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How To Play Keno Pop?

How to play Keno Pop

Play Keno Pop, an interesting Keno game developed by 1X2 gaming company. You can play this game at best online casinos. Keno Pop is fast paced game where you play by select up to 10 numbers and press the KENOPOP button. When any ball drops into a number you’ve selected, you win. As more balls drop into numbers you’ve selected, your winnings will rack up. You can also win extra bonuses when colored balls drop into your selected numbers.

Play Keno Pop game is loaded with amazing features and payouts which will have you seated at the edge of your seat as you wait for the huge returns. Keno Pop is a traditional Keno game with a theme and awards a payout of up to 10,000 your stake. So get ready to take home the huge win by placing your bet for the huge awards.

How to play Keno Pop?

How to play Keno Pop
Play Keno Pop for free or with real money

To play Keno Pop join any Australian online casino. Play the keno pop game for free or with real money that’s your choice.

Simply head to the keno games section and search for Keno Pop.

Tap or click to play.

The player simply chooses between 1 and 15 balls from the 80 number grid. Twenty balls are drawn and depending on how many match the players selections up to 10, 000 times the stake can be won.

To place a bet, select a number from one to 80 by clicking it. You may select a given number only once. Clicking it a second time will deselect it. You may select up to 10 numbers. To have the computer randomly select numbers for you, click the AUTOSELECT button. The secret here is that if you have already selected one or more numbers selected but less than 10, clicking AUTOSELECT will not deselect your numbers.

It will choose enough additional numbers so that you have 10 selected. If already have 10 numbers selected, clicking AUTOSELECT will choose 10 new numbers for you.

You must bet a minimum of one token on each number you select, but you may bet up to 10 on each number. So, if you select five numbers and you bet five tokens on each number, your total bet will be 25 tokens. By selecting 10 numbers and betting 10 tokens on each number, you may bet the maximum of 100 tokens on each game.

When you click the KENOPOP button, 20 balls are launched into the air. You win when any ball drops into a number you have selected. No more than one ball can drop into a selected number.

The more balls that drop into your selected number the more you win. The amount won varies based on the number of numbers you selected, and is shown at the top of the screen. For more information, see the PAYTABLE section.

The pay tables assume a bet of one token per number selected. If more than one token is bet per number, multiply the applicable paytable below by the number of tokens wagered per number. Paytable values over 1000 will be rounded down to the nearest thousand tokens.

Bonuses in the game

Keno pop
Keno pop game play

Occasionally, red, blue, or yellow balls will appear among the standard keno balls. These balls function the same as the standard balls, except that when they drop into a selected number, they will multiply your award for the round. A blue ball is worth 2X, a red ball is worth 3X, and a yellow ball is worth 10X. If colored balls drop into more than one selected number, the multipliers will be added together. So, if a red ball and a yellow ball each drop into numbers you’ve selected, your award multiplier will be 13X. The colored ball multiplier does not effect powerup, mystery, or shared bonus winnings, and the multiplier will never be greater than 99x.

Each time a ball drops into a number you’ve selected, a light in the meter on the right side of the screen will light up. Every tenth light in the meter awards a special bonus. There are five of these bonuses – a Jackpot Spin, a Mystery Bonus, a column powerup, a row powerup, or a square powerup.

When you win a column, row, or square powerup, a special chip will fly into an area in the lower right of the screen. At the beginning of any game, you may play a powerup. To play a powerup, click on the chip, then click on any number on the KenoPop! board.

This will specially highlight the number in which the powerup chip was dropped, as well as the row, column, or square area around that number. On your next game, you will win an additional 100 tokens for each ball that drops into a number in which you placed a powerup. You will also win 50 tokens for each ball that drops into the highlight row, column, or square spaces adjacent to where you played the powerup. You may play no more than three powerup chips in a single game.

Keno Pop Bonuses in the game
Keno Pop Wins

When you win the Mystery bonus, a pop-up will appear. You will one of three mystery symbols. This will award you tokens, or the Shared Number bonus. If you win the Shared Number bonus, you will select any number on the board. In the next game, that number will be highlighted on your board and on that of every other player in the game room. Any player who has a ball drop into that number will receive a special 250 token bonus.

Keno Pop Feature

The only special feature in Keno Pop are the elements which will help you through the game. These elements have been included to ensure that players are able to play the game with ease. these elements include auto-pick feature and the turbo play. The Auto-pick feature will allow the system to randomly pick the winning numbers without you having to do it manually. You also have the turbo play option which will give you a fast play. This is when the game results will be displayed without the balls being drawn. 

Number Ranks

As match numbers, you will reach higher and higher ranks. These ranks are represented in the upper right of the game window.

There are a total of 50 ranks. When you reach ranks 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 (and you’re a Club Pogo member, of course), you’ll receive exciting new Club Pogo Badges!

To find out more about the badges available for this game, you can check out the Game Award book in Badge Central.


Q1. What do you win in this game?

The top jackpot of Keno Pop is 10,000 coins.

Q2. What is the grid of Keno Pop?

You have 15 options from the 80 numbers on the grid. You can manually select the numbers or you can click the auto pick button for a quick pick. Once you have selected the numbers you will proceed to press the play button and the game round will begin where up to 20 numbers will be drawn out of the total 80 on the grid. As the balls are drawn, they will light up on the game grid if they correspond. If the number of a drawn ball matches one of your selected numbers your potential payout will light up in the payout table. Once all balls have been drawn, then the outcome of your bet will be displayed.

Q3. What is the game RTP?

The Keno Pop  is RTP:92.84%

Q4. What is the game volatility?

Keno Pop is a low volatility game

Q5. Can I play Keno Pop for free?

Yes you can play Keno Pop for free for as long as you wish.

Q6. What other keno games can I play from this gaming software?

You can play Firefly Keno, Kenotronic, Kenolab, Jackpot Keno, Tutan Keno, and Keno Kick Off.