Keno in South Australia

Keno game to play in SA

Keno in South Australia is played pretty much the same way the rest of the world plays keno. It is run by the SA Lotteries commission, a government organisation which appointed the Tatts Group to oversee its keno offerings. With a new game happening every 3.5 minutes you never have to wait long to join in […]

The instant millionaires of Keno in Sydney

$5 Million Keno Win

There have been many Keno winning stories in Australia. Last year in 2018  there was a biggest jackpot Keno winner that made Keno history in Newcastle pub. The winner was a 43 year-old Newcastle man who made this win which was a whopping $7,898,799.30 at the Northumberland Hotel in Lambton. The Keno Mega Millions jackpot […]

Ipswich Grandmother Won $388k Jackpot

A 63-year-old grandmother from East Ipswich has won a $388,000 jackpot at Ipswich Jets Rugby League Club. This mother with two children and five grandchildren, who is a night shift worker also and who do not want to be named, was out to have dinner with her husband on one lucky Saturday night when she […]

Popular Keno Terminologies you must Know

Keno Spots and Catches “Catching” is the favorite task of every keno player. Catching a number means guessing any number correctly and marking it on your keno ticket. Being a player, your winning is determined by the number of “catches” you made in the game. The maximum number of “catches” is 20, which never happened […]