offer better statistics than others, so you can use a particular state lottery in Australia as an example. Rest about the frequency of numbers in lottery or keno draws, this particular game has stats for the last 9 draws, along with the last 80, 160, 400, and 1966 (the total number in its history).

When you look at the last nine draws, you’ll find that #74 has been drawn 9 times, while the numbers 13 and 65 each have been drawn 8 times. Meanwhile, the numbers 4, 8, 9, 10, 18, 21, 22, 31, 40, 42, 49, 56, 57, 59, 61, 68, 69, 70, 72, 76, and 77 haven’t won even once.

What are hot spots and cold numbers?

Keno hot and cold numbers
Keno hot and cold numbers

Hot Spots

The 13, 65, and 74 are the hottest spots in this particular keno game right now. This is interesting because two of the three are traditional underachievers in this particular game. With 1966 draws in the series, you’d expect that each number would have been chosen 541 times. The 13 has only been chosen 504 times, which is one of the lowest sums of them all. The 65 is a relatively strong number, with 556 selections in the history of the game. The 74 is just below average, with 539 selections.

Cold and Late Numbers

Now let’s take a look at the spots which haven’t been selected in the last number of draws. That list of numbers would be described as cold, late, or due, “Late” means it should have been picked by now, but it hasn’t been. “Cold” suggests some pattern where the number isn’t turning up for some reason. “Due” suggests that, according to the law of averages, those numbers should be ready to hit sometime soon.

Historically, about half of these numbers are considered poor performers, while the other half are considered overachievers.

Keno Draw is Random

In Keno drawing each one is a random occurrence. Some group of 20 numbers is going to win. Once the results are known, people want to look at the outcome and say, “Of course, the 79 was going to be picked again. It makes perfect sense.”

It’s important to remember, though, that while numbers are drawn at complete random, 79 has no better or worse chance of coming up as 80 or any other number in the sequence. It also doesn’t mean your lucky numbers won’t come up trumps for you – because by their very nature, if one of your hot numbers hits, then that’s just good luck.

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