How to play the new Keno Superplay game in Australia?

How to play Keno superplay

Keno Superplay is the new Keno game introduced by Australia’s official Keno TAB site. With multiple spot types on one ticket, you’ll have multiple chances to win on a single game. Keno Superplays are available via the Keno Touch or you can ask your friendly Keno Operator at the counter. All you need is to select a super play, watch your numbers come up and scan your ticket to see if you’ve won.

How many Superplays can you pick to play?

With 41 different Superplays available and there are best Five Super Plays to pick. Choose your numbers based on a shape. If you want to have some fun with your games, instead of numbers, why not choose an image. A Superplay allows you to pick  a combination of numbers in a shape or pattern (like a heart, peace sign or cup!). Each Superplay is flexible and you can change the number of games or even the  bet amount per game.

How to play Keno

These five are classic Super 7 where you play a 3,4,7 spot in the next game, Super 8 play a 3, 5 and 8 spot in the next game, Super 9 to play a 4, 5 and 9 spot and Super 10 to play a 4,6 and 10 spot which costs $3 to play.

Also play Classic super bet of $4 where you play all four jackpots in the next game and play 7, 8, 9 and 10 spot. $1 per super play here can make you win $1000000 jackpot in AUD.

Keno super play ticket

The super Bet Keno Superplay is purchased, with play 1 line of numbers on each of the Jackpots as said above (7, 8, 9 & 10 Spot) and spend $1 per line of numbers and play a single game Each line of numbers, marked below the Spot type label, represents one individual chance per game. To win a prize on a Keno Superplay, you must match all numbers within a singular line.

Click here to know the nearest venue to play Keno Superplay. Also you can grab promotions at various venues from time to time.  You can also download the app to play Keno with your mobile in Australia. In case you need any help you can call toll free number  1800 858 858.

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