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How To Play Keno From Viaden Gaming?

How to play Keno from Viaden gaming

Keno from Viaden gaming is an exciting game which will take you back to the dates of Chinese Han Dynasty. The graphics and theme is all Chinese. The game is quite similar to that of a traditional lottery game. This means, it’s all about chance! Numbers will be randomly selected to determine whether or not you will be receiving a cash prize.

What is Viaden Gaming?

Viaden Gaming is a famous casino game, poker room, and sportsbook provider, which also cooperates with other notorious online casino Game developers.

Headquartered in the Isle of Man, Viaden Gaming proudly holds the license of the Gambling Supervision Commission, guaranteeing this casino software provider’s fairness and transparency. Founded back in 2001, Viaden Gaming can boast of extensive and powerful experience in iGaming industry. Apart from casino games development, Viaden offers a sleek poker room and a nice sportsbook platform. The company has also partnered with some leading casino game developers, such as the famous Playtech, to offer casino operators even more flexibility and excitements for their customers.

How to play Keno from Viaden Gaming?

Keno Game At Online Casinos
Keno Game At Online Casinos

To play Keno from Viaden Gaming you need to join that online casino that offers this game. As an example join Bitstarz casino that offers this Keno game.

You can play on your mobile or PC.

Play for free or with real money.

For real money keno you need to make a deposit in Bitcoins or real AUD at the online casino.

As you know  the online Keno version of the game is played with a traditional 8-numbeed ticket as well as a total of 20 balls whose purpose is identical to those in the average lottery ticket.

Your overall objective of the game is to guess what numbers between 1 and 80 will be selected by the Keno machine. A total of 20 numbers will be drawn by the Keno machine.

In order to begin playing the game, you must first place your bet. Once you have selected your bet amount, you will be expected to choose between one and ten numbers that you feel will be selected by the machine. Use the Keno number grid to click on your preferred numbers.

If you have selected a number, but wish to change it, simply click on that same number again to unselect it.

Keno From Viaden Gaming – Game features

After you have chosen between one and ten numbers, your next task will be to how many games in a row you would like to play. You will have the option to choose, ‘Play One,’ ‘Play Five’ or ‘Play Ten.’ Once you have selected one, the game will begin.

When the game has ended, you will have the option to choose whether you want to continue playing with the same number or pick new numbers on your ticket. To keep playing with the same numbers, simply click ‘Play.’

Keno Pro HD

Keno Pro hd
Keno Pro HD

The other game of Keno to play from Viaden gaming is Keno Pro HD. Keno Pro HD  offers you a thrilling game experience!

Some of the best features of this game include

  • Polished design and user-friendly interface.
  • A variety of gifts to buy!
  • International Leader Board from Game Center
  • HD graphics for superior gameplay!
  • Game speed control!
  • 27 achievements that will keep you playing!

Viaden Mobile’s Keno app offers all the benefits of integration with Game Center. Users can compete for the top places in the LeaderBoard or unlock over 20 achievements. Winners can use their game currency to shop for souvenirs in the app. All purchases as well as current credit balance can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

To those who can’t stop listening to their favorite songs Keno Pro HD offers an ability to listen to own music within the app. The app’s default tune, a Chinese-style melody, fits perfectly with the animation design. Game stats allow players to track their progress, whereas sound and speed settings make Keno Pro HD a highly customizable experience.

This is the interpretation of the popular casino game features bingo-game fun combined with flawless Chinese-style design and unparalleled playability

Keno Pro HD is a bright and colorful app in Chinese style. Dragons, traditional paper lamps, red banners and stylized font make the players feel the atmosphere of this old-style bingo game. Apart from being attractive to the eye, Keno Pro HD boasts a most convenient layout and high usability. No need to figure out what this or that button means: all controls are intuitively clear, and new users will find themselves playing Keno Pro HD as easily as if that’s what they’ve been doing for the past few hours.

You can play this version of Keno also at online casinos for free or with real money on your mobile or PC.

Tips to win Keno

Though there are no specific tips or assurance that you will win Keno, because its simply game of chance and winning is un predicatable. Only thing is that you can follow few things to update yourself about Keno and make winning a bit more easy.

1. Always find the keno odds

If you choose 20 numbers, the odds of getting one right is 1 in 86, and the odds of getting all 20 is 1 in more than 3.5 million. The odds of winning will depend on how many numbers you choose. However, this is also how to increase the potential winnings from each round.

Both methods of playing are appropriate keno betting strategies, and can be selected based on the type of risk you wish to experience. You can check the odds of various keno bets before you play and this can be done by playing free Keno game first and scrolling to the more information on the game that highlights the odds of keno game to win.

2. Play with small amount of money

Though Keno is not a costly game but when you play it with real money you wont remember how many bucks you have lost simply playing Keno online. To keep this in control play with small amount of money and stick to your bankroll. Stop playing when you lose.

You can play several cards at once, simultaneously to the same draw, and get some idea about which choices had better outcomes.

Once you have a handle on this, reflect on your gambling budget to ensure you know what your boundaries are. Only ever budget the money you are willing to lose, as there are no guaranteed strategies on how to win at Keno that will bolster your wallet.

3. Play at reliable and legit casino

Finally play at reliable and legit casino so that you can get back your wins if you win the game.

Always play Keno at reliable online casinos that have their games tested for fairness and assigned a return to player (RTP) rate. This ensures that the games are not rigged to make you lose. It is easy to find trustworthy operators – most of the sites though are safe and secure. All are licensed in the jurisdictions within which they operate and guarantee reliability.

You can cross check your chosen Keno casino and get other players feedback so that you know how that particular online casino works. The online Keno site should be your country friendly, have Bitcoins or AUD deposit and withdrawal options and offer you 24/7 easy, friendly and instant customer care support tohelp you if the need arise.

Play at legit online casinos here.