Quench Your Thirst With Australia’s 7 Best Beers


When it comes to beer, it doesn’t matter if you are a constructions worker, school teacher, flight attendant, priest, or mechanic. At the end of the day, everyone needs to unwind. Most Australians achieve this state of relaxation with their favorite pint of beer. Even after years of drinking it is always good to try new brews, so we compiled this list for you to experience the best of what Australian brewed beer has to offer. These are all 100% Aussie brewed beer approved & rated by your fellow Australians. So check out this list and invigorate your passion for drinking by trying out something new!

#7. Modus Operandi Former Tenant – Hailing from Mona Vale, Australia this delightfully tropical tasting beer is bursting at the seams with incredible flavor. This Indian Pale Ale contains quality Mosaic & Galaxy dry hops & sports heavy aromas of Mango & Passion fruit. This sophisticated blend of citrusy hops and delicious caramel malt flavor is topped off by a slightly sweet finish. ABV – 7.1%

#6. Wig & Pen Imperial Stout – It is no surprise that this classic stout was crowned the “Best Champion Stout” at the 2004 Australian International Beer Awards. Brewed at Canberra, ACT this extremely powerful stout allows you to travel to Russia without even leaving your local pub. This stout artfully blends hints of dark chocolate, dry fruit raison & layers of molasses to bring you an unparalleled roasted flavor. This is the perfect beer to warm you up on a cold winter day or night. ABV – 11%

#5. Nail Clout Stout – This brilliant Imperial Stout is dedicated to the beer connoisseur who enjoys a thick full bodied beer. This black & thick beer boasts a sweet flavor with a bittersweet finish. The complex flavor of this beer has been hypnotizing beer enthusiasts around Australia for years. You will be hard pressed to find a better Russian Imperial Stout. ABV – 10.6%

#4. Murray’s Wild Thang Imperial Stout – This epic stout was inspired by the favorite stouts of the Russian Imperial Court. This pitch black beer is wildly intense with an incomparable flavor that will have you hooked. The taste perfectly balances a hint of mocha with strong chocolate aftertastes with a solid alcohol taste so you know you are drinking something dedicated to real men. This mouth filling malt is so intense that it is almost overwhelming, but has such a delicious taste that you will be buying another bottle before you know it. ABV – 10%

#3. Feral Tusk – This spicy yet sweet Imperial India Pale Ale harnesses the spicy power of fermented fruit with a surprisingly dry bitter after taste. It has a caramel color that gives off a hue that generates an exotic yet elegant appeal. This aggressive tasting beer is mellowed out just in time by the slightly sweet flavor of orange & grapefruit. This coy yet powerful ale is something that every Aussie should enjoy. ABV – 9.8%

#2. Mornington Peninsula Russian Imperial Stout – This thick and sophisticated Russian Imperial Stout simultaneously pleases your taste buds & your desire for a full bodied stout. This incredible stout effortlessly blends the flavor of coffee, vanilla, honey comb & dark chocolate to provide you with a stout that is fit for a Czar. The bold yet graceful taste of this Russian Imperial Stout will leave no mystery as to why it easily made our list. ABV – 9.5%

#1. Boatrocker Ramjet Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – This Melbourne based Imperial Stout easily won the top spot on our list by the sheer number of rave reviews that it has received. This Imperial stout artfully blends the luxurious tastes of coffee, oak & whiskey to provide you with an incomparable experience that beer drinkers around Australia have described as “F*cking wonderful!”. Its whiskey taste is definitely more defined than other barrel aged beers which puts it in a league of its own. ABV – 10.2%