How to play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia?


How to play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia

Mindil Beach Casino is a Resort and an ultimate entertainment destination in the Northern Territory Australia. This awesome casino is located on the iconic west-facing beach on the Arafura Sea a beautiful location attracting locals and visitors from around the world. Nestled on 30 acres of tropical gardens alongside the Arafura Sea, Mindil Beach Casino Resort’s bustling casino is teamed with amazing accommodation and dining options, and conference and event facilities.

You can play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia as well as play over 600 electronic gaming machines, 30 table games and more. There are also various promotions and contests that can award you with lots of prizes.

The Mindil Beach Casino also is the perfect destination to enjoy great food and drinks. It hosts four restaurants, four bars and more. It also has Darwin’s only five-star beachfront resort with 152 luxury rooms, VIP Super Villas with gaming suites, a day spa and a myriad of unique functions, conference spaces.

How to play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia?

NT Keno Australia

You can play for just $1 and have the chance to win a minimum of $1 Million when you play the 10 Spot Jackpot! NT Keno offers a range of bets and prizes; you can choose your own lucky numbers or try your luck with a Quickpick. The object of the game of Keno is to select up to 40 numbers, from 1 to 80 and to match those against the 20 numbers that are randomly drawn for each game.

There are several NT Keno game options, where you decide on your own numbers or random generated numbers, and how many numbers. You can also play Heads or Tails where you can double your money.

  • The amount you win depends on how many numbers you choose to play, and on how many of your numbers match those that are drawn for each game.
  • Once you have decided on which game to play, go to any NT Keno operator at the designated NT Keno venues across the territory to purchase your ticket.
  • Actual numbers drawn on the game draw selection device shall be the official numbers drawn.
  • NT Keno winnings are paid out on the printed receipt ticket only and can be claimed through any NT Keno terminal up to 365 days after the bet has been placed.
  • NT Keno results are not official until all numbers are drawn and confirmed.

NT Keno Australia with just $1

Exposing the NT Keno ticket receipt to excessive heat may cause discoloration resulting in the entry becoming invalid.

On Spot games, the minimum bet is $1 and the maximum bet is $9,999, Heads or Tails maximum bet is $500 per ticket. Nocent bets are allowed.

NT Keno has a 1,000 game cycle, with the maximum games on one ticket being 1,000.

If there is more than one winner on a Jackpot, the Jackpot will be shared and abated proportionately.

NT Keno Results

Results for NT Keno are not available online. You can check your ticket at any NT Keno venue. If you are no longer in the Northern Territory, you need to provide a scanned copy of your ticket ensuring the following details are legible:

  • 16 digit serial numbers located below the barcode at the top of the ticket
  • Date and time purchased
  • Venue ticket purchased from
  • Number of games played ie. 10 games: 100 – 109
  • Total cost of ticket
  • Your ticket will be checked and you will be notified on what to do if there are any wins.

Note that  “Prizes shall be paid upon presentation of the original tickets within twelve (12) calendar months of the date of purchase”

The NT Keno games you can choose to play

Following are the NT Keno games you can choose to play at Mindil Beach Casino Australia

Standard Games

Standard Keno game

Choose your own 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 15, 20 or 40 Spots to play. The payout amounts are increased proportionately to the bet amount

Jackpot Games NT

Keno Jackpots (6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Spots) have a minimum value and continue to grow until they are won. The 10 Spot Jackpot has a minimum of $1 million prize money

Quickpick Jackpot

NT Keno Quickpick

Choose how many combinations and how many games on which Jackpot. The numbers will be randomly generated and you will have more chances on each game on the same ticket


Quickpick Keno

If you cannot decide on ‘What’s your Number’ there are several Quickpick options where the system will randomly pick the numbers for you


Superplay Keno

Superplay are pre-formatted “Way” bet, which allow you to play several combinations on the one ticket and gives you the chance to play more than one Spot and/or Jackpot per game. With all Superplay games the system will randomly pick the numbers for you

Way Bet

Way bet Keno

Similar to Superplay, but you will need to choose your own numbers and ways, rather than having system generated numbers. Ways bet allows you to play more than one bet on a ticket increasing your chances to win

Heads or Tails

Nt Keno Heads or Tails

You choose if the most drawn numbers will be in the top half of the grid (Heads), the bottom half of the screen (Tails) or equal amounts in both (Evens)

The payout limit per NT Keno game is $200,000 (not including Jackpot pools or prizes won of $200 or less). So if the total value of prizes in any one game exceeds $200,000, the payouts to all major prize winners exceeding $200 are prorated proportionally to their win.

Now visit Mindil Beach, Gilruth Ave, Darwin City NT 0820, Australia to play NT Keno. For more details call +61 8 8943 8888

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