Types of Keno Games

It is often misunderstood that “keno,” is just one simple lottery-based game. Although, they are, certainly not only just a single game. This game is also having several variations and it is time to know all those varieties through this post! The more you know this keno variable, the better you would be in a position to make educated choices about your preferences.

Types of Keno Games

Online Keno

Online keno is mostly played on your computer from the comfort of your own home. For this, you just have to enter the online keno casino and download the free app or play keno in the no-download online flash casino version. Online keno games are packed with computer graphics to offer the feel of playing in a real casino and your winnings are automatically deposited into your online casino account. This variation of keno is faster-paced than other types of keno games, with no waiting time between draws. This is why most people love to play this variety of keno these days as it is more dynamic and offers a more exciting experience to the players.

Super Keno

This type of keno has similar rules as that of regular keno with one bonus. In this game, the focus is on the first ball instead of the twentieth. Hence, if the first ball that the game draws is a winner, i.e. one of the selections of the player, then the player’s winnings on that keno game will be multiplied by four.

Power Keno

Power Keno comes from Australia with the same rules as a regular keno game, and similar to Super Keno. In this keno, the focus is on the twentieth ball instead of the first. That means, if the twentieth ball that the game draws is a winner, then any winnings are quadrupled. This is the fun option. If a regular win for picking six winning keno numbers is $50, and the twentieth ball is one of the player’s six numbers, then the player will win $50 times 4, or $200.

Way Keno

Playing Way keno, you are free to opt for groups of multiple numbers, all with the same number of numbers, to find multiple ways to win. It is like playing several keno games at a time. Like you can pick four groups of numbers, with 3 numbers in each group. This can be called a 4/3 Way Ticket.

Combination Keno

Taking the Way Keno a step ahead, Combination Keno allows you to merge your groups of numbers in different ways. If you have chosen three groups of 4 numbers each, you can combine groups A and B, B and C, and A and C, to create three different sets of 8 numbers each, and combine groups A, B, and C to create one set of 12 numbers. This is widely known as a 3/4 – 3/8 – 1/12 Combination Ticket.

Video Keno

Video Keno appears to be a slot machine in so many ways. However, the process of playing and the results are much different from slots. The primary difference between video keno and regular casino keno is that video keno is a single-player game. You cannot play this game with a group of players. You play just for yourself. Although many people would love to play by themselves, and that’s why video keno is often most admired by many players. If you are fond of playing slots, this can be a great twist and a change in the regular slots-type game. You will have the same environment but with a new video keno game for your activities.

Select the Right Keno Game

Whatever might match your preferences, keno offers a range of multiple options with easy-to-learn rules. It also does not require you to spend a large sum of money to play. With a wide range of varieties to choose from, you’d find the right keno game for you. So enjoy yourself playing a few fun-filled keno games!