Four Popular Instant Scratchies To Play

Popular Instant Scratchies To Play

In Australia Instant Scratchies are offered by the Lott and other official lottery sites. There are a wide cost of ticket cost to choose from when playing Instant scratchies. Ticket cost in Instant scratchie means the cost of the ticket in these games. At the Australian official lottery website the Lott you will find the ticket cost in Instant scratchie between $1 to $20 almost same as Keno games.

Though the mechanism of playing Instant scratchie is almost same in all the scratch card tickets, the only thing is that the prize offered on each ticket cost is different.

What are the four popular Instant Scratchies to play at online casinos?

Here are the few of the best popular instant scratchies to play at online casinos.

1. Off Scratch

Off scratch
Off scratch

Off Scratch is a 3X3 grid online scratch card which is available for instant play at Fair Go Casino. You don’t need to be a Pro-golfer to win the great prizes in store; what you do need to be is a Scratch Card enthusiast. Hit the green paint and scratch the green foils to reveal some great wins. Golf is certainly one of the most popular and posh sports and here is its own online scratch card. The objective of Off Scratch is as same as any other scratch game; you need to reveal 3 identical images. To start, players need to select a stake level which costs from $0.05 to $50.00.

This vast betting cost allows players of all calibers to enjoy this virtual scratch card. After selecting a stake level you are comfortable with, you need to buy a New Card. A new 9 symbol card is displayed after which you need to scratch it with the virtual coin which is done by clicking and dragging you mouse cursor over the card. You could also skip this hassle and click on ‘Reveal All’ to reveal all the images behind the virtual green foil. To keep up with its Golf theme, the game has symbols of a Golf shoe, Golf bags, a Golf cart, a golf ball and the flagstick. Players need to reveal at least 3 of anyone of these symbols to win. The lowest payout is for 3 golf shoes which rewards you 2 times your stake. The highest payout of x100 is won when you match 3 flagsticks.

The paytable can be found on the right and shows all the payouts for match each different symbol. After you’ve scratch all 9 grids, the revealed symbols are highlighted on the paytable.

2. Darts 180

Darts 180
Darts 180

The main theme of Darts 180 is to expect where the dart lands on the board. Pull up to the virtual Dart 180 at online casinos and see if you can land big. The game starts by selecting a stake. Players are allowed to stake anything from the floor bet of just $0.05 up to the ceiling bet of 10.00. After choosing a stake amount you are comfortable with, players need to click on the Green arrow pointing the dart board. Upon clicking it, three virtual darts are thrown on the board.

The scoring system in this darts game is same as any regular. The bulls eye is 50 points, single zones pay as is, doubles zone (closer to the number) scores double and treble zones (closer to the bulls eye) scores three times the points in the area. On the right there is a payout table which shows the multiplier the player will receive after scoring a certain total. The lowest payout is received when the 3 darts total 40 points. As the total rises, so does the multiplier.

The total winning amount depends on your selected level of stake and the multiplier. The highest possible win is a multiplier of a 1000 if you get a total of 180 points. The graphics are stunning; each symbol and feature of the game is filled with rich colours and is sharply visible.

3. Dragons Fortune

Dragons Fortune
Dragons Fortune

Dragons Fortune, a scratch game with an entertaining theme that more so takes you back to ancient China, with the most predominant graphics being the dragon himself and a cost of pearl baring Chinese characters, each of a different value.

Watch out as the dragon breathes out 6 pearls with Chinese characters embedded in it. The player uses a simulation coin to play and reveal the pattern of scratch card. When the dragon reveals a pattern with 2 of the same symbol, they have match which pays out. Each symbol has a different payout associated with it which is illustrated by the payout table which is displayed on the left hand of the screen. Depending on the symbol, when the player has a match, they are rewarded an amount that is the initial bet times the payout multiplier.

4. Treasure Tomb

Treasure Tomb
Treasure Tomb

Treasure Tomb scratchie is another instant win game where you’ll need all your courage to reach a few steps closer to ancient treasure. Find your way across the maze while avoiding the wrong step and the booby traps. Get paid for every correct step whilst getting closer to the treasure. So journey across the lands of the unknown and dodge any missteps to avoid being greeted with a swift and grim death.

As soon as you start the game you are asked to select a stake amount which can be anything between $0.05 to $50.00. This wide betting cost allows players of any caliber to enter the maze. The objective of the game is to get to the end of the maze and get your hands on the emerald eyed idol and just get out of there. You have 6 six differently coloured steps and you have to figure out which step would take you safely closer to the treasure. Once you’ve safely stepped on one of the colours, you are rewarded instantly depending on the colour you’ve stepped on.

The payout for each colour can be seen on the paytable on the top right. The Red step pays the best with a reward of 5 times your stake but it’s also the most riskiest. After you’ve safely stepped on a colour, you can choose to collect your win instantly or go further until you reach the top. If you choose to go ahead, you will be given options on where you can step next and each step forward takes you closer to the idol. Once you’ve reached the idol you will receive a 10% bonus. Choose every step carefully as a wrong one will lead to a quick and painful death such as being taken away by a huge spider, being stung by a poison dart, being struck by the fatal rays of the mummy or being crushed under a pile of rocks.

The smallest prize is the yellow Chinese character, which awards double the stake, while the top prize is the golden Chinese character which rewards players with 10,000 times their initial bet. The game is designed in an Oriental style where the red Dragon is the highlight. The game shows basic but smooth animations and realistic sound effects of the gong. Player can stake from a small amount of $0.50 to $10.00 to play the game. You can play these lotto games with real money at Australian casinos or even at Bitcoin casinos.