Keno Game Play – Understand and recall the game of chance

Keno game play in 2018- Understand and recall the game of chance

Keno Game is one of the most popular and widely played lottery types of games across the globe. You can find Keno in pubs, taverns, and clubhouses as well as at online lottery websites and land and online casinos. Keno gameplay will make you understand and recall this game of chance in the context of Australian Keno rules. You will come to know how to play Keno, where to play Keno, free Keno games that you can enjoy with your PC or mobile, the strategy to play Keno, and how to win Keno.

How to play Keno- At Australian-friendly casinos

How to play Keno

Though most of you know how to play Keno, let’s once again recall this game of chance in Keno. If you opt to play Keno at the lottery websites or at the retailer and stores that sell Keno tickets and how to play this lottery game you need to follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Visit the Lottery website to play Keno like or any site that allows Australian players.
  2. You need to select your state according to your resident status. accepts players from NSW, ACT, TAS, SA, WA, QLD, VIC, NT, and others.
  3. Now you need to create your account with the Keno lottery website.
  4. Next choose the type of Keno game to play like Keno Mega millions, Keno classic, Keno heads, or tails.
  5. Now buy the ticket, select your keno numbers and wait for the winning results.
  6. You can also buy the ticket from the local retailer or at the grocery store or at gas stations that are authorized Keno lottery ticket sellers.

How to play Keno7. You must place bets by choosing numbers that are usually listed between 1 and 80. After all, bets have been placed, 20 numbers are then drawn randomly using balls from a machine or a random number generator.

8. You win if your Keno numbers are drawn. You can check the Keno Draw at the online websites of Keno lotteries or the retailer outlets.

9. To know how to claim your wins click here.

How the Keno game was introduced to the world

History of Keno

Many experts believe that Keno originated in China over 3000 years ago. Also the word Keno comes from French and Latin, roughly translating as five winning numbers. There is a very interesting story behind the Keno game origin that shows how Keno history can be traced in China.  The story has it that the game was responsible for saving a city from falling during a war. It has also been credited with raising funds to build the Great Wall of China.

During the 19th century, the Chinese derivative of the word keno was “white dove ticket”. This was due to the results of the games hosted in the big cities being transferred to smaller villages far away by carrier pigeons.

The first evidence of lottery games being played in China was documented in 1847 when the Portuguese government in Macao decided to begin granting licenses to lottery operators.

Soon the game became more popular in China and was played using characters on sheets of paper as opposed to numbers. Keno was introduced to the western world when Chinese immigrants traveled across the Pacific Ocean to the US to construct the First Transcontinental Railway.

Where to play Free Keno games?

Where to play Free Keno Games

As told earlier Keno is played at pubs, clubs, taverns, and land-based casinos as well as online casinos, you need to remember one thing Keno is played with real money at these places. But if you are searching for a free Keno game to have fun and practice your game before indulging in real money play there are lots of free keno games available at online casinos as well as app stores for you to enjoy with your PC or smartphone.

At online casinos, there are many free video Keno games developed by top-notch gaming software companies like Microgaming, RTG, Playtech, NetEnt, and many others. You can enjoy a variety of free games like Balls, Hot Shots, Ultimate Keno, Keno Kick Off, Jackpot Keno, Klub Keno, Vegas Jackpot Keno, Instant Keno 80 Balls, and many more of such kind. Land-based casinos might also offer free play on keno at request for players to become familiar with how the game works.

Keno – A random game of chance

Keno a game of chance

Keno is believed to be a random game of chance that can be played by a random selection of 20 numbered balls that are released from a rotating barrel or a random number generator is used to randomly select the 20 numbers. Independent audits are also carried out with regularity on the systems used by the operators to ensure that fair practice is in place. Keno wins can produce instant millionaires like an example of a 68-year-old widower that sealed a $4.37 million win at the Black Butt Hotel in New Lambton, Australia, and an anonymous retiree who bagged a $3.17 million payout at the Jimboomba Country Tavern in Logan City, Australia.

Keno –Winning Strategy

Keno Winning Strategy

If you are looking for a winning strategy to follow to win the game of Keno you will find that many experts believe in the theory that Keno is a pure game of chance and no winning tips or the secret is to be followed. There is no way of working out which numbers are more likely to be chosen than others but few players believe that if certain numbers are coming out more often then it would make sense to find out which ones they are and then bet on those numbers to increase the chances of matching the winning numbers. That’s why it is always found that Keno gamers look for previous winning numbers and rely on them to choose their Keno lucky numbers hoping to make a win.

Many players devise a formula which is based on calculation hoping to use it in their Keno gameplay. Again such formulas rely on the numbers that often are drawn as winning numbers so that players can opt to use them according to the sequence of coming up with these lucky numbers. For more winning strategies and tips click here.